My contract ghost husband.

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"When I get back," he said, "I'll set up a tomb for Gu Shenglan. Where should I put it?"

"My Lord." I stared at him in a daze, but he smiled generously and said, "I just thought, if it weren't for him, where would you be now?"! Before that, he was our matchmaker. Soul of Life: Human Chapter 158 Reincarnation Well I don't know how Gu Qingchen could have such an open idea. Maybe it's from the Internet again? But I don't think the Internet is so positive now, is it? This is the second time that Gu Qingchen has talked so much with me besides giving me lessons. The first time was when he first came here, he told me frankly that I should treat him as a green boy. But now, his pretentious generous appearance, but more touching than before, my adult ah. How could he be so pure? If we say that the soul of pure love and foolishness without superfluous memories is a piece of unpolished jade, then the present adult of Tianhun Morning: It's a diamond with perfect carving, exquisite and dazzling. But he himself, as if he didn't know how dazzling he was. Under my tearful eyes, Gu Qingchen suddenly let go of me. I was caught off guard and fell directly on the bed. He turned his face away and his voice returned to a faint way: "After crying for so long, I should be hungry.". I'll make you something to eat! What he said was urgent, and he got up to leave. But when he got up, as if he didn't know what to do, he stopped and turned sideways to me. I looked at his handsome face with an awkward expression, his sharp edges and corners, his frowning eyebrows and his straight nose. White clothes like snow, skin like congealed fat, is really a very beautiful,cattle weight tape, very beautiful picture, especially that pair of always calm and calm eyes, at the moment because of pretentious generosity and regret, dodge, hesitate. Such twinkling black eyes, to always serious cold face, add a lot of loveliness. Cute such a word, used in my adult body,Diameter tape measure, is really not too much. Suddenly, the mood is much better. Probably the whole world does not have, we still have each other, this is enough. Smiling through tears, I reached out and pulled his white sleeve robe, which was deliberately dragged beside the bed, soft and smooth to the touch, and he seemed to have been waiting for me to leave him behind. He turned around and frowned at me. He was waiting for me to explain. I couldn't take my eyes off him. I didn't know if he was like me. I looked into his beautiful black eyes and explained with a smile, "Actually, I'm not just crying for Gu Shenglan." Hearing Gu Shenglan's three words, he frowned more deeply and turned away directly: "It's none of my business. That's your business. I won't ask. I'll give you space.". I Although the words were beautiful, he felt uncomfortable in his heart. Because his tone is obviously different from the usual, a little sour. It's really hard for him, who doesn't know anything, but has to suppress his desire. I am pulling his sleeve, eye socket is a little red again: "I actually, Pi tape measure ,horse weight tape, it is to cry for my husband more.". I don't have a friend, but there will be friends again, but in this world, my husband- "There are no more blood relatives." As I spoke, tears came out again. Gu Men is the only one left now. I held the sleeve and obviously felt the hand under his sleeve trembling. My husband is always reluctant to say more, but as his favorite little monster, I think I have the responsibility and obligation to cry out what he can't cry for him. The next second, my hand slipped, and he pulled back his sleeve. "Tears are the most useless expression," he said proudly. He said, looking at me sideways, but his tone was a little better. "Come on, what to eat?" When he finished, he immediately turned around and raised the corners of his mouth unconsciously. He said to himself, "I remember the sugar cake I made last time. You said it tasted good. I'm going now.." Crying and laughing, I reminded him, "I made most of the sugar cakes last time, and I'm not hungry now.". It's better for adults to lie down with the younger one for a while. The younger one hasn't finished yet. I smiled at his back and said, "I know that the orthodox soul of heaven should be the dream of adults, but I hope I can always be the little monster of adults. I hope you.." And has always been my Lord. At that moment, I saw his dark eyes as if they were lit fireworks, across a touch of bright color. But only for a moment. Is it because I'm back to my old tone? Or is it because of what I said? Experienced a lot of wind and rain, the situation has long been calm. Gu Qingchen turned his eyes away, cleared his throat, and turned into a ray of light lying beside me: "Cough, then I'll lie down with you for a while!" I reached out and pulled his arm under my head and pillowed it. He looked at the top of the white tent, frowned and became serious again. "When we return to Yama tomorrow, let's go back to the world.." "Hm?"? So soon. "" I also looked at him with a wring of brows, and the next second I smiled and asked myself: "Yes, anyway, there is no need to stay now." Gu Qingchen cast a dark look in his eyes. "When I get back," he said, "I'll set up a tomb for Gu Shenglan. Where should I put it?" His? I remember he had a grave! "Really? Go back and show me." I haven't answered him yet: "He saved you with his life, and I thank him, but he talks to you in private.." After frowning, he finally said what he thought, "I still don't want another man to be with you in the future." I looked at his handsome face, which was serious but refused to look at me, and vowed, "Never again!" He heard the corners of his mouth slightly raised, and the radian was just right, which was very beautiful. Then he leaned over and kissed me. Reward Instantly, this heart is full of touching and admiration. He has always been a superior adult in my heart, except for the beginning to kill me, later he has always been so broad-minded. They always say they want to fight, but they always do good deeds. Purdue cursed the baby and the female ghost, in the night before the soul of life did not come out, he is also to collect the breath, quietly take away the soul can be, but when the evil ghost will not show mercy. He has a clear distinction between good and evil,Horse weight lbs, rewards and punishments, really. Like a fairy. Immortals. Immortal, what is it? I don't know.