Rocket League Credits wheel or the like

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Rocket League Credits wheel or the like

The next update was released a few days from the rocket Union, allowing a large patch 1 includes a new DC Comics DLC.With update 1.42 is called INI update? Players should not expect to see a fairly large patch, but they can expect more from the DC Comics universe decals, including Green Arrow, Cyborg, Batman, and filled their garage more content along Wonder Woman. Issued a document to confirm the contents of the account will be released bug fixes and new content from the official Twitter rockets league in No. 5 March.

In addition to a brief preview of this patch tweet see, I do not know what is included in the update, because the patch notes haven been released just yet. Follow the instructions to update tweet confirmed that patch will be released before the line, though, so players will still get the patch preview it in March 5 DC Comics DLC, mentioned in the tweet can be low in February, previously announced price is only $ 3.99 at the same time the content carried on different platforms. When it was announced, Psyonix display all will be included in the DLC, a complete list of all the items listed below decals.

In addition to these decals, the package will Rocket League Credits wheel or the like, to enhance the sound from the engine, and defined more custom items. These projects, these images together, you can win in this update page to see release, however, this is a new game mode, we have been committed to DLC.One functional test through publications in recent weeks. Players asked Psyonix tournament mode, displayed on the PC platform testing, do not know whether it will be updated March 5, but Psyonix responded by saying once again, to win the game mode of the game in March or April, is increasingly being released, more information coming until later.