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n.o.n.e./[CELLULOSES] 4

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Noise & Other Nonsense Entertainment is a music marketing and publishing company founded by Jacobthewilliam & Hogwash Dupree at the end of the old world [the pandemic enforced world shutdown] during March 2020.
They are now trying their hand in apparel items as a result of the overnight devastating collapse of their industry. They are struggling to come up with new/various ways of income to maintain their own livelihoods, as well as their families. Today we are excited to introduce the first items ever designed by the N.O.N.E brand…
See anything you like? We encourage anyone out there to lend a helping hand through any purchases you may be able to make. Their amount of gratitude goes without saying. If you can, Please do! They will personally be-friend you and make it up to you through future giveaways/coupons/etc…