Mountains and rivers are endowed with m

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Mountains and rivers are endowed with mMountains and rivers are endowed with m

"I'm afraid the goal of the Wan Ming period has not changed. It's still the Yulong Pass." "When he was able to capture the Yulong Pass, it was because the crane dance garrison relied on the complex terrain of Yulong, and the pass was only lost once in more than four hundred years, because the change of Dynasties had no intention of dealing with foreign enemies.". In addition, the man was originally the deputy viceroy of the crane dance, and was familiar with the terrain and the disadvantages of the Jade Dragon Pass, so he succeeded. How easy is it to make a surprise attack now? "Nanping borders our country mostly in the crane dance collar, in Fufeng can only pass through the White Crane Pass, you just said, this is a piece of chicken ribs, have to do it.". As soon as the Yulong Pass is broken, there is the open and rich Sangyuan Basin in front of it, and the important town of planting mulberry, which is located in the thoroughfare. The reason why Nanping began to attack Baihe Pass in July, I think, is to break through Yulong Pass before the end of the year to seize mulberry planting, in order to plunder this season's harvest. As for the invasion of the crane dance, Wan Mingqi was once a citizen of Sutai. He should know that unless our country is in civil strife, it is not easy to seize our land. At that time, he was full of revenge and never thought of invading the crane dance, not to mention that twenty years later, no amount of hatred has disappeared. Yu Zaoqian took the chess pieces and moved them around. He pondered over them and said, "There is some truth in that.". However, if Wan Ming period is intended for Yulong, it is a great gamble. "When he captured Yulong with five hundred chosen men, he was gambling." She picked up the chess pieces one by one, suddenly cast her eyes into the distance, and said slowly, "I don't know what those people will do." I'm really a little worried. "All the good books are in the old edition of Chapter 22 The flag of the Han family is full of Yinshan II (from 4p to 4p, 4p to 4p). Update time: 2005-1-14 10:18:00. Number of words in this chapter: 2380." In the late autumn sunshine, the White Crane Pass Gate Tower still shows a magnificent and magnificent atmosphere. As the southernmost pass on the long border line of Fufeng County,magnetic separator machine, Baihe Pass has resisted the invasion of Wufang, Nanping and other countries, although not as famous as several passes in the hinterland of Fufeng, but also dyed the blood of countless border soldiers, more do not know how many beauties in this hair into white hair. Compared with Liu Heng, Dan Xiran and others who went to the border pass like fish in water, Shuiying and Fuxiao, who first set foot on the southwest border, were not accustomed to the hot and dry climate here. Not to mention the confrontation between the two armies, the sound of drums, gongs, and shouts rose and fell one after another, and none of the people who had come to the border for the first time these days had been able to get a night's sleep from their wives. In just a few days, Fuxiao felt that her eyes were too black to be human when she was dressing in front of the mirror every day, and as a military doctor, she could sleep for a while from time to time, small gold wash plant ,Portable gold trommel, and those who had to lift their spirits and sit up in the military tent every day were even more imaginable. Hua Ziye has been tortured so much these days that he wants to cry. He has never suffered so much in his life. Sleep after the third watch every day, but also from time to time was awakened by the sound of the golden drum on the tower. ShouJiang people to help JunWei, plus prevent the enemy night attack, every night from time to time on a drum, JunWei is there, poor him this kind of light sleep, a night can not sleep two hours of sleep. Then look at a pair of originally slender white hands, holding the bow all the way, coupled with the dry weather abuse down, become rough and cracked everywhere. Thought of originally in the imperial clan also famous beauty Xiuyi, now to good, after returning to the capital still do not know how to be laughed at. Feeling depressed, he couldn't help scolding Jialan and Qingyang in his heart, thinking that if it weren't for the fact that these two people had made the courtiers' hearts fluctuate as soon as they arrived in the capital, and that they were all able to seize the throne and shake the foundation of Ruona, where would he need to go to such a place to suffer. Thinking too much, even the emperor Ruona also resented, thinking that if it weren't for this sister, the young man would have spent more time than others, but she was better than other emperors in eating, drinking and playing. Up to now, he could not preside over all government affairs, and he had no intention of learning. He probably believed that the prince was a brother and a man who could not seize the throne, so he was so bold that he was tired. In fact, had it not been for Ruona's refusal to fulfill the emperor's responsibilities, how could he have frequently violated the last words of Emperor Aiwen Jingya and brought him to this embarrassing situation. Before the death of Emperor Aiwen Jingya, Dazai announced the imperial edict to the princes and important officials who had knelt down in the court, with Ruona as the crown prince and Sutai Huazi as the prince. As the crown prince, Ruona naturally begged to accompany his father, but Aiwen Jingya said that Ruona should go to the East Palace to receive the prince's gift immediately. So Chunguan Dasili and others crowded Ruona to the East Palace and began to prepare for the enthronement ceremony. And he was introduced into the bedroom hall, but saw nearly a year repeatedly lingering bed down, the former heroic posture of the father emperor has been haggard and emaciated. He stepped forward and half knelt on the edge of the bed. The man stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder. "Your younger sister is young," he said in a trembling voice. "The country will be handed over to you in three or five years." "Father, please take care of your body," he wept. The Supreme Son of Heaven waved his fingers wearily, and he burst into tears: "Father, I'm afraid. I can't take on such a heavy responsibility." Looking at the second son in front of the bed, he had always liked this clever and clever son, who played piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. Thinking that he would be in the chaos of the government in the future, he felt a little sad in his heart. The emperor, you remember three sentences. He suddenly coughed violently, and Hua Ziye hurriedly rushed up to help and pat him. He finally waited for him to calm down. He leaned on his arm and said slowly, "Your son, remember, 'Qing Yang Mo led the troops, Jia Lan Mo went to the capital, and Ruo Na Mo was close to Lin.' As long as you remember these three sentences, you will be able to deal with government affairs and treat the people well. Don't be extravagant and militaristic.." We must be able to govern our Sutai well. Can Let. It can make our Sutai's inheritance last for a hundred generations. Then he looked at him and saw that his face was at a loss. The emperor became worried and gasped, "Do you remember?"? Back. Recite it to me. He hurriedly recited it twice and then murmured,manganese beneficiation plant, "Father, why don't you let your elder sister lead the troops?" The emperor closed his eyes wearily and said, "Qing Yang is not a thing in the pond.".