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Important message to our music creators:

Due to an explosion of the users using MusicDiffusion services and the impressive number of releases we have to deliver each day, we got some delays in the release of some projects.
We deeply apologize for this and assure you that we are working hard to fix this as soon as possible in the next couple of days.
Until then, we would like to inform our lovely music creators that we currently have a delay of 7/15 days for new deliveries to music platforms

Musically yours,
The MusicDiffusion Team

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Record Label Artists
Artist Name: M.C

About This Artist!
This Artist Is a Composer and Singer
Hes amazing songs Are
1. Cuando Tu Me Llamas
2.Porque Juegas Conmigo
3.A Fuego Lento
4.No Como De Amenazas
And He will Come with New hits.
EME Killer
Artista Colombiano
De Genero Trap-Reggaeton
Nuestro artista tiene una lyrica Impresionante
con estilo de Trap y Reggeaton que mata.
EME Killer
Colombian Artist From Genre Trap-Reggaeton Our artist has an impressive lyrics with Trap and Reggeaton style that kills.


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