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The "Disc Jockey", more commonly known as DJ, is a musical animator who intervenes in nightclubs, clubs or for special events such as weddings or birthdays. Its role: create a festive atmosphere to make your audience dance! A real recognized profession that now has its training

Mission of the trade: DJ
More than just a title programmer, the DJ must be able to adapt his musical choices according to the place where he mixes and the audience he must conquer.
Role of the DJ
The job of DJ is to:
• prepare appropriate programming for the public;
• develop and vary its musical culture;
• Mastering the different mixing techniques: scratching, Crossfading?;
Become a DJ: Qualities required
The DJ profession requires a developed artistic sense and a boundless passion for music. Like many music professionals, the DJ is on the lookout for all the trends of the moment, but must also anticipate those of tomorrow. For this, he must sharpen his curiosity and not hesitate to diversify his musical culture beyond his favorite areas. Feel and understand the design of songs is essential to chain programming smoothly and make the right transitions. The DJ must feel the mood of his audience to satisfy him. The technique occupies a prominent place in his practice, the DJ must control his mixing board perfectly, but also the various computer tools at his disposal. It must be versatile, that is to say, be able to adapt to all musical media, be it vinyls, CDs or digital files.
On the other hand, the job is based on staggered hours and frequent trips. Indeed, the DJ works at night and often on weekends. It is therefore necessary to have good physical stamina and a healthy lifestyle to practice this activity in the long term. The DJ works standing in the middle of the crowd and often in hot places. Finally, the job requires a keen sense of relationship to hope to break into the business. Word of mouth is a widespread practice in the community. The DJ must be friendly and commercial to make a name or retain a clientele of clubs or clubs in which it can occur regularly.
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