The Immortal Life of Family Fetishism

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Two little naked embrace together, both sides lips and teeth depend on each other, like side by side vines, intertwined with each other

Two little naked embrace together, both sides lips and teeth depend on each other, like side by side vines, intertwined with each other, you can see the tendons and veins in their bodies with the movement of each has a ray of light flowing. Su Youdie reminds Liu Orange to look carefully and remember the route and location of the light flow. Heshengcao is a special item for the royal family to cultivate adult women. It opens and grows flowers, and the flowers fall and bear Yin and Yang dolls. The life of the dolls is no more than one year, and they will only have sex in their lifetime. Females are bluish and their internal meridians are dark red; males are reddish and their internal meridians are dark blue. When they mate, their body fluids flow in the meridians, similar to the movement of energy in the human body. The movement of divine power, the slightest deviation will cause different results. Duplicating the running line of the syncretic Yin and Yang doll will double the pleasure of double repair. Spirit axe because of guilt did not teach orange, let the old man apply to bring down the most experienced teaching aunt Su Youdie, also bring this may only appear in the Cang home together. Unfortunately, the idea is always good, but the orange seems to be not very useful. It can be said that, spiritually, Liu Cheng is emotionally squeamish. She thinks that intercourse or double cultivation is something that lovers do behind closed doors. It is not in line with her temperament to learn by looking at other people's movements so carelessly. It also makes her stomach begin to roll, and there is a sour upsurge. It's like a pregnancy reaction. The two dolls on the stage made a delicate groan. She heard her eyebrows wrinkle again, her wrists turn, and the flying silk between her elbows, which acted as a ribbon,Precision steel tubes, turns into a long snow-colored snake. It rolls up the gauze curtain hanging on one side. As soon as her hands are closed, the strong gauze curtain is pulled down and piled up on the stage like clouds, covering the intertwined dolls. Aunt Su. Don't look at what is rude. Let's learn in a different way. "They are not human beings. Almost every daughter of the Cang family has used them as adults. You are the first one to say so." Su Youdie sat up straight, looking at the lack of a gauze curtain to reveal the position behind Jiamu Chengyin, eyes flashed a trace of unhappiness, no one dared to destroy her room. Even nominally, this joint building belongs to the property of the Cang family. Thinking that Liu Cheng was born in the lower world, Ling Fu also said that everything was up to her and that she should not be too demanding. Reprint oneself to see the study plus with Liu Orange also get along for a period of time,aluminium coated tubes, know that she is not deliberately targeted or ironic, Su Youdie dark sigh. With a kind smile on his face, he pushed the orange down on the white jade bed with both arms, bent over and approached her, moving his fingers flexibly on her body. But since you don't like teaching with dolls, what do you want to do? Aunt taught you herself? He lowered his head and blew in the orange's ear, sliding his fingers across her chest. Waist. Gradually down: "Double cultivation, the power of chaos through here.". It's very exciting, and then it flows here. The voice was very serious, but the action was not serious at all. The fingers with divine power made the body feel. Liu Orange gritted his teeth, grabbed Su Youdie's hand, pushed her away, turned over and jumped out of bed, tidied up some messy skirts, cold drawn tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, played with flying silk, and stared at Su Youdie: "Aunt Su, don't make trouble for me. If you must learn, then use atlas or words and so on." Are you ashamed? Really shy, no wonder the spirit master would ask me to teach, if the other sisters, your innocence can not be guaranteed. Su Youdie laughed and looked at the bright red orange on her cheeks. She reached out and pinched her face. She raised her eyebrows: "Who told you to be shy, annoyed and timid? It's interesting to pretend to be brave. It makes people want to bully you." Seeing that Liu Cheng's eyes were getting more and more round, she seemed to want to throw her sleeves out. Then she pulled her and coaxed her: "Well, my aunt is not so impersonal. Anyway, it's you who want to learn. You should choose whatever method you use." "If I can choose for myself, why didn't you ask anything at first?" Liu Cheng asked. Su Youdie lightly covered the corners of her mouth with an embroidered handkerchief and said with a smile, "Aunt, when you see that you have two royal Highnesses, how can you think that you are still as shy as a girl who has nothing to do?" Liu Cheng stopped talking. In the next course, Su Youdie didn't use those strange things for teaching. She chose a few scrolls from the library of the joint building, which were painted with the images of the spring palace running by divine power. Liu Orange sank down and carefully carved those running lines into her mind. However, Su Youdie refused to agree to her suggestions for practicing in the fantasy world. To tell the truth, Liu Orange was a little afraid of the couple's sexual intercourse. The only time was not a pleasant memory. She could not forget the pain now. It seemed more painful than giving birth to a child. Perhaps she was too emotional at that time, and the sadness at that time was engraved in her memory, which led her to doubt that Shuangxiu could make people happy. However, one of the advantages of oranges is that they do not allow themselves to escape, once they find that they have the intention to escape, they will be firm and erase those ideas. If you want to form a family with a Tibetan crow, sex is inevitable after marriage. As Su Youdie said, life is too long. Learn more to keep it fresh and avoid emotional crisis in the future. Liu orange only looked at the picture scroll, Su Youdie then appeared to be somewhat superfluous, saw Liu orange had written down two kinds, then stopped her to look again, said to bite off more than one can chew, not in a hurry. Light the incense burner and let her meditate and practice in her mind. This, however, is to let Liu Orange practice while having a spring dream. Liu Cheng's soul was very conservative, but he also knew that what Su Youdie said was reasonable, but he looked at Su Youdie until the other party realized that he would turn around and go to his own place, and then he managed to calm down and begin to meditate. Su Youdie shook her head with a smile and stood still for a moment, leaving Liu Orange to go out of the building by herself. First, she looked for a spirit axe to report on the progress of teaching. The Orange Princess is still a child, and it's a little hard for her to come of age. Su Youdie is a little worried. The matter has come to this point, can only ask the butterfly girl to teach her more. In a short year, she won't go to Cang's house. The child is the child. Lingfu said frankly, "At her age, she is a child. Although she has used the fragrant Lingzhu to improve her cultivation, there are still some problems with her soul. She can only wait for the news from Qingjia." "Since it is the entrustment of the spirit master, the butterfly obeys orders." Su Youdie bowed and changed the subject: "Say, I came to the lower world to meet the legendary Lord's realm. Now the Orange Princess doesn't need me to say more most of the time,Precision Welded pipes, and I'm not in a hurry. I'd like to ask the spirit master for a leave, so that I can look around in my spare time. When I go back to the upper world in the future, I can boast a few words and show off in front of my sisters." 。