How does Hokage exist?

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How does Hokage exist?How does Hokage exist?

Everyone is a ninja, so naturally there will be some vigilance, immediately put down the bowls and chopsticks to go out and see countless colorful spots falling from the sky, these spots keep falling, even after falling to the ground did not disappear in an instant, and huge fireworks are still blooming in the sky. It's beautiful. Hinata sighed in a low voice. Is this the program that is ready for tonight? Just as I was thinking, a voice came from the sky. Kyung! I came to give you a gift! Everyone was stunned, the voice seemed to have been heard somewhere, and suddenly found a clay bird flying in the sky! The corners of my mouth twitch, no! Jing didn't really invite Xiao's people! Around a few Konoha ninjas are also alert, although do not know what to do now, but now they are still the major ninja village wanted, and not long ago also did a big opponent! Jing, you are too cruel, at least think about our mood! No, Jing, it's a strange thing to think about our mood,Cantilever Storage rack, that super egoistic kid! www.. Book friends are welcome to visit and read, the latest, the fastest, the most popular serial works in all! Brother dialogue Updated April 24, 2009 20:21:10 Words: 3644 I listened to the voice of Deidara in the sky and sighed a little in my heart. Although I had known for a long time that such a thing might happen, it was really a loss for Jing to do it. Forget it,Narrow aisle rack, it's really like what he did. Ale, young master, can't you stop a little? Isn't the young master who invited Konoha and Akatsuki afraid that his wedding will be ruined? If you don't behead again, you are really worried about Jing's doing whatever he wants. The father laughed. "It's strange that he can really live in peace." "But it's really beautiful," said the mother. "Is it?" Father adults casually said, in the final analysis, my father has lost sight, this is really all my fault, if not my father said that all the pupil power was given to me. However, it's really beautiful, and Deidara's art can be used in such a place, which is really surprising. Father, Narrow aisle rack ,radio shuttle racking, I'll go and have a look. There are some worries about what will happen. The father smiled. "Itachi really likes to worry. How could that guy really let them mess around?" " I didn't speak any more, and I went that way, even though I knew I was still worried at that time. Maybe I really liked to worry as much as my father said. Konoha's people?! Really? Why would Jing invite you guys who have no sense of art? Deidara's voice was as arrogant as ever. Xiao?! What is your purpose? The voice of the nine-tailed imp, real, is still so full of gas, I have to say that I really have limited affection for this guy. Xiao Jiu! Nai Nai is so happy to see you, meow. "Does the cat sound again?"? Really, there's not a single troublesome guy left. All of them have arrived. A flaming red light rose, and a flaming red figure broke away from the nine-tailed imp's body. Cat again? Have you got your body back? The words of the nine tails shocked everyone like a bomb. Body What on earth are those people thinking about! I fell in front of everyone. "You are not allowed to fight here." Uchiha Itachi?! Many people in Konoha knew that I was not dead, but they were probably a little surprised to see me. Deidara looked at me with a fanatical and murderous look in his eyes. "Yes, I did know you were not dead. It's just that the account between us has not been settled yet." It seems that he has always been bitter about forcing him to join the organization. Although this guy is neurotic, he has always held a grudge. This time, I will not be in the illusion, let you see what is art! I looked at Deidara faintly. "Indeed, you won't fall into the illusion." “?!” Deidara doesn't seem to understand what I'm saying. Because it will be directly attacked by the spirit. "I said lightly, the eternal writing wheel eyes suddenly opened, and Deidara's pupils fainted as if he had suddenly been hit in the head.". The scorpion was quick enough to help Deidara, and the cat on Deidara's body stood up again. "What did you do to Little Di?!" Scorpion is relatively calm, but this is probably because he is a puppet, the murderous look has been revealed, "Uchiha Itachi, Deidara's attack is not serious." It seems that Scorpion does have more brains than Deidara. "Well, it's just to let him sleep. He'll wake up in the morning." "My stupid brother, Xiao Di is a guest. How can you attack him casually?" Jing's voice, still like this, suddenly found that people simply can not find, but this is really not the tone of blame. Speaking of this, it is also because Jing casually invited some hostile people, so it happened. Aren't you afraid that your wedding will be ruined if you go on like this? Does he really understand this? "It doesn't matter, because weddings are fun only when they are lively." It was still a smiling face like a spring breeze, but few people would have the desire to fight if they heard the parties gloating so much. Kyung! Can't you do something normal?! It seems that Sasuke is a little dissatisfied. Jing smiled mischievously, "My stupid brother, just take care of yourself. You should be glad that I didn't invite another member of Group 7, otherwise you would probably be happy." As soon as Sasuke thought of what Sakura would be like, he had a big head. Although his companion Sasuke also admitted her, he really didn't know if he should be nice to her when he met her. After all, he didn't mean anything to her. Hum Sasuke is a little angry, he always can not get benefits on the body, such a scene is really very similar to the previous three people together. I felt a little warm in my heart and said,heavy duty racking system, "Well, Sasuke, Kyo will get married tomorrow. Don't make trouble." 。