A letter of divorce is hard to find.

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I calmly got on the bridal sedan chair, calmly carried into the palace of Prince Mu, and calmly carried into the hall by Xi Niang. However, I was destined to be so surprised.

Qi was about to explain when she heard the noisy sound of suona outside, mixed with the hustle and bustle of laughter. After a while, the sound came to the door with the wind and turned into a knock on the door. Qi son and I coincidentally looked at the gate, qi son way: "It's too late. When the princess gets into the sedan chair, Qi'er will explain to you slowly." I took two breaths of cold air and stammered: "Flowers, bridal sedan chair?" If I remember correctly, the bridal sedan chair is also called the wedding sedan chair, which can only be used by the bride. Qi'er seemed to see my surprise and nodded solemnly: "Today is the day when the princess marries into the palace of Prince Mu." I didn't bring it up in one breath and went back. Chapter II Before getting on the bridal sedan chair, Qi'er took advantage of the time to comb my hair and dress up, and recited a sour poem that she had just learned recently: Xuantian Dendrobium beads lean against the bright moon. Moxiangpu table is dyed with warm jade. Humane and beautiful imperial concubine laugh, Not as good as Prince An Linglang. It is said that this popular doggerel is about the three most beautiful men in the Kingdom of Luoyun: Xuanyue, the seventh prince, who is compared to a star like Xuantian, Moyu, a talented man, and An Lingran, the last little prince of Mu, who is the husband I want to marry immediately. In front of two people, one is brave, one is elegant, but when it comes to Anling Ran, it is a comparison with the beautiful imperial concubine of the beautiful palace. I don't enjoy it very much. Although Qi'er said that in the first two lines, the names of Xuan Yue and Mo Yu were hidden in the poem,Magnesium Sulphate price, referring to the name of An Lingran alone, it can be seen that their appearance is absolutely superior to that of the two people. However, I am still not happy. What does a man who is more beautiful than the emperor's beloved concubine look like? I couldn't figure it out, and Qi didn't give me much time to think about it, so she covered me with a red veil and stuffed me into the bridal sedan chair. Speaking of the princess to be married, in fact, she is also a poor child. The Kingdom of Luoyun was a big country in the Central Plains, and the tribe where the princess lived was somewhat similar to the Huihe in today's history. It could not escape, so the Great Khan had no choice but to offer cattle,calcium ammonium nitrate price, sheep, gold, silver and jewelry, and his daughter with both hands. Although the Central Plains is rich, no woman is willing to leave home and come all the way here, so is the princess. Therefore, before she left, she only brought her maid Qi'er, so that the other dowry maids would not come here to suffer. After arriving at the Kingdom of Luoyun, there were still some days to go before the wedding, so Princess Mu planned to lead her future daughter-in-law to the palace for a temporary stay, but the princess refused to accept it. She felt that the palace was a part of Prince Mu's palace, and it was a great shame to enter the door before getting married. Despite everyone's opposition, she stayed in the inn and waited for the wedding. When Emperor Luo yuan heard this, he was furious, and King Mu walked back and forth to explain. Only then did the palace calm down, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, but as a result, the princess also offended her future father-in-law and mother-in-law. Everyone in the capital said that the princess did not know the general situation, but I did not. Other people's golden branches and jade leaves are more than enough to marry you, a little prince who has not yet been given a title. There is nothing wrong with being so arrogant and spoiled. Just now I looked at it carefully in the mirror. Although I dare not say that the princess's appearance is beautiful, it is absolutely enough to close the moon and shy the flowers, sink the fish and fall the geese. It's not a loss for such a beautiful princess to marry the most beautiful man in Luoyun. It's just that it's a little troublesome to offend her parents-in-law. Others say that women's hearts are needles under the sea. I wonder if this parents-in-law will hold a grudge and punish me after I pass the door. It happened so suddenly that I couldn't run away, or rather, I didn't want to. In my previous life, I was nicknamed "Dead Skin" by a close friend in the boudoir, saying that I was too easy-going. No matter what the situation, always calm, take things as they come, calm and calm. One of the things that friends like to talk about most is the magnitude 8 earthquake that happened last year. In a previous life, my family lived in Chengdu. Although there was still some distance from the epicenter, it was reported afterwards that a strong earthquake of magnitude 6 had been felt in Chengdu at that time. At that time, I was staying up all night because of a manuscript, and I felt the computer shaking in a daze. I said in my heart that I couldn't sleep. How could my eyes shake so badly. So, very calm to hold the computer with his hand, but the computer shook more and more, the whole person also followed up, my heart deflated, harder to hold the computer screen, I do not believe that this evil fire can not be suppressed! In an instant, the computer finally stopped shaking, and I felt a little hungry in my satisfaction, so I dragged my clogs downstairs to buy things. But as soon as I got downstairs, the gatekeeper looked at me like a monster and pointed at me in amazement: "You, you, you were upstairs just now?" I scratched my head and didn't understand. Is there a problem? Grandpa opened his eyes wide. "Don't you know about the earthquake just now?"? Everyone ran down, and you didn't know? Only then did I realize that I was not too tired to see, but that the computer was really shaking. The right hand clapped his hands into fists and said "Oh": "It shows that the equipment in our community can stand the test, and I didn't feel any shock when I came down from the elevator just now." Not to mention later. Anyway, the title of "dead skin" is true to me. I think, compared with the earthquake of life and death, the drama of crossing, waking up and being frivolous and marrying is nothing. So, I decided to follow the grace, first go to Mu Wang Fu to see the most beautiful man in the world, after all, because our two countries fight, the loss of life is not very good. So I calmly got on the bridal sedan chair, calmly carried into the palace of Prince Mu, and calmly carried into the hall by Xi Niang. However, I was destined to be so surprised. Standing still at my feet, I gazed through the red veil at the towering mass of hair under my body, and seemed to be making a "cooing" sound. I couldn't help but take a cold breath, and then screamed as expected. Ah-ah-help- The voice is soul-stirring, cadenced and euphemistic, but obviously, the people in the hall are not satisfied, not to mention the word "appreciation". Screaming and struggling,Magnesium Oxide powder, the red veil did not know where to fly, so I could clearly see the ugly faces of all the people at the moment. The faces of a man and a woman in the upper seat were particularly ugly. They were black in blue and white in black. They did not need to make up when singing opera. They should be my amiable and lamentable parents-in-law. Princess Qi pulled my sleeve, and there was silence in the hall. stargrace-magnesite.com