Free ringtones for everyone

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Ringtone or ring is a sound made by your phone to indicate an incoming call. Originally referred to and created by ringing an electromechanical bell, the term now refers to any sound on any device that warns of a new incoming call — up to and including recording of the original phone rin

Background and history

Polyphonic ringtone technology dates back to 1999, when the Yamaha MA-1 sound chip was introduced, consisting of four channels of 2-op FM synthesizers. [9] Ringtones are played on MA series chips in the MIDI-based synthesizer music mobile application format (SMAF). It was succeeded by the MA-2 in 2000, which included 16 support channels for the ADPCM and MA-3 models in 2001 including 32 FM channels and 8 broadcastable channels. One of the first software-based polyphonic synths to make it to phones was miniBAE, developed by Thomas Dolby's Beatnik audio technology company. [10]This is an optimized version of the Beatnik Audio Engine, previously used in products like WebTV. The first phone with this synthesizer was the Nokia 3510, released in 2002. [11]

Kinds of ringtones

  • Monophonic: The original ringtone plays only one note at a time.
  • Polyphony: Polyphonic ringtones can include multiple notes at once. The first polyphonic ringtones used sequential recording methods such as MIDI. Such recordings specify which synthesizer should play notes at a given time, and the actual sound of the instrument depends on the playback device. Synthesizers can then be included with the composition data, allowing for a wider variety of sounds beyond each phone's built-in sound bank.
  • Truetone: Truetone, also known as realtone, mastertone, ultrasonic ringtone, is an audio recording, usually in a popular format like MP3 or AAC. Truetones, often excerpts from songs, became popular as ringtones.

Where can I download ringtones?


There are many websites and services that allow users to download ringtones for their mobile phones. If your service provider doesn't provide additional ringtones, you can do an Internet search for "ringtones" to find download sites. An example of a website with hundreds of free MP3 ringstone is