Volume 01 Beacon Fire Company March

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A few bows and arrows were shot at the cowhide, which only made the cowhide shake a few times. At most

A few bows and arrows were shot at the cowhide, which only made the cowhide shake a few times. At most, one or two arrows were hooked upside down on the cowhid. There was no deterrent. A Tartar cavalry jumped to the front of the chariot with a gun in one hand and shouted in Chinese: "The front is full of your Daming people. Who dares to shoot arrows?"? You show me clearly! When the man pulled the horse back, a cat grabbed a package from a woman's hand and carried it in his hand. The horse ran back. The woman cried and ran after her. Suddenly, a sharp arrow flew and hit her vest. The woman shook twice and fell to the ground. The city was in awe, watching the woman fall to the ground, but unable to rescue her. The fierce Tartar arrived at the gate with a gun in his hand. He threw the package in his hand into the air. The sharp tip of the gun in his right hand pierced it and held it high in the air. He shouted triumphantly, "We know that there are not many defenders in the city. If we surrender at Kaesong as soon as possible, we can still save our lives. Otherwise, the whole city will be slaughtered. Even such a child will never be spared!" City head of the people this just know his hand carrying a bundle was a baby, all eye canthus to crack, is that a few archers with a bow, also don't know is scared or hate, arm trembling, no longer pull open the bow. Seeing the blood flowing down the barrel of the gun and falling on the snow drop by drop, Han You-niang reached out to cover her mouth and held Yang Ling's arm tightly with her other hand. Tears had blurred her eyes. After a long time, Jiang Bin suddenly shouted: "What the *** are you doing?"? Fire! Fire at me! Are you stupid bookworms willing to let the Tartars rush up and slaughter us all? Huang Hsien-cheng shivered his lips and said, "No..". Nope .. ", but can not spit out a complete sentence.". Yang Ling did not expect the Tartars to be so ferocious. Seeing this bloody scene, the huge psychological gap made him suddenly realize a reality: now is now,38 tube fitting, now the foreigners are foreigners, and they are all inhuman beasts. Seeing that a baby in swaddling clothes had been stabbed to death by a bloodthirsty barbarian without blinking an eye, and that his blood had penetrated his pupils, he threw away the young mother's arm, rushed to the front of the cannon, grabbed the torch from the gunner's hand, lit the fuse, and shouted hoarsely: "*** his mother!"! Kill! Kill! Kill! With a roar,14 tube fitting, the cannon roared, and the shells landed accurately on the chariot, smashing the pedestal to pieces. Several civilians in front and the Tartar soldiers pushing the siege platform under the pedestal were blown to pieces. The huge bracket wobbled and fell down, and several Han people who had not been killed by the explosion fled in all directions, and several carved arrows chased them one by one and killed them in the snow. Seeing this, the Tartar soldier, who was threatening the challenge under the city wall, immediately turned his horse's head and fled back. As soon as the horse's head turned, a sharp arrow was shot from the back of his neck and swallowed it. Without saying a word, the Tartar fell on his back and dismounted. One foot was still hanging in the stirrup. The dead body was dragged back to the array by the horse. On the head of the city, Han You-niang was red-eyed, holding a bow snatched from the soldiers next to her, and another carved plume had been put on the bowstring. Unlike the short crossbow, which has a fast rate of fire and a short range, stainless steel needle valve ,38 needle valve, this big bow for guarding the city is very similar to the long bow she used when hunting in the mountains. When she was 12 years old, she used the long bow to shoot a fox running in the dense forest, and it was naturally effortless to shoot a Tartar soldier who had no cover under the city. Seeing that the meat shield had lost its function, the Tartars shouted and carried more than ten wooden ladders to the wall in several teams. The cannon was bounced off its original position again, the smoke of gunpowder dispersed, and Yang Ling held the torch, trembling like a fallen leaf in the wind. His face was blackened by smoke. With his red eyes wide open, he slowly turned around and looked at Huang Hsien-cheng and Ma Yi-cheng above him. He said in a hoarse voice, "a snake clasps its hands, and a strong man unties his wrists.". The big picture.. The big picture matters !” Huang Xian Cheng looked straight at him, suddenly shouted, frantically rushed over, laboriously picked up a rolling stone and threw it at the gate. Wang Zhubu and Ma Yicheng also rushed up like crazy. Jiang Bin dared not let all these people die here. He immediately called a few soldiers to drag these crazy scholars into Yuelou. He rushed up to Yang Ling and clapped him heavily on the shoulder. "Well done," he said. "The woman's benevolence has achieved great things. No matter what others think, if nearly ten thousand people in Jimingyi can survive, it's all thanks to you!" He spat on the ground and shouted, "Keep firing and blow up all the Tartars' wooden ladders!" By this time, however, the Tartar soldiers at the gates had already avoided the main gate tower, scattered their wings, set up ladders at the walls, and began to storm, and the role of the cannons had been weakened. Yangling back to one side, whether horses neighing, arrows through the air, the sound of hissing, as if has become the voice of another world, there are already two wooden ladder someone attack ChengTou, and was Jiang Bin rate people forced down, but he stood there out of his mind. Although I know that the most rational thing to do at this time is to be mercilessly bombarded, otherwise more lives will be lost in vain, but those people died in their own hands, there is still a strong sense of guilt. The bombs had been used up, and the people who had been timid and afraid of fighting seemed to have been inspired by the blood in their bones. Rolling stones, rolling logs, and lime were all used. Many people picked up the swords and guns of the dead sergeant and joined in the hand-to-hand combat. The Tartars had completely paved a way with their lives and vowed to take down the Jimingyi. Not far away, four Tartars had rushed up an escalator, and there were still people climbing up behind them, fighting fiercely with the Ming army. When Jiang Bin saw that the situation was not good, he danced two bloody sabres and rushed over like a gust of wind. Yang Ling was awakened by the screams close at hand, at this time the officers and soldiers guarding the city are extremely short of manpower, the gap has no fresh troops to add, Yang Ling did not want to, grabbed a pike and rushed past. ____________________ PS: The point push is relatively low, although the collection click is the key point, after all,pipe fittings manufacturer, the recommendation represents the affirmation and support of your book friends, please recommend more after enjoying, thank you! There's another chapter at 12:00. Beacon Fire Company March Chapter 24 Mad Magic Wand Law. chinaroke.com