I have an adventure house.

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"While it's still early?" Chen Ge took a look at the completely dark sky outside the window and did not care about

"While it's still early?" Chen Ge took a look at the completely dark sky outside the window and did not care about the middle-aged man's words: "The last question, after Wang Haiming's accident, did anything strange happen here?" As soon as the question was asked, the scruffy middle-aged man's face changed slightly. He looked at the hundred yuan in his hand and whispered to Chen Ge: "Many old tenants in the building have seen Wang Haiming come back." "Isn't Wang Haiming gone?" Without waiting for Chen Ge to finish, the middle-aged man pushed him out of the door: "Hello!"! Make it clear! He looked at the low dark corridor, thinking of the middle-aged man's words: "Wang Haiming came back?" After a moment's hesitation, Chen Ge went to the first floor where the landlord was. Wang Haiming is likely to be the person who came out of the third sick building. He should be able to get some information about the third sick building. With this alone, Chen Ge will pursue it to the end. After all, there may be clues left by his parents in the third sick building. Knocking on the landlord's door, Chen Ge explained the purpose, the landlord reacted fiercely. She warned Chen Ge that if she stayed in the apartment building again, she would call the police. When the iron gate closed, Chen Ge stood at the entrance of the corridor, feeling somewhat helpless. The landlord didn't want to recall those things, and no matter what Chen Ge said,Service Sink Faucets, he just didn't cooperate. If I knock off the door lock of 303 with a hammer, it is possible to call the police with the elder sister's violent temper. Back on the third floor, Chen Geben wanted to go into the house and discuss it with Dr. Gao, but he suddenly stopped at the door. Why is the man in room 302 still on the phone? A young man's voice kept coming from the rental house, and the most repeated words were-are you trying to force me to death? "Half an hour has passed since I entered Mennan's room,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, and the young man hasn't hung up the phone for such a long time?" It's normal to talk for a long time. What's unusual is that he has been repeating a few words with the same meaning for such a long time. Who is he arguing with? I heard his voice alone for such a long time, but it didn't sound like he was on the phone. Chen Ge lay by the door and eavesdropped for a while. He remembered what the middle-aged man had said just now. Wang Haiming would quarrel with himself when he was ill. There is something wrong with this man. He knocked on the door, the quarrel in the room immediately stopped, ten seconds later, the door staggered a crack, behind the door came a young man's voice: "What's the matter?" "About the 303 room next door." "I don't know." Before Chen Ge had finished speaking, the young man closed the door. All the people who could ask, Chen Ge could not think of a better way for the time being. He went back to Room 304, said hello to Dr. Gao, and stood by the wall alone. The black mobile phone shows that the task site is room 303, and I want to enter it before midnight. Chen Ge rubbed his temples. He went to the window and pushed open the window of Room 304. Room 304 and Room 303 are next to each other, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, and the windows of the two rooms are one meter apart. It should be able to turn over. He moved the chair and tried to step on the windowsill first. The window of 303 was not locked and could be opened directly. There was no problem in the past, but I was afraid that I would encounter something after entering Room 303, and it might be too late to turn it back. Chen Ge looked down, the third floor said high is not high, said low is not low, and unlike Ping'an apartment, Haiming apartment below is not grass, but hard cement road. Chapter 120 rusty keys. "It should be all right to be careful." Chen Ge opened his backpack, stuffed Xiao Xiao into his arms, and then took out a tool hammer and a flashlight. What are you doing? Dr. Gao heard the noise and came out of the bedroom. He looked at Chen Ge's alternative style and felt a little headache. Just in time. Chen Ge dragged Dr. Gao to the window and said, "We'll keep talking later. You stay in Room 304 and I'll go to Room 303 to have a look." "What are you doing in 303?" Dr. Gao's eyes swept over the hammer in Chen Ge's hand and finally stayed on the puppet in his arms, his eyelids jumping wildly. The cause of Mennan's illness should be in 303. I'm going to go in and check it before dawn. ” "Are you going to go like this?"? With a doll? "If I were the only one, maybe I would hesitate for a while, but it would be different with you." Chen Ge dialed Dr. Gao's phone and put his cell phone in his chest pocket: "Keep talking." Dr. Gao nodded instinctively. He held up his cell phone and suddenly felt that he had a heavy burden on his shoulders and was responsible for the safety of two "patients" at the same time. Be careful! Chen Ge stepped on a chair and stood on the windowsill. He put the tool hammer into his pants pocket, grabbed the wall, stood on the windowsill of 304 and pushed the window of 303 open with his feet. Dr. Gao, don't hang up the phone and be ready to meet me at any time. Chen Ge finished, holding the window of 304 tightly with his left hand, leaning out of the window and stretching his legs to the windowsill of 303. At this time, his body's center of gravity is still on this side of 304. After stepping on the outstretched leg, he slowly loosens his grip on the window and tilts his body toward the window next to him. At two thirds of the tilt, he looked at the window frame of 303, released his left hand, and stretched out his right hand to grasp the window frame. With his right hand, Chen Ge moved his body to the past. In order to treat the patient, go through the neighbor's window? Looking at Chen Ge, who disappeared in the 304 window, it was too late for Dr. Gao to stop him. He had been working for more than ten years, and it was the first time that he had encountered such a situation in the treatment of patients. Grasping the window frame with his right hand, Chen Ge slowly squatted down, opened the window completely and jumped into it. It's like coming in. Room 303 has not been rented out since the accident, the interior furnishings are basically the same, the room is covered with dust, and the walls are faintly stained. The room was dark and the cement floor was uneven. Chen Ge turned on his flashlight and found that there was a shabby and smelly carpet in the middle of the room. Several other rental houses,stainless steel shower tray, including the landlord's room, did not have carpets, and this room was even specially carpeted. 。 cnkexin.com