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Isn't your idea a little too fantastic? "I want to try to make it a reality." Chang Sheng said very seriously.

After the match, Chang Sheng asked the reporters at the press conference: "I know you are stubborn, but I can tell you now that this is not an accidental phenomenon. Today's David.". Silva, you will see it often in the future. 。 Of course, you can continue to be tough, and I don't mind if I continue to slap you in the face. That evening, the Italian media reported the match, in which David. Silva's performance is also a key topic of discussion. 。 Is this an accident or a necessity? The Italian media have started to debate again. Chang Sheng has no interest in this kind of war of words, a group of armchair guys, no matter what they say, it is impossible to change David. Silva's transformation. 。 The game gave him a boost of confidence. He knows that David.. Silva has adapted to this new W wèizhi and the new style of play. The next step is to accumulate jingy jingyàn with more matches. He needs to face different opponents on this w wèizhi and find ways to deal with them, so as to play the role of accumulating jingy jingyàn. Chang Sheng doesn't have to worry about this, and he just plays one game at a time. But when he thought of David.. Silva's performance at the Stadio Franchi You can't help smiling. The change that I personally brought about. ※※※ Thinking about David.. Silva's performance The more Chang Sheng thought about it, the more interesting he found it. Then thinking about it,outdoor whirlpool tub, he came up with a new thing. This new thing made him feel excited. He was so excited that he couldn't sleep in bed. He turned over, put on his clothes and went to the study. He turned on the computer and began to tap on the keyboard. It took about half an hour before he finally stopped. Then take out your cell phone and give it to Rudy.. Gonzalez called 。“ Rudy, I need to talk to you about something. Are you free now? "Chang?"? Are you crazy? Do you know what time it is? On the other side of the phone, Rudy.. Gonzalez's weak voice. Then came an exclamation of surprise. Chang Sheng glanced at the time in the lower right corner of the computer, 1:20 in the morning. It's only one twenty. "It's only one twenty?"? You must be in Beijing time. Chang? "Oh, don't worry about the time. Let's talk about it,garden jacuzzi tub, Rudy." "Well, well, let me hear what it is that makes you so excited." Despite what he says, Rudy. Gonzalez, on the other hand, seemed absent-minded. Thinking about how to find an excuse to hit Chang Sheng, and then let oneself sleep soundly. "Well, Rudy, I remember what you said about David..". The tactics of Silva and Motta are strictly speaking. 。 It's not dual-core. Is it right "Well, that's right." Rudy.. Gonzalez said perfunctorily 。“ But that's what I said at the time to motivate David. "Yes, outdoor hot tub ,american hot tub, um." Rudy.. Gonzalez was almost asleep. 。“ And then, it just occurred to me, David.. The combination of Silva and Motta is not a dual-core. Because we have more than one core! There is no doubt that Modric is the core of the organization. But Motta can also, and he has proved that. Besides, David.. Silva is working towards that goal. 。 Cazorla is a versatile midfielder. Not to mention Hernanes, Pirlo of Brazil.. Ledesma and Meireles are also midfielders with both offensive and defensive abilities. Candreva is also a versatile player. "Yes, um.." That's right Rudy.. Gonzalez answered Chang Sheng completely subconsciously. 。“ I was thinking, why do we have to struggle with a few cores? Why can't everyone be the core? You see, we have so many offensive and defensive players who can organize the attack, how can the other side defend? In this way. Everyone of us is the core, everyone is not, when needed, anyone can stand up and contribute to the organization of the offense! So what are we afraid of man-to-man defense and zone defense? What is total attack and total defense? This is the real total attack and total defense! Chang Sheng raised his voice excitedly, Rudy. Gonzalez was woken up. 。 He did not hear the front, but heard the last sentence. "What real total attack and total defense?" That is to say, it is no longer from the whole to mention the concept of total attack and total defense, but from the individual, each individual can attack and defend, can organize attacks, each individual is total attack and total defense. Such a group of total attack and total defense individual organic organization, that is not a real total attack and total defense team?! "What have you been stimulated by, Chang?" Rudy.. Gonzalez felt the drowsiness fading from his mind. He was petrified by the idea of winning. I have a normal brain, thank you. What do you think? Isn't your idea a little too fantastic? "I want to try to make it a reality." Chang Sheng said very seriously. Let me think about it. You really don't seem to need to call me in the middle of the night just to molest me with this. "Nonsense!"! I'm very serious! Why can't we train everyone to be a playmaker? An attack with w wixié can be launched from the feet of any player, and it can also finish at the feet of any player to score. Our midfield and frontcourt players have this ability, you think about it carefully, you imagine their technical characteristics.. Rudy.. Gonzalez is out of sleep. He really started to think about the ability and technical characteristics of Lazio's current midfield and frontcourt players. Then the more he thought about it, he also felt that what Chang Sheng said was possible. The more he thought about it, the more excited he was, just like Chang Sheng at the beginning. Chang Sheng's words are somewhat exaggerated, but the core content has not changed, that is, what he just said: "The attack with w wixié can be launched from the feet of any player, and it can also be finished by scoring at the feet of any player." This is actually the core idea of Chang Sheng. Let more people participate in the organization of the attack,jacuzzi swim spa, become the initiator of the attack, so that the opponent can not defend. At the same time, more ball points were added to make Lazio's attack more varied.