Among Us recognition grew exponentially this 12 months

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Among Us recognition grew exponentially this 12 months

The maximum surprising sport of 2020, and arguably one with Animal Crossing Bells a whole lot of staying strength in the long time, is Among Us, a cartoony riff on Werewolf, wherein an imposter or tries to homicide all their buddies. Like Animal Crossing and Fall Guys, it’s a recreation the internet won’t shut up about.

While it become at first released in 2018, Among Us’ recognition grew exponentially this 12 months. My buddies from university also began playing the game this yr, and a gaggle of us ended up creating a Discord server devoted to Among Us. We have channels committed to memes or finding new fits.

I suppose fondly of all of the memories we've got of Animal Crossing Bells for Sale striking out within the university dorm rooms gambling Mario Kart or compromising our friendships with an intense sport of Mario Party. With university now over and most folks living pretty a ways faraway from every different, I overlooked the days we should huddle inside the dorms and play the GameCube classics.