New Arrive Air Jordan 34 White Iridescent for Sale

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New Arrive Air Jordan 34 White Iridescent for Sale

Jordans 2019 Shoes ,The entire pair of shoes is made of white, with a dazzling royal blue outline of the body frame, and the side with black Nike Swoosh Logo and black shoelaces, which brings the same visual sense as Fujiwara's vast lightning Fragment x Air Jordan 1. At the same time, the Jumpman Logo on the tongue and the Flying Wing Logo on the heel are dressed in orange, making the visual effects more eye-catching. The white midsole is complemented by the blue outsole, perfecting the design of the entire pair of shoes.

Air Jordan 34 White Iridescent tried using 3D printing technology had a smooth and seamless appearance and a very comfortable shoe body streamline. The design concept of the sneakers is Formula 1 racing. Under the premise of ensuring performance, the weight of the shoe body is reduced as much as possible. The theme color of the laser pair of shoes is pure white. The biggest highlight is the lace buckle and heel. The upper feet are very gorgeous and beautiful, and they are free to match, and they will hardly step on the thunder. The heel shoe is interpreted with a rainbow effect, which brings the effect of mandarin ducks, and it exactly echoes the holographic tones. It is colorful and very beautiful.

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