The story of robbing a husband

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Shen Yuntan lowered his voice and leaned close to his ear. First, I'm still a useless scholar, aren't I?

Shen Yun talked calmly and said casually, "It was your younger martial sister who was poisoned, not the master, wasn't it?"? It's a good idea to cheat Nineteen to help you get the antidote. Xu Ziqing looked at Shen Yuntan defenseless, evil, one hand into a knife, slowly split to the back of his neck. He moved slowly, without the wind, and Shen Yuntan seemed to have no feeling. You are so stupid that you can't come up with such an idea. I'm afraid it was your charming sister who came up with the idea, wasn't it? The hand knife did not split off and was blocked, Xu Ziqing was startled, but saw that the thing blocked the hand knife and rushed straight to himself. His heart shook and he wanted to turn sideways to avoid it, but the other hand on Shen Yuntan's shoulder seemed to be stuck by paste and could not move. Pow! Xu Ziqing screamed and fell back with blood all over his face. Shen Yuntan seemed to have just reacted and looked very alarmed: "Hey?"? What's going on here? I'm sorry, I'm sorry. There was a fly just now, and my hand quickly drove it away. Xu Ziqing slowly put down his hand, only to find that it was a corner of the table that hit him. The wound on his face was not serious, but the skin was broken,mirror stainless steel sheet, and the bleeding stopped in a short time. However, the wound was so strange that Shen Yuntan had already made a scratch on the wooden block with his internal force, but now it was cut flat, and it was printed on Xu Ziqing's face. Seeing him in a hurry to stop bleeding, Shen Yuntan apologized and smiled, "Brother Ziqing,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, your younger martial sister has a lot of background.". The'Broken Soul 'of Jinhu Villa is made by Tangmen and Sangmen. It is so expensive that most people are not allowed to use it. I don't know how many good husbands you have hooked up with and how many romantic events you have accomplished before you can afford such a magic medicine. "Nonsense!" As soon as Gu Yan was mentioned, Xu Ziqing seemed to be a new person and suddenly became a man. "My younger martial sister lived in Jianghu in her early years and was killed by a traitor. She used such a dirty poison. But she was pure and clean. How could she allow you to slander her?" Pure and pure. Keep your nose clean. Shen Yuntan laughed, just looking at her eyes, the whole inn man lost his soul, even if he saw this woman for the first time, but also guessed that she was missing more than a year ago. When Yan'ermei was thirteen years old, two people from famous families fought for her, and both of them were wounded and died together. The two infatuated children, one is Huashan prodigal son Jun sleepless, the other is Songshan expert Lin Banzhu. At that time, Sangmen had just emerged in Jianghu, and there were some gaps between the two factions. Such a noisy, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,304 stainless steel wire, teach Huashan Songshan greatly hurt the vitality, is to teach the Sangmen fisherman to benefit, take advantage of the situation to rob, beat Huashan Songshan unable to recover, also teach the eyes of fame in Jianghu. However, the woman was skittish and did a lot of evil. After all, she was besieged by more than a dozen good Jianghu players. She was seriously injured more than a year ago and her whereabouts were unknown. Counting up, it is similar to the day when Gu Yanchu went to Xiaoyao Mountain. Shen Yuntan habitually touched his chin. This woman went to Xiaoyao Mountain and was willing to marry Xu Ziqing. What was the reason. As soon as he was distracted, he ignored Xu Ziqing, who was shouting loudly. When Xu Ziqing saw that he had no response, he was even more angry and shouted a few more words. Shen Yuntan came to his senses and did not point out Gu Yan's identity. He was only perfunctory. This boy was dead set on Gu Yan. As long as he didn't have the idea of nineteen, even if Gu Yan tore down Xiaoyao Villa, he would not frown. Your wife is pure and pure. I don't know. Or do you want me to try it? Looking at Xu Ziqing flying into a rage, he was even more delighted. "But then again, if you calculate my family like this, we have to calculate this account." Xu Ziqing's sophistry: "Sister Yan is her younger martial sister!"! It's her duty to find the antidote for Younger Martial Sister. There was a flash of cold light in Shen Yuntan's eyes: "If this Younger Martial Sister disappears, then the Younger Martial Sister should really be busy with the funeral." Xu Ziqing's face changed greatly. What are you going to do? Don't think you can do whatever you want just because you are good at martial arts! "What am I going to do?" Shen Yuntan smiled innocently, showing his white teeth. "You're right, that is, those who are good at martial arts can do whatever they want." Xu Ziqing gritted his teeth and knelt on the ground. "Shaoxia Shen is highly skilled in martial arts. Please don't embarrass my wife.". If you want to fight or kill, let's settle it between men. I don't need Elder Martial Sister to find any antidote for me. When Elder Martial Sister comes back, I'll go with her. Apologize The word "apology" was said by clenching the back of his gums. Shen Yuntan waved his big hand and patted him on the shoulder: "Good!"! Pure man! He blinked his eyes and said with a smile, "The antidote is not a difficult thing. It's all right to help." He suddenly changed his tune and taught Xu Ziqing to be overjoyed. Shen Yun talks about the high level of martial arts, never seen before, if. He's willing to do it. Shen Yuntan lowered his voice and said, "However, you must do three things according to me.". The first two are easier, and the latter one is a little difficult. "I'm willing to live and die for Sister Yan!" His voice was so high that he seemed to say it deliberately to Gu Yan in the next room. Well, he is really a man who values friendship. Shen Yuntan lowered his voice and leaned close to his ear. First, I'm still a useless scholar, aren't I? His black and white eyes were so sincere that Xu Ziqing almost felt that it was someone else who had just started. Yes Mr. Shen is a scholar. The injury just now was accidentally touched by myself. "Very good!" Shen Yuntan smiled with satisfaction. "We're traveling together these days. I'm afraid you can't make out with your wife for the time being.". Blame the next bad, just accidentally patted a steel needle into your shoulder, this month, if close to the woman. Ahem. Ahem.. You know, the sound insulation of the inn is not very good. Nineteen is still a big girl with yellow flowers. It's always bad to hear. So.. Brother Xu was wronged. Xu Ziqing's face changed greatly. He and Gu Yan are newlyweds, and they are soft and greasy in every way. Besides, Xu Ziqing was twenty years old, and he was full of vigor and vitality. "Shen Yuntan looked at his uncertain face and laughed in the dark." Brother Xu just said that he wanted to live and die for Miss Gu,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, which really made me curious. Shen Yuntan's face was pure and innocent. "I know brother Xu's love is so deep that people are moved. How can you call brother Xu to die casually?". But I have never seen a man give birth to a child, I do not know when, brother Xu can let me open my eyes? 。