Drunk pillow rivers and mountains

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Yang Fan shook his head hurriedly: "Look at you, when did I calculate my own woman?"? Give you a gift, or Zhu

Yang Fan shook his head hurriedly: "Look at you, when did I calculate my own woman?"? Give you a gift, or Zhu Ting thought of it temporarily, I have always been careless, simply did not think of this kind of thing, but also come up with such a dirty way? Waner curled her lips and said, "You're not so mean.". But say you're careless? Hum, who believes it? Yang Fan leaned close to her ear and said mysteriously, "My husband is really careless, but." "But there is one thing that is very rough. Miss Waner, you must have a deep feeling." Speaking of this, Yang Fan arched his body forward, and Waner immediately felt one on her thigh, sticking to the thin skirt, and there was an amazing heat. This fellow ate too much tonic, the body is too strong, said on the Xing. Waner blushed and turned away. "Go and look for your old girl," she said angrily. Yang Fan pushed her buttocks and whispered, "I want you now." Waner's heart was a little crisp when she was pushed by him, but she didn't dare to be presumptuous. She turned around and pushed him and said, "Well, you're so pestering.". Go back quickly, the person's body is more and more heavy, if toss about to the child can do. Yang Fan did not dare to take risks, just deliberately tease her, smell speech but also sell good,plastic pallet manufacturer, he deliberately sighed, lying flat, with a big tent, a face of dissatisfaction. Waner couldn't help laughing when she saw it. She said to Yang Fan, "Xiaoman and Anu won't come to Chang'an until a few months later. I think you and Miss Gu are ready. You don't have to tell them. Just take Miss Gu's house tonight." "Tonight?" Yang Fan thought of that can wind Sao, can be charming, can be tender, can be pure, describe the expression,plastic bulk containers, unpredictable thousand face female killer, can not help but palpitate, the flagpole under the crotch immediately erected higher. ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ "That day, when I went down to Xingjiao Temple to burn incense, I saw a group of people in Xingjiao Temple, which was really ostentatious.". When burning incense, I saw that Yang Fan called himself Yang Qiao, and said that the pregnant woman was his wife, named Zheng Waner. They all donated a large sum of money for sesame oil, and Zhang Changzong's name on the book of merit was Zhang Liu. The reason why Du Wentian knew their names so carefully was that he was unwilling to check their names afterwards. With his identity, he could naturally find the merit book of Xingjiao Temple, and because of this, he was more sure that the three people were Zhang Changzong, Shangguan Waner and Yang Fan. As Li listened to him patiently, she put her knees on the couch, leaned forward slightly, put one hand on her leg, and held her chin. Her movements were like a pure and beautiful little girl, plastic pallet containers ,plastic pallet crates, but she was already mature. From the thin collar of her middle coat, her skin was greasy and smooth, and her chest was full and round, emitting a kind of attractive brilliance that made men salivate. Wait for her to sit up slightly, in addition to an attractive ru ditch, and then go down to see, but through the clothes, still can faintly see the outline of her double ru, she actually did not wear myrobalan, trembling double peak on the thin clothes, clothes bulge two points, faintly reveal a touch of flesh red se, looking at Du Wentian throat dry. After listening to him patiently, Princess Anle jumped down from the couch excitedly and walked barefoot on the ground. "It must be her!"! Must be Shangguan Waner, others can not let Zhang Changzong such courtesy. No wonder the emperor's grandmother had always been unable to leave her, but this time she was sent away from her side. It turned out that she was pregnant. It was really strange. Who would be the evil seed? Princess Anle did not suspect Yang Fan, so there were not many opportunities for Yang Fan to go in and out of the palace, and there was almost no possibility of cheating in the palace. Second, she had heard the rumor that Shangguan Waner was very close to the gifted scholars and celebrities in Kyoto. She didn't expect that this talented woman would have an affair with Yang Fan, the warrior. Instead, she thought of those gifted scholars and celebrities. She was afraid that Shangguan Waner's lover was among them. Du Wentian lowered his head gently, and his infatuated eyes followed Li Baoer's white jade, delicate and delicate feet. The soles of his feet were white and delicate, thin and not explicit. The red Kou Dan, the silkworm baby's toes, the delicate and round ankles, every inch of skin, every curve, had a kind of magic that fascinated people. At first, Princess Anle was just a kind of gossip psychology, but the deeper she thought about it, the more unbalanced she became. When she got pregnant out of wedlock, her grandmother's nose was not her nose and her face was not her face. She had to keep a low profile when she gave birth to a little prince for Liang Wangfu. Otherwise, she could have taken this opportunity to do Cao wantonly and collect a generous gift. As a result, Shangguan Waner was fooling around with people, and her grandmother took good care of her and tried to help her cover up. She was sent to Chang'an to raise the fetus in the name of the repair of the Chang'an Palace. Why? Jealousy made Li Baoer instinctively want to make an issue of it. Then, she thought of Yang Fan, Yang Fan once in the Xingjiao Temple, said Shangguan to be his wife? A cold smile slowly appeared on Li Waner's beautiful dimple: "Grandmother Huang has the best face. It's just that this matter has not been spread. Once it's known all over the city and can't end, Shangguan Waner will be favored again, and Grandmother Huang will have to kill her.". As for Yang Fan, if you dare to do this to me, I will let you make it true and lose your reputation and lose your head! The more Princess Anle thought about it, the more excited she became. She turned around and said, "Mr. Du!" "Well, huh?" As soon as Princess Anle stood up and walked around the room, the light passed through her body, and the cicada-winged clothes did not cover her up at all, but made her more charming. Du Wentian looked at her, and her body reacted unconsciously. Du Wentian had been completely fascinated by her graceful curves, slender thighs, slender waist, plump and round buttocks, and pointed like bamboo shoots. His lower body stood up, thanks to his wide robe, which was easy to cover up, otherwise he would have made a fool of himself. But Princess Anle suddenly turned around and noticed something from his red face and heavy breathing. As soon as Du Wentian was called by her,drum spill pallet, he suddenly raised his head and said, "Princess, what can I do for you?" 。 binpallet.com