Perfect world

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Great, let's move away and take it back to the village to hatch. In the future, there will be powerful fierce birds to kill the beasts for us and bring back the prey!

A stone cliff lay across the front, which was even more quiet and barren. At the top of the cliff, there was a huge nest, made of black sycamore, which gave people a very depressing feeling. Far away, the children hid in the crevices of the rocks and watched carefully. The black nest was ten meters long in diameter and huge. They knew without thinking that it was the nest of a fierce alien bird. It's really here! "This green-scaled eagle has been wandering here for a long time, and now it has built a giant nest. Is it true that it has laid eggs as Uncle Lin Hu said?" A group of children's eyes are shining, which is the main purpose of their coming here! This is a very fierce and powerful alien bird, which has the blood inherited from the ancient magic bird in its body. It is very difficult to deal with. The general beasts of prey and ferocious things will die if they are targeted by it, and it is difficult to escape. According to Uncle Lin Hu's observation, the male green-scaled eagle has not appeared for several days. It may have died in an accident deep in the mountains. Every day at noon, the female bird will go out to kill food by herself. If she wants to get close, the opportunity is at hand. Said the monkey. A group of children clenched their fists, obviously nervous, and at the same time there was a kind of expectation and excitement in their eyes. All the children who grew up in the mountains and forests were bold, otherwise they would not have run to such dangerous places on their own initiative. Everybody hides in the stone crevice, I throw a stone to try! A dark-skinned child spoke. His name was Shi Meng, and the villagers called him Ermeng. When performing martial arts in Shicun, he directly knocked down a big bull and almost lifted a bronze tripod weighing a thousand pounds, second only to Shi Hao and Shi Dazhuang in this group of children. With a whoosh,jacuzzi bath spa, a big stone flew up and rushed into the distance, and finally landed on the stone pile in front of the cliff with a loud noise. Everyone was startled, but fortunately there was no movement on the cliff. Er Meng, don't be so reckless. Be careful. "I'll see if it's in the nest. It looks all right now. Let's hurry up!" Said Ermeng, about to rush over. Brother Ermeng, wait a minute. Little Shi Hao opened his mouth, grabbed a big stone, threw it hard,Chinese spa manufacturer, and the stone flew up the cliff with a whoosh and landed in front of the nest, making a loud noise. After a while, the cliff was quiet, and the green-scaled eagle did not appear. Go A group of children, like a herd of animals, roared and rushed to the cliff. Near the front and back, they divided their work in an orderly manner. Some of them stood on the boulder, watching the sky and standing guard in case the fierce bird suddenly appeared. Others were ready to climb up the cliff. Brother Dazhuang, you all wait. I'll go up and have a look first. Shi Hao said. You're a baby who hasn't broken yet. Just watch from the side. Let's go. Shi Dazhuang said that a group of children laughed, and the little one is still eating animal milk and is often teased by them. I've been eating meat for a long time, and I only occasionally drink it as water! The little one was angry, wrinkling his nose and staring at his big black jewel-like eyes in defense. Of course, the little guy is smart enough to know that the older children are not really laughing at him at this time, but are taking care of and protecting him, endless swim spa ,5 person hot tub, not wanting him to go up first and take risks. I'm faster than you, and I can run away quickly when I'm in danger. Without waiting for them to speak, the little one, like a little monkey, quickly climbed to the cliff with a whoosh, agile and sensitive. Don't put him in danger, let's go too! Shi Dazhuang and Ermeng, as well as the monkey, all followed closely, also like an ape to catch up. There are many gaps in the cliff, so that several children can take advantage of it and climb up quickly. Growing up in the mountains, guarding the primitive dense forest, their ability to climb is naturally very strong, compared to the demon apes in the mountains will not be inferior to much. Whew. Here we are at last! The cliff can be three hundred meters high. After the little one came up, he waited for the other three people for a moment until they all came out and went to the giant nest together. What a big nest! The anorak exclaimed. Standing in front of the watch, it is particularly shocking, the nest is ten meters long, made of black sycamore, occupying most of the cliff top, larger than the houses in the stone village. In addition, there are some bloodshot bones on the cliff, each of which is thicker and longer than an adult, which is creepy. Especially on the bone of the animal as big as the millstone, there were several horrible claw holes, which remained bloodstained and looked very ferocious. "This is the skeleton of a dragon's horn elephant. It's really terrible. A fierce bird will eat a giant elephant at every turn!" Ermeng was shocked. Don't worry about that. Shi Dazhuang climbed up the black bird's nest. Came to the nest, immediately felt bursts of dense breath, and there is a smell of blood. The edge of the nest is dark red. It is obvious that the green-scaled eagle often feeds on the edge of the nest. After a long period of infection with various animal blood, this place is very evil. The fierce bird is not here! "Look, there are several eggs!" Several children exclaimed that they were so bold that after overhearing the adults'conversation in the village, they took the initiative to come for the eggs of the fierce birds. Great, let's move away and take it back to the village to hatch. In the future, there will be powerful fierce birds to kill the beasts for us and bring back the prey! The anorak cried excitedly. The nest is covered with soft golden grass, which looks very comfortable. Three glittering and translucent eggs like Jasper are quietly appearing there, with some veins and spots on them, and the luster is flashing. Each of the eggs laid by this fierce bird is as big as a basin, clear and shining, green as agate, and the stripes on it shine in the sun. Chapter 0008 Green Scaled Eagle. The dark-skinned Ermeng giggled, and his saliva almost flowed out. He walked quickly forward and said, "This is the biggest nest I've ever dug out. It's the first time I've seen such a big egg in my life." "Hey, yes, it's a sense of accomplishment to dig out such a bird's nest." The anorak was dry and smiled like a mountain monkey. It's beautiful! Little Shi Hao blinked his big eyes and his long eyelashes trembled. Looking at the three eggs, which were warm, glittering and shining, he couldn't help but be happy. He was the youngest and curious, and wanted to hold them up and look at them carefully. Ermeng came to the front,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, but as soon as he reached out and touched the domed egg, he immediately said "Ouch" and felt his arm numb and crisp, as if he had been electrocuted. What's going on?! Several children were surprised.