Robot Xiuzhen legend

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Want to decide, red hair flies demon Hei Hei to laugh: "Where do you come from, are you a person here, your master?"

Suddenly, the monster sprayed a white ball at him. Although Ah Tie was thinking, it was very simple for his super brain to multitask at the same time. His eyes had already locked the monster. Seeing this, he immediately dodged. As soon as he got out of the way, the place where he was standing was immediately hit by the white air, and the grass and ground in that place seemed to be coated with a layer of white glue, which seemed to be frozen. Seeing such a strange animal, a Tiexin felt vaguely that this might not be the Mandis Galaxy. When the monster saw Ah Tie dodging, he let out a cry and shot a mass of white gas at him. Ah Tie had to dodge again. At the same time, the laser gun shot at the monster's head. After two strokes, the laser gun did not shoot through the monster, there will be a laser gun can not shoot through the animal, this in the Mandis galaxy but never heard of, a Tie more and more sure that this is not the Mandis galaxy. When the monster was shot, it became angry and spewed out more than a dozen white balls at him, fast and fast, and its huge body followed him. Tie had to try his best to dodge again, although to avoid, but the appearance is very awkward. At that moment, there was a sudden burst of laughter, followed by a voice saying: # 183; # ¥ # ¥ D% GY-H.. F¥RF¥G%H%H%GF¥G%G” Tie was too busy dealing with the monster to notice that someone was approaching again. Hearing the human voice,brushed stainless steel sheet, he quickly detected it and found that the human voice came from the air next to it. He immediately looked up and saw a man in a long black gown, with disheveled hair, very strong, but a fierce face, about 30 years old, standing in the air out of thin air, looking at him with a split smile. A Tie's eyes flashed, how could he be a man who could stand in the air out of thin air,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, and his clothes were similar to those of the two men seen in space, both of which belonged to ancient clothes. Looking at the man's ability and dress, a Tie concluded that it was most likely not the Mandis Galaxy, but if it was not the Mandis Galaxy, it would be incredible that the black hole created by the two men could allow them to enter different galaxies. You know, the Mandis galaxy spans 100,000 light-years. Even the most powerful spacecraft in the Mandis galaxy can only reach 100 light-years at a time. It takes a long time to jump out of the Mandis Galaxy, and neither the hull nor the energy of the spacecraft can support such a long jump. If it is through the wormhole through space, it is possible to pass through a longer distance, but the wormhole is not easy to have, wormholes are generally fixed in a certain space, like the two people casually hit a wormhole, it is really amazing. But then to a Tie's surprise, the detection information showed that the man's energy value actually exceeded the detectable range of the detector. You should know that the detector in his brain is small, but the highest energy value can detect 10000, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, which is the energy of a medium-sized warship. Now this situation means that the energy value of that person has exceeded that of a medium-sized warship. Is this still a person? Later, Tie recalled the man's language and found that it was not the popular language in the Mandis Galaxy, but it was not difficult for him to understand the language. He had 360000 languages in human history in his mind, including many languages that had disappeared. A Tie quickly compared the language and found that it was a language that had long disappeared in the Mandis Galaxy. The content is: "Too interesting, a machine person unexpectedly so nimble, ha ha, now I red hair flying demon may meet the treasure." "Organ Man?" A Tie was confused and searched for the information stored in his brain, but found nothing. A Tie thinks again immediately: "Just can ask this person, where is here after all?"? It would be better if we could ask this person why they were flying. While thinking, he was busy dodging the white air mass of the monster. Ah Tie flashed aside first, and then quickly looked at the man in the air and shouted in the man's language: "Hello!"! Excuse me, where is this place? Although he knew that Ah Tie had just spoken, the smiling face of the man in the air froze. He stared at Ah Tie with his eyes wide open and swallowed his saliva before saying, "My God, this machine man can actually speak and ask for directions. I, Lao Chi, really picked up a treasure.". ” "Robot Xiuzhen Legend" Episode 1 Xiuzhen in the Ring Chapter 2 Battle Skeleton 1 The red-haired flying demon immediately said to himself, "Such a clever machine man must be made by a powerful man. I have to ask if his master is nearby. If he is, I will make a quick decision to get rid of him. I have no way to send him. A powerful man can't be provoked.". If this machine person goes back to study, maybe he can realize some clever tricks. Hey, I thought there was a change in the sky here. I thought it was a treasure, but I didn't think it was a machine person, but it's not bad. Want to decide, red hair flies demon Hei Hei to laugh: "Where do you come from, are you a person here, your master?" Tie while dodging, while listening to the red-haired flying demon so asked, do not feel some strange, this person inexplicably asked what the master? But he wanted to ask the man where this was, so Ah Tie replied, "I'm from the Mandis Galaxy. I'm here alone. I have no master. Where is this and who are you?" When the red-haired demon heard this, his eyes glowed and he said excitedly, "Ha ha, tell me earlier. Oh, do you have anything else?" Red hair flying demon does not want to talk nonsense with a tie, in his eyes, a tie is just a machine person, can not be regarded as a person, now just want to find out if a tie has other treasures, he wants to take them away. Thing A Tie dodges at the same time, at the same time according to the data analysis in the brain, he feels this person is improper, which has to ask others thing, then he said: "I am a person, what also does not have." The red-haired flying demon giggled, drew his left finger quickly over the heart of his right hand, and then suddenly pushed his right palm towards the monster, shouting at the same time,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, "Ding.". Then something happened that made Ah Tie's brain almost crash. The monster suddenly stopped in midair, with its mouth open and its eyes staring. Its right forelimb was raised in midair, and it stood in front of it like a statue.