Dressed as Sasuke

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Is not the average person to be found more or less will be a little panic, how this guy is still so usual. Slightly frowned, no reason, he gave me a very bad feeling, "Hum, do you want to continue to pretend, you are not Naruto at all!"

"Why don't we just think of a secret signal?" She quietly glanced back at the person who had been following us for a long time and didn't let Sakura go on. "Even our own people should be on guard, and we should say the secret signal to confirm the person as soon as we separate." "Good idea!" Sakura nodded approvingly, her eyes full of admiration. "So what is it?" "To be or not to be, that is the question." I turned my mouth to the two of them and said with a bad smile, "I'll only say it once. Do you know?" I haven't forgotten this classic saying until now, and isn't it in line with the current situation. To improvise, this is the ninja (..) “ok~!” Sakura fiddled with her long cherry hair and said confidently, "I absolutely believe in Sakura in terms of memory. Even if I say a longer sentence, she can still smile at me and remember it easily." What to be or something, Sasuke.. Can you say it again? Naruto smiled at me with a bitter face, looking at his deliberately flattering expression, and I knew he didn't remember it at all. With one hand akimbo, shaking his index finger, "Naruto, I said I only said it once." Eyebrows. "You can't say you can't remember such a short sentence, can you?!" "How is that possible!!!" When Naruto heard me say this,whirlpool bathtub, he turned his head. I have long remembered, is not what to be, for sooner or later I become the Hokage is no problem at all! "Really? In that case, I'm relieved that the future Lord Hokage nodded his head and patted him on the shoulder." Then let's go quickly. " As soon as he finished speaking, there was a sudden burst of strong airflow behind him, and he kicked Naruto, who was still in place,outdoor hot tub, pulled Sakura aside and jumped back a few steps to avoid the center of the airflow. It's not good. Clenched his lower lip and hid in the grass with Sakura, and Naruto didn't know where I kicked him. She covered Sakura's mouth and motioned her not to speak or be afraid, holding her breath and staring at the outside world. The place where we stood before left a mark after being blown by the airflow. It looked like there was no one in the past. It was really strange. Sasuke! Sakura! Naruto's shouts successfully caught the attention of Sakura and me, and after looking at Sakura, I loosened my hand covering Sakura's mouth. Naruto says the signal! Sakura stood up and shook off the dust on her body and said to Naruto, who was running towards us, without any ambiguity. Ah As soon as Sakura called, Naruto stopped in a hurry and scratched the back of his head. "To be or not to be, that is the question ~!"! Ah ha ha. "Whoo-" Sakura patted her chest and watched Naruto's eyes gradually soften. "Naruto, it's good that you're here." I couldn't remember it just now, but now I remember it again. I have a problem with this Naruto. He took out his sword and threw it in the direction of Naruto at the fastest speed. He sighed in his heart, 4 person jacuzzi ,massage bathtub manufacturers, "Another fake. Naruto, you are really popular. Everyone becomes you!"! But this man's words. I don't know why my heart is beating faster now, and the feeling of uneasiness is coming again. Think about it, how did Orochimaru come out? Who is this Naruto? "Kakashi, this is.." Red Bean crouched on the ground and pointed to the three dead bodies that had just been found in the dark. He raised his head and said to Kakashi, with a very serious expression on his face that was different from that just now. "Someone used their identity to take the exam." Well, it depends. "Kakashi touched his chin." If it's that person, this test will be dangerous. " "Separate to find," Red Bean stood up and instructed the dark team next to him, "you are divided into three groups to find in the forest of death, quickly!" "Then I'll report to Lord Hokage." Kakashi turned and walked forward. "Let's do that before we're sure." "OK," the red bean disappeared. Stopping, Kakashi glanced into the forest of death. "You three must not have anything to do with it." The thirty-fifth chapter is the inevitable curse. In the forest of death, the branches are too tight to see the sun, and bits and pieces of light seep through the luxuriant leaves and scatter on the ground. Unlike the heat outside, it is cool and comfortable inside. If I had time now, I would lean on the tree trunk to have a good sleep and then go on my way. However, the situation in front of me did not allow me to realize this small wish. The fake gentleman turned sideways and dodged the sword in his hand. His movements were smooth and smooth. Hello! Sasuke, what are you doing? The impostor imitated Naruto's tone and shouted at me angrily, but there was no trace of anger in his blue eyes, calm and without any waves. Is not the average person to be found more or less will be a little panic, how this guy is still so usual. Slightly frowned, no reason, he gave me a very bad feeling, "Hum, do you want to continue to pretend, you are not Naruto at all!" "No, not Naruto?!" Sakura clenched the sword in her hand and put it across her chest. She asked me anxiously, "But didn't he say the right signal?"? Sasuke "It's strange because it's right!" Looking back at Sakura, "I only said it once on purpose. It's impossible to remember it with Naruto's memory, and you" turned your head and looked straight at the fake "and watched us all the time!" The impostor winked innocently, then narrowed his eyes slightly and raised the corners of his mouth gently. Instead of Naruto's angry tone of voice, it sounded a little weird. "So that's it? Oh, Uchiha Sasuke, you, judge." The long tongue licked his lips, and the fake made Naruto's sunny face smile a little feminine. "But whether you can be my next container or not must be tested." Next container. Long tongue, licking lips,whirlpool hot tub spa, making Naruto's skin look so neither male nor female. This man.. I seem to have some impression, probably the length of the tongue can lick the chin, only snakes. monalisa.com