The Strongest Monster in Runescape

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If you've ever tried to kill the Monty Python based monster north of Prifddinas known simply by Rabbit,


If you've ever tried to kill the Monty Python based monster north of Prifddinas known simply by Rabbit, then you may have noticed that its awarded"Grade 2" does not warrant its strength. I've always wondered exactly what the monster battle level was. To find this information, you would need to find out its own stats and calculate its Combat Level out there. However RuneScape Gold   game won't permit you to use Monster Examine on the monster so there's not any way to work out its stats. So finally I guessed, with what we currently know about the Rabbit and comparing it to other high level creatures in RuneScape match, we can make premise of what its stats might be. To calculate a combat degree, all you need to understand is its Hitpoints, Attack, Strength and Defence levels.

Figuring Out The Stats: Hitpoints: 5000hp. Power: 390; Considering the Rabbit maximum hit this means that its strength level must be between 384-394. Considering that virtually all of the other strongest monsters in OSRS all have their degrees ending in a zero, we can assume that its potency level is 390. Attack and Defence: 390; Once again, taking a look at the some of the additional most powerful monsters in RuneScape sport such as KBD, KQ, and Corp, we could see that they generally has the very same stats across the board. This means that their Attack, Strength, and amounts are the same. Following this trend, we can assume that the Rabbit's Strike and Defence Levels are 390.

Lets put it at the formula: Currently the strongest listed monster in OSRS gold mobile  is. In my assumptions are accurate, the Prifddinas Rabbit's 1601 combat level could make it the most powerful creature in OSRS.I was thinking about doing this but then again I don't entirely hate myself. I just wanted to begin a conversation. If someone wants to do that and get more accurate numbers because of its Attack and Defence level, then they're certainly welcome.This would be the right means to do it. A large data set that is enough will probably converge on the stats that are optimal easily. The attempt of OP is guesswork. That having been said, I do not plan on dying to acquire the information set.