Supermodel Reborn

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At this time, Jing An was also sitting on the carpet with a little light purple color under the instructions of the photographer, and her slightly wide skirt was in full bloom like a purple flower under the manipulation of the stylist.

Even if Tang Qisheng learned afterwards that she had finally won the endorsement of Fuxiang, it would be difficult to recover the mistake. After dinner, taking advantage of the free time, Jingan returned home and did her homework as usual. He practiced the catwalk several times back and forth until the night was dark. Jing An took a bath and lay lazily on the single bed in the bedroom. The successful passing of the advertising interview and the luck of becoming Luo Xuan's chess partner. Jing An's mood relaxed slightly. After turning off the lights, the room, which reflected the city lights outside the window, was half dark and quiet. In the silence, the incoming ring of the mobile phone rang briefly and then returned to silence. Reach for the mobile phone on the bedside table and check the text messages. At a glance, Jing An's tired eyes suddenly flashed. [Good night] The short content of the message became strange because of the signature of Tang Yu behind it. In the brain did not think why Tang Yu would have her number this matter, Jing An just dazed in Tang Yu how to send her a text message? It's not going to be.. Did you send it wrong? Jing An's eyelids jumped. Reply to the text message, a word pieced together, but a word to delete. After thinking for a few minutes, Jingan finally replied with "good night, thank you". After learning that it was Tang Yu's appearance that allowed her to avoid the harm she should have done, Jing An always wanted to say "thank you" to Tang Yu personally. But apart from the contact she had at work, if she wanted to meet him, she could only meet him by chance. Unfortunately, the chance to meet this kind of probability is not as frequent as in the story. No matter whether this text message is sent by Tang Yu himself or not,outdoor endless pool, and no matter whether the object of this text message is her or not. Jing An just wanted to take this opportunity to express her gratitude. Staring at the screen of the mobile phone, waiting for the reply that may not come. Should Will not reply, right? After a period of waiting, she was awakened by Tang Yu's sudden text message, and Jing An considered whether she could go back to sleep? However, the mobile phone ring again suddenly rang,outdoor whirlpool, hurriedly opened the text message, only one eye, Jing An was stunned to see a confused. [You're welcome ^-^] Looking deeply at the symbol of the smiling face several times, he recalled Tang Yu's face, which seemed to always show an indifferent look in front of people, and his quiet face trembled. So, it must be.. It's not a text message from Tang Yu. Jing An thought with certainty. But politely replied with the same smiley face symbol. But Jing An's affirmation this time is definitely wrong. In Tang's ancestral home, Tang Yu sat on the bed in his room, looking at the smiling face of Jing An's reply in his mobile phone, and smiled lightly. And just in the study because of a conversation with Tang Gansheng led to a little depressed mood, but also at this time eased a lot. Tang Yu turned off the machine and lay on the bed with empty thoughts in his open eyes. He did not know why he would send a good night message to Jing'an at this time, but he just wanted to do it, so he did it. Just like that year, whirlpool bathtub ,hot tub spa manufacturers, when he was depressed, he would always go to the sky garden on the top of the starlight at dusk, peeping at the graceful figure of the man practicing his steps in the sunset. The next time I saw Luo Xuanqi was at the scene of Fuxiang's advertisement shooting. What, you forget me after two days? The man, who was followed by two assistants, came out of the dressing room and went straight to Jingan, who had also finished his makeup. How could I forget. Jing An, dressed in a lavender dress, greeted the man with a smile. In today's Luo Xuanqi, the mid-length straight hair is neatly and casually tied up at the back of the head by the stylist, the white shirt with loose cufflinks and chest buttons, and the black tie is hanging loosely and half-tied outside the upturned collar, which is decadent and luxurious without losing its elegance and nobility. I love these little purple things. Luo Xuanqi looked at the purple jewelry hanging on the girl's forehead and earlobe and laughed softly, "because they make you look more eye-catching." The lavender dress, imitating the dress of the goddess in Greek mythology, is simple and elegant, echoing the purple diamond photo worn by Jing An. Dressed up girls, covered with strands of touching purple temptation. Luo Xuanqi's heart moved slightly for no reason. At the beginning of the shooting, the photographer let Luo Xuanqi sit on a pure white leather sofa according to the artistic conception of Fuxiang's print advertisement. The man bent one leg, leaned back loosely, and looked lazily in the direction of the camera with a pair of slender eyes, half open and half closed. From posture to expression, Luo Xuanqi's handling of the details reflects his professional standards. Free and easy between wanton movements, but also from inside to outside exudes a fascinating and gorgeous charm. He deserves to be the leading male model in China. As the protagonist of Fuxiang's advertisement, Luo Xuanqi only wears a ring made of countless tiny dark purple diamonds on his right index finger. The male ring glittering with dark purple edges contrasts with the man's glittering and translucent hands, forming an extremely seductive color. Luo Xuanqi's right hand is loosely placed on the edge of the sofa, and the casual placement is a deliberate angle, so that the ring on the finger can be completely exposed in the best shooting picture. At this time, Jing An was also sitting on the carpet with a little light purple color under the instructions of the photographer, and her slightly wide skirt was in full bloom like a purple flower under the manipulation of the stylist. She turned sideways, and her neck, which was as clean as white porcelain, protruded slightly, stretching the line of her neck, which was graceful and elegant. The lips of Jingan's transparent water color opened slightly, as if they were close to the bright purple ring on Luo Xuan's chess finger. In the focal length, the young girl flashed her eyes and looked obliquely, as if the ice flowers in winter were rippling with cold and sharp beauty. Under the contrast of purple diamond forehead ornaments, earrings and male rings, the dizzy look from the girl's eyes seems to be able to see the mysterious purple ambiguous love between him and her,hot tub manufacturers, which no one can set foot in. The static interaction between the two perfectly combines the theme of the Purple Love series. The slightly excited photographer, after capturing every picture that satisfied him, put down his camera and signaled the end of their shooting work.