Tiezui went down the mountain

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What's wrong with a million? A million yuan is still a low charge. If it hadn't been for yuan Shao's sake, my master wouldn't have come.

"What's the difference?"? You are so timid that you can be scared to cry for your father and mother, whether it is a fierce ghost or a demon corpse. Shen Yingzhe was so frustrated that he glanced at Liangying in the rearview mirror and said, "I'm not afraid.". From today on, I watch ghost movies every day. Cool cherry seems to smile at Shen Yingzhe's peeking eyes, straight to see Shen Yingzhe's heart straight hair. Shen Yingzhe's intuition is correct, because Liangying is considering summoning the ghost to Shen Yingzhe at this time to exercise courage, if not at this time Shen YingZhe is driving, he estimates that he can see a female ghost with blue face and fangs in the rearview mirror. Because it was working time and the traffic on the road was smooth, they arrived at Ning's house in a short time. Ning family is a big family, in front of a group of mid-level villas are Ning family. However, when Liang Ying saw the aura lingering over the villas, she frowned slightly. Liang Ying did not say anything, as yuan Hangyi walked into the boudoir of a younger generation of the Ning family. The sick one is Ning Xuefu, Ning Xueya's cousin. She was also paralyzed for no reason and lay in bed getting weaker and weaker. Had it not been for the successful case of Shen Yingzhe, yuan Hangyi would not have personally invited Liang Ying to come over. However, unlike the attitude of Shen's father and mother, Ning Xuefu's parents were dubious about Liang Ying's ability, especially when they saw that Liang Ying looked younger than Ning Xuefu. This is Master Liang. yuan Hangyi took the initiative to introduce Liangying to Ning Xuefu's parents. With yuan Hangyi's endorsement, Ning Xuefu's parents dispelled their doubts and stood together staring at Ning Xuefu and Liangying. Shen Yingzhe was also staring, but he was staring under the bed, in case another demon corpse jumped out. When he heard them say that Ning Xuefu was paralyzed in bed like him, he was on high alert. Rao is so, Shen Yingzhe still did not have the courage to bend down to look under the bed, self-deceiving. Cool cherry has no nonsense, reach out and hold Ning Xuefu's wrist directly. Although there was speculation at the door, it was confirmed when Ning Xuefu was seen. Ning Xuefu is under a spell. Not only Ning Xuefu is like this,heavy duty cantilever racks, but also Ning Xuefu's father, only her mother is all right. It seems to be a blood-type curse, but Ning Xuefu's father is relatively strong, so he hasn't shown it yet, and he doesn't know whether he wants people to lose their children or grandchildren, or whether the Ning family has done something harmful to cause this disaster. That half of the demon corpse is also the Ning family, and the demon spirit on the demon corpse may be related to this spell. Cool cherry originally thought that the demon corpse is where infected with the demon gas, but also want to be able to follow the trail to find this demon cave to take advantage of a big, but think of the curse can not help but be disappointed. Now as long as the Ning family has the blood of the Ning family, they are all cursed, and even if all of them are solved, it's just a matter of filling their teeth. However, the business is one yard to one yard, push back racking system ,mobile racking systems, she was invited to solve the problem of Ning Xuefu's evil, if she talked about the Ning family again, other people would not be sure that the family would throw her out as a liar. Cool cherry with two unreliable master, not only trained the instinct of observing words and expressions, but also special physiognomy skills, at a glance to see through the Ning family is not easy, she planned to quickly earn the million and leave, even a minute do not want to stay. Just when Liangying was about to start, another change happened. Ning Xueya's cousin, Ning Xueya, heard that her cousin was coming and came specially. Ning Xueya has been jealous of Ning Xuefu and yuan Hangyi close, in fact, do not want Ning Xuefu to get better. As a result, the master did not see it after he came, but only saw the pretentious cool cherry. What are you doing here? Ning Xueya raised her eyebrows at the sight of Liang Ying. The original owner and Ning Junhao have not been in love for a long time. yuan Hangyi doesn't know Liang Ying, but Ning Xueya knows him. He also knows that Ning Junhao has changed his girlfriend Liang Mo'er. For Ning Xueya, Ning Junhao is his own family, and it doesn't matter how many girlfriends he changes. Now see cool cherry in Ning home, she thought cool cherry this is playing tricks into Ning home to find Ning Junhao compound. Who are you talking to my master like that? My master was invited by yuan Shao himself. Shen Yingzhe stepped forward. Although Shen Yingzhe is particularly like cannon fodder dog legs, now trying to maintain the cool cherry is quite to cool cherry long face, do not need cool cherry more words to put the field full. No wonder those Xiuzhen dandy used to like to take a large group of people to swagger out. As for their posture, others with long eyes have retreated early. Of course, there are also many henchmen who are beaten to death in public to make an example of others, so we should be cautious when we are henchmen. Liang Ying did not pay attention to Ning Xueya, but looked at yuan Hangyi: "If I cure her, I can take a million yuan away, right?" Compared with the Ning family who is more likely to default, Liangying is more trustworthy of yuan Hangyi's character. Yes yuan Hangyi nodded. Cousin, don't be cheated by her. She is a liar. Ning Xueya spoke urgently to dissuade her. She a shop a year full calculation of the profit is not one million, cool cherry this dead swindler actually dare to ask for one million, simply shameless. Being so involved by Ning Xueya, Ning Xuefu's parents looked at the cool cherry again full of doubt. What's wrong with a million? A million yuan is still a low charge. If it hadn't been for yuan Shao's sake, my master wouldn't have come. Shen Yingzhe glared at Ning Xueya angrily, and there was no need for Liangying to attack Ning Xueya in person from beginning to end. It seems that it's not impossible to accept this guy as an apprentice. Cool cherry sees in the eye, in the heart secretly nodded. Cousin, she is Junhao's ex-girlfriend, even did not graduate from university, where will exorcism. You came to the door on purpose today. I tell you, our Ning family is not a person of unknown origin like you can climb up. Ning Xueya was very angry with Shen Yingzhe. Just now Ning Xueya really thought that Liangying was looking for Ning Junhao to get back together, but when she saw the familiarity between Liangying and yuan Hangyi, she suddenly realized that Sima Zhao's heart of Liangying was directed at his cousin. Leaving Ning Junhao to cling to yuan Hangyi, who has a higher social status, this abacus is loud. Ning Xueya consciously saw through the deep scheming of the cool cherry,warehouse pallet racks, and did not break the cool cherry's mind, deliberately shaking the life experience of the cool cherry. Unknown origin? Cool cherry in the heart straight ha ha at the same time the corner of the eye also glanced at yuan Hangyi. The real life experience of the original owner, said afraid to scare Ning Xueya to death. The poor original owner was badly cheated by others. jracking.com