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Strike while the iron is hot, Lou Jingsong immediately explained the price war between Lin Ji Chateau

Strike while the iron is hot, Lou Jingsong immediately explained the price war between Lin Ji Chateau and Lou Ji Chateau in the past few months, and then said with a bitter face: "It is not a good thing for both sides to do business and compete with each other at a loss.". I just want to discuss with shopkeeper Lin to see if I can slowly raise the price of wine again. "That's it." Lin Shuang propped up his chin and stared at Lou Jingsong with watery eyes. As he nodded, he decided to say, "When I'm free, I'll check the accounts. If I really lose money, I'll ask Uncle Lou to raise the price." There's a door Lou Jingsong was in high spirits and hurriedly said, "There's no need to audit the accounts. A catty of wine only sells for three or four cents. The price of raw materials alone is this price, not to mention the wages and so on." "Not necessarily." Lin Shuang's little head shook like a rattle: "I seem to have heard my father say before that the cost of our Lin Ji winery is only two cents a catty, including raw materials and wages.." Lou Jingsong was surprised that the cost of inferior liquor might be only two cents, and the cost of a good start was the same? Without waiting for Lou Jingsong to figure it out, Lin Shuang broke off his slender fingers and calculated: "One catty sells four pennies, which is equal to one catty can earn two pennies, ten catties can earn twenty pennies, one hundred catties can earn two hundred pennies and one thousand catties can be earned, can be earned.." "Two taels of silver," Lou Wanzhang reminded foolishly. " Yes, two taels of silver. If you can buy ten thousand catties a day, you can earn twenty taels of silver. "Lin Shuang said happily," The cheaper you sell, the more you buy. If you reduce it to three cents a catty,stainless steel tube fitting, maybe you can sell hundreds of thousands of catties a day. " Lou Jingsong wants to vomit blood, is there such an account? Not to mention whether Lin Ji Winery can get off to a good start with hundreds of thousands of catties a month, according to this algorithm, everyone in Xilan County is a drunkard, and it is possible to sell so much wine by eating wine every day. Miss Lin, that's not the way to settle accounts. Helplessly, Lou Jingsong had to explain his ideas to Lin Shuang in detail,tube fitting manufacturer, and this spittle flew down, already dry mouth and tongue. Oh Lin Shuang looked at a loss and said, "There are not enough people drinking, so sell the wine to people from other counties.". If you don't have enough wine, just build a few more wineries. Lou Jingsong wanted to cry without tears, so he had to endure the dry mouth and slowly explain that there were wineries in other counties, and what resistance he wanted to get in. If you want to build a new winery, what are the troubles and crises you may face? It's so much trouble. Lin Shuang knocked on his head, winked and thought hard for a long time. Suddenly he opened his mouth happily and said, "Grandpa Lou, why don't you go and tell the other wineries that you will sell us all the wine in the winery.". Anyway, you will lose money if you sell it for four cents a catty. If we sell it, we can earn two cents for four cents a catty. Lou Jingsong is dizzy, what is the logic of this? Lin Shuang was obviously very satisfied with his attention. He clapped his hands and looked at Lou Jingsong expectantly. He said happily, "Grandpa Lou, hydraulic fitting supplier ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, shall we settle it like this?"? Later, I have to play with bamboo dragonflies. Lou Jingsong looked at one side of the bitter Lin Dong, some hesitation in the heart, let a little girl who does not know anything to make up his mind, this Lin shopkeeper, in the end is there a deep meaning, or Lin Ji Inn business is booming recently, has looked down on the interests of the winery? What does a little girl mean. Lou Jingsong is more inclined to the little girl like to play, Lin shopkeeper and spoiled tight, as long as the conditions are not too excessive, let her fool around. Helplessly, Lou Jingsong looked at the soybean milk in Lin Dong's bowl, swallowed saliva, endured the desire to sit on a bench, and patiently explained the confusion of this logic again. Lin Shuang scratched his head and said, "It's so troublesome. Otherwise, you'd better get off to a good start." In this case, they all sell for four pennies, and they all make money. By the way, the wine recipe can't be passed on? Otherwise, if you buy our products and then sell them, you won't lose money. Lou Jingsong almost beat his feet and stamped his chest. (Ask for a recommendation) Chapter one hundred and twenty of the main text. Chapter one hundred and twenty exhausted See Lin Shuang and fall into hard thinking, Lou Jingsong's patience is really worn away, the two sides to raise the price again, even if the little girl's thinking back, it is estimated that Lin shopkeeper will not agree. After gritting his teeth, he simply said what he thought when he came: "Miss Lin, do you want it?"? How about I sell the winery to you? Lin Shuang desperately shook his head: "No, you just said, open more wineries, business will not be better." Lou Jingsong was so convinced that he had to explain that three-year and five-year thyme were better than Kaimenhong, and that if Louji winery was in Xilan County, it would also have a great impact on the business of Linji winery. Is three- and five-year thyme better than our good start? Lin Shuang opened her eyes wide and looked at Lou Wentang. When she got the confirmation, she looked at Lou Jingsong and asked, "If we buy Lou Ji Chateau, can we also brew thyme for three or five years?" Lou Jingsong said feebly, "What kind of wine can be brewed depends on the recipe. It has nothing to do with where it is brewed.". What's more, the three-year thyme refers to the thyme that has been stored for three years. If your Kaimenhong can also be stored for three years, the quality of the Kaimenhong wine, although worse than thyme, is better than the current Kaimehong. Lin Shuang tilted his head and the starlight in his eyes flashed. "What should I do?" He asked? If we buy your winery, we will lose money. Unless you give us the recipe of Kaimenhong, we can combine thyme with Kaimenhong, so that we can not only have better three-year and five-year wines, but also sell them for four cents without losing money. "A recipe for thyme?" Lou Jingsong frowned slightly, although the little girl's idea is a little naive,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, but if you can really sell the winery, naive or not, what does it have to do with yourself.