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With the strength that Lin Junyi showed that day, he can absolutely kill that Hua Tian.

"Brother Hua is here!" Fang Tong stood up with a smile, "come to me so early in the morning, there should be something urgent!"! Come on, let's drink and talk! Chu Tianming sat down with a smile, Fang Tong asked the servant to bring another glass, and then filled it up for Chu Tianming himself. Cheers Chu Tianming smiled and raised his glass to touch him, and drank the red wine in the glass. How about it? Does it taste good! This is a very high-end red wine among human beings! Chu Tianming looked at the red wine bottle on the table and couldn't help laughing. This is not a high-end red wine! Clearly is the kind of low-end products sold in the supermarket, but the packaging is very beautiful, the bottle looks like [ Qishu Network] quite high grade, but a little familiar with red wine people can see that this is just a common brand, not even a little famous. Chu Tianming also did not go to explain these with Fang Tong, anyway they zombies have no taste at all, eat and drink, is completely a kind of eating instinct, a bottle of 15 pieces of red wine with a bottle of cave year of Lafite in their mouth, is simply the same taste. He told him that it was in vain, and that Chu Tianming had something to do here today, and that he didn't care about such a trivial matter. Putting the glass flat,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, Chu Tianming raised his head and looked at Fang Tong. What's the matter? Is it not good to drink? Fang Tong said doubtfully. No Chu Tianming put away the smile on his face, "I came here today mainly to discuss with you about the lack of commander-in-chief in the second and third legions." "Oh!" Fang Tong seemed to realize something, he put down the glass in his hand, and his face became serious. So what do you think? Fang Tong asked. What I mean is very simple. I am personally confident in managing the army, which can be seen from the fact that the overall quality of the Fourth Corps I am now managing is far higher than that of the other three corps. "So?" Fang Tong's face began to turn a little gloomy. So I want to take over these two legions. Chu Tianming said firmly. Fang Tong frowned and stared at Chu Tianming's eyes. After half a ring, Fang Tong suddenly laughed. I thought it was a big deal! Brother Hua,Ozone generator ceramic plate, you can make your own decision on such a small matter. Chu Tianming looked at Fang Tong, who was laughing loudly, and in his heart he could not help sneering. So you agree? Fang Tong stopped laughing and looked at Chu Tianming. Yes, of course! "That's good." Chu Tianming stood up, "thank you for the red wine, I'll leave first!" Fang Tong stood up with a smile and sent Chu Tianming to the door, then watched him disappear at the end of the street before turning back to the living room. Peng!. A punch smashed a big hole in the wall in front of him, and Fang Tong stared at the ground with an angry face. Hua Tian this bastard, more and more do not put me in the eye, he is clearly to force the palace today, if I do not agree, I am afraid he will start it! Fang Tong did not doubt whether Hua Tian would really start, he did not dare to try, ceramic bobbin heater ,ceramic bobbin element, he was afraid, he was afraid to really fall out with Hua Tian, then with Hua Tian's strength, he is very likely not an opponent, plus Hua Tian's fourth legion is convinced of the commander-in-chief, even if he Fang Tong ordered them to change hands, they will never agree. I can't make a deadlock with him now. I have to get Lin Junyi's support first. With his support, Hua Tian can't make any big waves at all! Raising his head, Fang Tong immediately tidied up his appearance, and then went out to look for Lin Junyi in person. Chapter 484 Conquer the Second Legion. Fang Tong did not know that as soon as Chu Tianming left him, he found Lin Junyi. I did that thing, but I did not mention you, I think Fang Tong will definitely come to you now, want to get your support, and then to suppress me, when the time comes you just like this. Chu Tianming told Lin Junyi his plan, let him cooperate with him, and then left here immediately. As soon as Chu Tianming left, Fang Tong arrived. "Brother Lin!" Fang Tong walked up to Lin Junyi with a sad face. "Big Brother Lin has had a big event!" "What is it?" Lin Junyi pretended to know everything and looked at Fang Tong, but in his heart he was already happy. Call you boy Yin me, call me brother Lin when you have nothing to do, call brother Lin when you have something to do, can you be more realistic? Where does Fang Tong know those thoughts in Lin Junyi's heart? What he is thinking about now is to get the support of Lin Junyi. With the strength that Lin Junyi showed that day, he can absolutely kill that Hua Tian. As long as he has his support, Fang Tong doesn't have to swallow his pride! Although in this way, Lin Junyi will climb to his head again, but Fang Tong can not control so much, anyway, Lin Junyi strength is so strong, so wide network, even without this thing, he will still climb to his head, Fang Tong simply can not control so much, now can suppress one is one, he does not want anyone to stand on his head on a few feet! "That Hua Tian, this white-eyed wolf, last time I saw that he was a talented person. At the risk of offending Brother Lin, he took the initiative to appoint him as the commander-in-chief of the Fourth Army Group. Now he is good. He actually bit me in turn. He just came to my place this morning and openly said that he would take over the Second and Third Army Groups. He clearly doesn't care about you and me!" Lin Junyi sneered in his heart, but on the surface he pretended to be frowning. You know you made your own decisions at the beginning! Today, this white-eyed wolf is not trained by you! Lin Junyi stared at Fang Tong,ceramic igniter electrodes, "you deserve it today, thinking of me?"? Are you going to forget me again after the matter is settled? Fang Tong's face stiffened. How dare I! Lin, you don't know that I just became the president of this alliance. I'm on tenterhooks all day. You don't know that I have nightmares every day! Every night.. 。