Complete Biography of Cixi

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Not long after, another eunuch came to "call up". Zaixun took Wu Yong into the corner gate and saw the Empress

Not long after, another eunuch came to "call up". Zaixun took Wu Yong into the corner gate and saw the Empress Dowager Cixi holding a hookah and waiting on the main corridor of the Main Hall. So he hurried to the top, and Zaixun asked for peace and said, "Wu Yong has something to play." Then he stood up and turned around and said, "Tell me!" Wu Yong saluted first, and then Chen wrote, "I have been sent by grace to serve as a source of grain for the road ahead. I should do my best. However, I am a magistrate of a county, and my rank is too low. I have written to the provincial governors to urge them to pay. This is a lot of inconvenience in the system.". That is to say, there are many difficulties in paying the officers and soldiers and issuing the notice. Now Gansu Fan Si Cen Chunxuan, led the horse step each battalion, with the northbound. The vassal officer had a higher official position, urged the provinces to pay, and used parallel official business, which was easy to phrase. Can you send the imperial edict to send Cen Chunxuan to supervise the grain station. I ask you to change to do, all the affairs of the palace, I can concentrate on serving, so as not to delay the urgent job. Empress Dowager Cixi did not immediately speak, smoking a hookah and hesitating for a long time before opening her mouth: "Your idea is very good!"! There will be a decree in the morning. Then he said, "Jae-hoon, you go down first." "Yes!" Jae-hoon knelt down and walked away. "Wu Yong," Empress Dowager Cixi said kindly, "It's really hard for you to go on this errand. It's done very well.". You are very loyal, and I will have grace in a few days. As for the situation outside, I know very well that the emperor has no temper. The job is so difficult that you can't be picky. You can rest assured that there is no need to worry. These gentle words of consolation,pumpkin seed extract, considerate of difficulties, are different from generalities. When Wu Yong thought of the princes and ministers, down to the corvee, no one had ever said such a thing. By contrast, the more he felt that the Empress Dowager Cixi had treated him so well, he could not help but shed tears of gratitude. He took off his big hat and "Dongdong" touched his head on the bluestone floor. Your cook, Zhou Fu, is not a bad cook. The noodles I ate just now are very good, and the fried shredded pork is also very tasty. I want to take him all the way. I wonder if you will let him go? This was also a means of winning over the Empress Dowager Cixi,jujube seed powder, and Wu Yong, of course, was very proud of the gold on his face. However, there is one thing that can not help but make Wu Yong feel that it is not the taste, Zhou Fu rewarded six grades of top wear, in the imperial kitchen, and Wu Yong, the magistrate of the county, but seven grades of officials. Dexing, come together! There was another thing that not only spoiled Wu Yong's fun, but also deeply regretted that he had done it too recklessly. This reckless thing is to sponsor Cen Chunxuan to supervise the grain platform. First of all, Cen Chunxuan himself "bite the hand that feeds him" and met Wu Yong at the gate of Dongda Temple. He complained angrily: "Thank you for your praise. Put this broken casserole on my head! Let me suffer for no reason. With that, he rode away, leaving Wu Yong, who was stunned and confused, in a daze. Brother Yuchuan, the imperial edict has come down. I'll ask you to give me more advice in the future. Wu Yong turned around and saw that it was a new friend, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,naringenin price, Yu Qiyuan. This man was the son of Yu Lianzhi, the governor of Hunan, and Yu Lianzhi was a disciple of Gangyi, so Yu Qiyuan, who had been an officer in Beijing, had been following Gangyi since he left the pass. Listen to his words at the moment, do not know what to mean? Wu Yong only arched his hands and answered vaguely, "That's easy to say!"! All right! "Brother Yuchuan!" Yu Qiyuan handed over a piece of paper: "I'm afraid you haven't seen the imperial edict yet!" Then look, the imperial edict is written: "Send Cen Chunxuan to supervise the front road grain platform, Wu Yong, Yu Qiyuan will run the front road grain platform." Wu Yong was suddenly enlightened. Yu Qiyuan's meeting must be guaranteed by fortitude, and they have become colleagues, so he has the words of "more advice". He immediately replied, "Very good, very good!"! I will ask my brother to give me more advice in the future. To tell you the truth, my experience in the official career is very shallow, but I am sincere to people. "Brother's character is very admirable.". However, now that I have become a colleague, and this job is very difficult to handle, and we are closely related to each other, I am very presumptuous. I have a word of Frank advice: 'If you only say three words to everyone, you can't throw away all your heart.' "Wu Yong's heart moved," Chengjiao, Chengjiao! " He asks immediately after: "Brother's word, must be to have feeling and hair?" "Yes!" Yu Qiyuan looked around and lowered his voice and said, "I heard that Cen Yunjie lost his temper with you.". You said you really thought you gave him a broken casserole. No! I just think he's a vassal, and you're a county magistrate. I'm ashamed to be recommended by you, and I'm even more afraid that you think the supervisor is protected by you. I have an idea of despising him in my heart, and I refuse to obey the dispatch, so I make a counter-charge and come to a blow! "So that's it!" Wu Yong lost his voice and said, "Didn't you meet the'Zhongshan Wolf '?" "Just be careful when things happen." Wu Yong was so regretful that he went up to the road. When they arrived at Jimingyi in the Xuanhua Mansion, Wang Wenshao sent someone to invite them. As soon as they met, he lowered his face and scolded them loudly: "You protect Cen Yunjie as a supervisor, and you have to discuss and discuss with us beforehand, but you went into the palace to play!"! Do you think military aircraft are superfluous? As soon as Wu Yong heard this, he was greatly frightened and quickly argued, "Wu Yong is wrong!"! But never dare to be so arrogant that even military aircraft are not respected. "Let's not talk about it.". I only tell you, this person has not yet retreated, how can do this business? I don't know how many jokes will be made in the future! It's you who bring ghosts into the door. If there's any trouble in the future, don't come to me. I'll never ask! Wang Wenshao is smooth and peaceful, at the moment unexpectedly so furious, enough to imagine the abhorrence of Cen Chunxuan. Only when Wu Yong changed his mind to this did he really realize that he had done something that was not only absurd, but also a wimp. He had offended the ruling party for no reason, and Cen Chunxuan, who had been recommended, still spoke ill of each other. Isn't this too unfair? However, the curtain was in the ascendant, and as soon as he arrived at the Xuanhua Mansion, he received an edict from the superior: "Wu Yongzhu will stay in the province as an alternate for the prefect, and he will change his top first." Seven grade county magistrate jumped to five grade yellow hall, finally can be a little reward for days of suffering. ※ ※ ※ Beijing first stand up to mediate the overall situation, is the general manager of the premier's office Zhang Jing Shuwen, he is inlaid with yellow flag of the Han army, in the premier's office qualification is the deepest,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, and the general tax department Hart is a bosom friend, so in the second day of the allied forces to break the city, there is contact. Hurd told him that the ministers of various countries were looking for King Qing and hoped that he would come forward to negotiate peace.