Work so hard people think you are crazy.

DAILY REMINDERS: • Do your absolute best. • Keep a positive mindset. • Embrace new challenges. • Worrying gets you nowhere. • Be thankful for your blessings. • Use your time and energy wisely. • What you believe, you can achieve.


Only thing to postpone is worry. Everything else, do now.


Prosper Germoh, a Cameroon Gospel Musician is an embodiment of Passion, talent, skill and professionalism known for Christian Rock. He hails from Bamessing, Cameroon, and is based in Douala, Cameroon with his family. He is an instrument of hope, blessing lives across the globe with heavenly decoded songs as evident in his two albums titled: “The Unlimited God 2017 and Hour Of Glory 2016”. Songs by Prosper Germoh include -Tu Es Dieu -Plus Que Vainqueur -Oui Tu Règnes -Exalt Him -Dance in the Holy Ghost (and a host of others) His exploits in musi