The Iceberg Lover of the Prodigal President

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Ren Jingdong stared at the two white pills with a strange look of suspected panic on his face. Pushing her hand away in disgust, he shook his head and said: "I'm fine. I don't need to take medicine." "No?"?

You Ruo hurriedly shook his head, and in the dim light, the hair swayed slightly, emitting a dark blue and bright color. No, that's enough. As she spoke, her stomach rumbled, and she blushed with embarrassment. Ren Jingdong could not help laughing, handed the menu back to the waiter, waved to him, the waiter breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and quietly retreated. I'm not good today. I ate your lunch box. So I'll make amends for this meal. He said with a smile, a pair of phoenix eyes flowing with gentle eyes. If you want to say that it doesn't matter, but feel that this is a bit false, she is still a little dissatisfied. Thinking, she pulled her lips again, nodded faintly, and said: "The president is polite." "It should be." The atmosphere suddenly became a little cold, two people who did not open their mouths, so sitting, in front of the cup has been Youruo picked up and put down,Kamado bbq grill, do not know how many times to come and go. It was past lunchtime, so there was no one in the shop, and it was so quiet that you could hear each other's deep or shallow breathing. You Ruo lowered his head and felt that his phoenix eyes were staring at him for a moment, and he moved uncomfortably. Really is a fierce man, when she was studying alone in Canada, so many foreign men with prying eyes looked directly at her face, she had never been so cowardly. Looking at each other,cordierite c520, they were always the only ones who bowed their heads, but why couldn't she be tough in front of him? Also let always calm oneself several times lost his head and lost his temper? The chagrin in my heart unconsciously reacts on my face. Raising her left hand and pressing her slightly painful temple, she pursed her lips and stared at the crystal glass in front of her without saying a word. She frowned! The light sorrow rippling between the eyebrows finally let him see! She habitually pressed her head with her left hand and pursed her lips in a trance, which has always been her trademark action. Is she really Mo Qiang? Is it? Ren Jingdong tried to hold back the surge of excitement, and his hands on his legs were slightly sweating. The waiter's action was very quick, and after a while, the dishes ordered by Ren Jingdong were served one by one. A meal was so quiet that it was hard to swallow, and I could not help blaming him. He is a big president. Is he still afraid of having no place to eat? Hiding in her office to eat her lunch box, she could only sit opposite him and let him watch and eat. The more she thought about it, the more annoyed she became. The more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she became. She simply dropped her fork and stared at him discontentedly. Her lips did not move at all and murmured: "It's all your fault that I have to eat like this!" Ren Jingdong blinked, gave her a strange look, and said: "What's wrong with eating like this?" "What's the matter?"? How can I eat if you look at me here? Ren Jingdong blinked in amazement and looked at her innocently. Am I so hateful? Is it hard to see that you can't even eat? Works related to Chapter 84 You Ruo could not help laughing, pursed his lips with a smile, alumina c799 ,ceramic bobbin heater core, ignored him, and enjoyed the delicious food by himself. Ren Jingdong flattened his mouth, picked up a spoon to solve his portion of salmon tea and rice, and sent it to his mouth. You Ruo is a little surprised, he still eats? Didn't he eat her lunch box just now? This man has a good appetite! "Gu Gu-" a suspicious muffled sound, let two people happen to coincide to stop the hand that is eating. You Ruo raised his head and wondered. What's that sound? Ren Jingdong covered his stomach with one hand, put down the spoon slowly with the other hand, twisted his facial muscles slightly, swallowed a spoonful of rice in his mouth painfully, got up quickly, bowed slightly, and ran to the corner corridor. As soon as the waiter saw him, he hurried up to meet him. As president? What can I do for you? Ren Jingdong's face was pale, and fine beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. Pushing the waiter away, he rushed into the corridor without looking back. You Ruo was startled, stood up, went to the waiter's side, and asked with some concern: "What happened to him?" "I don't know. President Ren seems to have a stomachache." A stomachache? You Ruo froze for a moment and could not help changing his face slightly. Worried to look into the corner, want to follow up, but feel some inconvenience, walked back and forth two steps, and returned to the seat. Looking at the table full of Japanese food, she had no appetite. He called the waiter and removed all the food on the table, leaving only a glass of water and two pills he had asked the waiter for. After a long time, Youruo almost had to see through the corridor in the corner, Ren Jingdong just came out from the inside, the pale face, so that Youruo suddenly changed face. He walked quickly to his side, hesitated for a moment, and reached out to support him. President, are you all right? Ren Jingdong feebly hooked his lips and pulled out a wry smile. Her lunch box! It's really powerful! Even a man with an iron stomach like him admires it. It's all right-it's all right! This man is really not serious. He is so uncomfortable that he still has the heart to joke with her. You Ruo unconsciously clenched his lips, cooled his pretty face, helped him to the table and sat down, and handed him a cup of water and pills. Take medicine Ren Jingdong stared at the two white pills with a strange look of suspected panic on his face. Pushing her hand away in disgust, he shook his head and said: "I'm fine. I don't need to take medicine." "No?"? How are the cold shrimps and ribs? Does it taste good She looked at him coldly, with a look of deserved indifference. Taste-so good! He clenched his teeth, forced out two words contrary to the facts, and looked at her plaintively. You Ruo saw his pitiful appearance, angry and funny, and handed him the pill again. Is it? Then the medicine tastes better. Take it quickly! "I'm not sick. What medicine do I take?" His eyes twinkled, and he picked up the cup with some evasion and poured it fiercely. You Ruo stared at him for a long time and suddenly laughed. The smile on his face was as bright as spring, as if he had discovered a very important secret. Ren Jingdong, with a straight face, asked in a muffled voice: "What are you laughing at?" "Laugh at you!"! A big president, like a child,steatite c221, is still afraid of taking medicine? Ren Jingdong's face turned red and white, stared at her awkwardly, and shouted discontentedly: "What are you talking about?" 。