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"Ho!" With a roar, Eddie dunked with his right arm and poured the basketball into the basket of the 76ers.

"Ho!" With a roar, Eddie dunked with his right arm and poured the basketball into the basket of the 76ers. Then he hung on the basket with one hand. Nearly 150 kilograms of his body made the basketball rack shake violently. Fortunately, the NBA basketball rack is specially made to cater to the habit of these stars who like to "dunk". These baskets can withstand a considerable amount of force, but do not worry that these players are too strong to pull down the basket. The powerful slam dunk, like giving the Bulls fans a shot of stimulant, stimulated them to shout "oh" at the top of their voices. Although compared with the home audience of more than 10,000 people on the other side, the Bulls fans of less than 3,000 people seemed to be a little less, but this chorus of shouting was also very powerful. For a time, it was just like Willie. When Green scored the first goal, the momentum was almost the same. 。 Even the reporters at the scene could not help shouting with the fans, such a classic dunk, of course, is what they would like to see, compared to those three points and rebounds, this kind of dunk with a sense of violence, more to their stomach. Eddie hung on the basket for a few seconds before he let go and jumped down. As soon as he fell, he roared and shook his fist at the audience, as if to declare that he was the king of the game. Seeing Eddie's aggressive action, the 76ers could not help but tremble in their hearts. To be honest, Eddie's action just now was not difficult for them, but Eddie broke through three people's defensive hard baskets in a row. Such a strong physical quality made them feel powerless. Fortunately, they knew that there was a Lu Wei standing behind them, which made them feel more at ease. Even if Lu Wei can't fight him head-on, with his amazing speed and agility, a draw with Eddie should be about the same. So thought the 76ers. Lu Wei, who was watching the scene of bustle, collapsible pallet bin ,collapsible pallet box, was very relaxed in his heart. He had no consciousness of playing at all. Looking at Eddie's goal just now, not only did it not cause him pressure, but it reminded him of a very interesting thing. I really don't understand why these NBA players like to dunk at every turn. Is this action really more handsome? As Lu Wei thought to himself, he couldn't help thinking of an anecdote he had heard in Changshi in his previous life. It is said that a guy in a sports class had nothing to do with hanging the basket to play. As a result, because the school's basket could not withstand his violent shaking, it crashed down and happened to hit it. It is said that the function was destroyed by this smash. Fortunately, the quality of the basket in the NBA game is good. Otherwise, if there is such a situation on the court, I'm afraid this guy's face will not be like this now. Lu Wei thought with some amusement. I don't know if it was because of Lu Wei's pressure in the back, the 76ers played very relaxed and excellent. Eddie's slam dunk was shocking, but it did not have a great impact on their morale. In the first two quarters, the 76ers were on a par with the powerful Bulls. At halftime, the score between the two sides was 53:58, and the 76ers were only five points behind. With a whistle, the third quarter of the game between the two sides began. (To be continued, if you want to know what happened, please log in, more chapters, Chapter 435 the strongest combination of the Bulls. At the beginning of the third quarter, Brand received a beautiful pass from Wei, followed by a beautiful three point shot, which immediately won the cheers of 76 fans. The goal also further narrowed the score to 66:68. The gap of only two points is no longer a gap for basketball matches. Only one attack can tie the score or overtake. A short whistle sounded, and it was the Bulls who asked for a timeout. This is also the usual way in the NBA game. The 76ers are in full swing at the moment. If they are allowed to go on like this, they will probably go crazy and be in trouble. The 76ers fans were happier to be able to force the famous Bulls to suspend the game than to win it. "Haha, look at that. Those Bulls got scared. They called time out. But it's no big deal. We're going to win this game." . A young man wearing a 76ers uniform with a team logo painted on his face shouted excitedly. Yeah, look at our.. How brave Bland was today. Haha, I think the guys on the Bulls are so scared that their legs are weak. Another fan chimed in. Compared to the enthusiastic reaction of the fans, this side. Scott, the head coach of the Bulls. -The expression on Skelis's face is not so good. What's going on? Did you all not wake up when you were beaten like this by the Sixers? Roared Scott with an unkind face. Coach, I don't know.. Tao, what's going on? Today, the 76ers are all like taking stimulants. They fight very hard. They are not at the same level as before. Guard Rolle. Danger said with some surprise. 。“ I'm not listening to this right now. I.. Just see The Great Bulls are now playing a team that doesn't have any quality,plastic pallet suppliers, and if I don't call a timeout, I'm afraid you're going to be passed. Said Scott, almost roaring.