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Cover the skyCover the skyCover the skyCover the sky

The stone pagoda vibrated, glowed independently, hung over his head, protected his body from falling, and was nourished by the blood of the emperor. It was much stronger than the usual resurrection, because it was unwilling for its master, and much more terrible than the state of autonomous recovery! "It's just a dead man. I don't need to spend time with you. If I really want to destroy you and waste some of my vitality, I will lose more than I gain." Light and darkness supreme open their mouths. These voices are so desperate in the ears of the saints. It is obvious that the Supreme of Light and Darkness has not really made a big fight. It is just cherishing the essence of life. After all, it is only a piece of human skin, no matter how strong it is, it can not really go against the sky, even if it contains the strongest fighting spirit of the sun emperor, there is a limit. The Supreme of Light and Darkness put away his weapon. He took a cold look at Ziwei Star Domain and said, "Let this place be peaceful for the time being. But how long can you keep it? Can you still live forever?" He does not stay, because there is no time to delay, on the road to immortality too much, he urgently needs to supplement life material, to prevent aging. Emperor of the Sun, you are indeed respectable, even if you die, but is it worth it for them? This is his last voice. The personality of the Emperor of the Sun can be imagined by such an evaluation of a great enemy. Purple micro star domain many people feel guilty, the sun emperor here is almost the last, and in this most critical moment, who is guarding them? The emperor of the sun got up, dragged his body, and silently came to the purple micro star field, overlooking the ancient land that had been fought and guarded, and the empty eyes once again had blood dripping out, like crystal tears. Finally,long span shelving, he sat down, sitting on the big purple star, motionless, his hair gradually gray, his back is not so straight. So he did not say a word, no one knows his state, no one knows whether he still has the will to remain, the whole ancient star people are looking up. Empty body, accompanied by the imperial tower, in addition,Pallet rack beams, nothing else, this is just an old man in his twilight years, a person silently guarding the ancient star, not to let foreign enemies approach. This makes all the people in Ziwei Star Field feel great sorrow. Once the emperor of the sun, he was invincible in the sky and on the ground. How could he be bullied? No one can compete, but now in order to protect them. But it's like this. Ah, whoo. People wail, once the sun emperor seems to be unable to survive for a long time, but finally still trying to protect this land, so that the whole star on the living beings can not help crying. The Emperor of the Sun is old after all, which is not his real body, but it makes people feel the last loneliness and desolation of the hero. All living beings roared with grief, and many thoughts surged into the aging body, but they could not change anything. The Emperor of the Sun, with gray hair, wanted to stand up and go to the distance for the final battle, but eventually he lost his strength, and his decaying body bled and fell down. With the last drop of blood and tears in his eyes, he turned into a broken human skin and never stood up again. Only an imperial tower whined and roared, shaking here, Steel racking system ,Industrial pallet rack, sending out light, guarding him and refusing to leave! Everywhere in the universe, completely plunged into darkness and turmoil, blood and water everywhere, endless ancient places of life were robbed, so far no one can stop, there is no real emperor alive. (To be continued) Chapter 1591 fall of the main text. The whole universe was plunged into darkness. The Lord of Samsara, the Supreme of Light and Darkness, the Stone Emperor of the Immortal Mountain, the Lord of God's Ruins, and the Supreme of Abandoning Heaven came out together, bringing disaster to the world. Five people washed the universe in blood. In addition, but also to add a Dacheng overlord body, he is equally terrible, can challenge the ancient supreme, the real fighting power is naturally unparalleled, can destroy all the creatures on an ancient star, blood splashing heaven. This is an unprecedented turmoil, the six supreme in the hunting, sweeping the heavens, there is no opponent. Known as the most terrible turmoil in history affected the whole universe, all the ancient places can not escape, these supreme once controlled the universe, footprints throughout the eight wastelands, there is no coordinate they do not know. Unprecedented, the whole world is crying! No one can stop them even half a step, the universe trembles, all souls cry. "Without hope, there is darkness from now on, a new era has opened, and there is no light anymore.." An old sage escaped into the wilderness of the universe. Unfortunately, still can not escape death, supreme hand, the world has no resistance. Separated by a starry sky, the Lord of Shenxu pointed out that he and dozens of saints who had fled here had all exploded on the spot, and immediately turned into a fog of blood, and the huge essence of life was swallowed clean. Everywhere, there is no escape, and people can not see any hope. Boom! In another star field, a quasi-emperor with a war gun and shining all over his body fled, tearing the void and avoiding other fields. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work! He originally hid in the most desolate star field, the vast land of death without any vitality, but he was still penetrated by the passing Dacheng tyrant. Dacheng overlord body step out, through the boundless universe, straight down, such a big fish naturally will not let go, for him is the most effective supplement. The more powerful a person is, the more life material he contains! "Poof" As soon as Dacheng overlord clapped his hand, everything was over, and the strong man who had just been promoted to the quasi-emperor, who had the ambition to be the emperor, who had appeared in the Big Dipper field, and who stood in front of the big crack in the immortal road came to an end. Even the weapons were smashed and turned into blood mud. A huge amount of life material was inhaled by the old overlord! "The world humiliates me, scolds me, transposes to get along with each other, what can you do, what will you do, I think the whole world is a great tyrant, all like me!" He spoke coldly. Look indescribably cruel. The tall body is like a black mountain, which makes people breathless and step out. To wash the next ancient star in blood. The whole universe has lost its dawn, people are almost completely desperate,Pallet rack supplier, who else can change the possibility of the tragic end of all souls? Perhaps the only hope is the Eucharist. He was fighting for longevity, and the six reincarnation fists shook the sky and shook the earth until the sky collapsed, but he also entered a state of withering.