The president's wife is a maid.

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"I don't know what I've forgotten at all."? It seems that I have to adapt to a lot of things now!

"Are you all right at home today?" Ji Minze's gentle voice sounded. He had just come from a meeting and thought she didn't know if all was well staying at home, so he gave her a call! All this time she stayed in Jijiayuan, except the last time he took her to the seaside. "I went out, didn't stay at home, and now I'm here in Yuxuan." The Iraqi reported his journey truthfully, as if his subordinates were reporting their work to their superiors. "Then I'll pick you up later!" Ji Minze said. I don't know when he began to dislike Yiren's dependence on Cheng Yuxuan. Although he knew that their relationship had always been good, he was now jealous of their childhood friendship. He found himself becoming stingy and calculating. I can take a taxi back! You have to go to work! Said the Iraqi. Just now she let the driver go back first, because she did not know how long she would stay here in Yuxuan. So she asked the driver to go back first, and she could take a taxi later. "Never mind, if you go back later,wire mesh decking, call me and I'll pick you up!" Ji Minze insisted. Then I'll call you later! Thank you The Iraqi still said with a polite smile. "And I don't have to say thank you!" Ji Minze frowned and said. "I'm sorry, I'll pay attention next time!" The Iraqi smiled and said like a child. She is a person who knows her mistakes and can correct them! "I'll wait for your call!" All right! Husband The Iraqi man answered, suddenly discovering that he could call Ji Minze so naturally, almost blurting out. After hanging up the phone, he looked up just in time to see Cheng Yuxuan walk out of the elevator and come towards her. "Are you fit to go out now?" Cheng Yuxuan walked up to the Iraqi and asked with some concern,heavy duty metal racks, her face still a little pale. The important meeting was supposed to go on, but he couldn't get into it as long as he wanted to say that the man was still waiting for him downstairs. Finally, after five minutes, he announced that today's meeting would be over for the time being. I have recovered! Do you still think I'm a sick cat? Said the Iraqi with a relaxed smile. Looking at Cheng Yuxuan in a suit and leather shoes, a little unaccustomed, she had never seen him dressed so formally in her memory. "What's the matter?" After Cheng Yuxuan looked at himself and found nothing wrong, he looked up at the Iraqi and asked in puzzlement. "I've never seen you dressed so formally!" The Iraqi laughed. She found that there was a gap between herself and Cheng Yuxuan now, heavy duty cantilever racks ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, he looked much more mature and stable, and her mind was full of a lot of messy things. "No way, the need for work!" Cheng Yuxuan said with a sunny smile. Then he took the Iraqi into the exclusive elevator. In the lobby, everyone was guessing the identity of the Iraqi. They had never seen the general manager treat a girl so gently. —————————————— Next week's finale! It's so hard! So sad! There is happiness in pain! Thank you to all readers for their support! More today! Focus on the New Work "When the Prince Meets the Savage Woman" Chapter 331 Yuxuan, are you married? In Cheng Yuxuan's office, the Iraqi sat on a comfortable leather sofa. "I just went to the Universal Building, and the switchboard lady called me General Manager Yi!" Said the Iraqi. Remembering the scene just now, she felt funny. The switchboard lady bent over respectfully to say hello to her, but she did not know that the other party was calling herself like a fool, and finally ran away in a thank you. "Because you are the general manager of Ruicheng, a company owned by Huanyu Building!" Cheng Yuxuan handed a cup of warm boiled water to the Iraqi and explained. "Me?" The Iraqi said in disbelief, "How can it be possible? I don't think I have that ability!" "In fact, you're doing very well!" Cheng Yuxuan gazed into the eyes of the Iraqi and said. After the injury, she was a completely different person. She was no longer the special assistant to the president of the independent and capable Long Ze Su Club or the general manager of Rui Cheng. Instead, she was restored to the former one who was full of fantastic ideas. "Is it?" Still incredulous, the Iraqi said, "I don't know what I've forgotten at all."? It seems that I have to adapt to a lot of things now! "Take your time, I believe Minze will have the patience!" Cheng Yuxuan comforted. "I don't know, but sometimes I think I get irritable, and the more I try to remember something, the more difficult it is!" The Iraqi looked at the transparent boiled water in the cup and said. "So don't try to think about anything, just let it go." Without that past, maybe the Iraqi people would be better off. Now she was just upset, and if she really remembered anything, maybe she would be facing greater pain at that time. "Are you married?" Yiren suddenly came up with this strange question, although she had the impression that Cheng Yuxuan was single,industrial racking systems, but she was worried that she had forgotten a certain link, so she asked. "Please!"! Why do you ask such a strange question? You won't even forget whether I was married or not! Cheng Yuxuan said exaggeratedly. “o(∩_∩)o… I'm just afraid I forgot again. Then I can come to you often! Yiren laughed and said that she felt real and relaxed in front of Cheng Yuxuan. "Even if I'm married, you can always come to me!" Cheng Yuxuan took away the boiled water that had cooled off in the hands of the Iraqi people and helped her change a new cup. 。