Ji Fei ran quickly.

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Ji Fei was satisfied with his assurance. A man of twenty-six years old, his heart will only be more curved than her, his life experience will only be richer than her

Ji Fei frowned. After careful consideration, he made a decision: "I want him to know that I have seen him." Cai Ka Er nods: "In that case, we still stroll casually, always can encounter." On the same floor, of course. When Wang Qize saw Ji Fei, his expression was surprised. It happened that the famous young lady beside him held his arm with a clever smile, which made the three angry women even more stuffy. Ji Fei nodded to Li Mingxiu and looked at the man. "I'll explain to you when you are free." Wang Qize was not surprised at this time, let alone flustered, as if he had never been flustered from beginning to end. He nodded and left with Li Mingxiu. Between the two of them, there is no question of love, as Carl said, at most responsibility. Ji Fei will not take the opportunity to make trouble, she is sincerely waiting for him to explain. At seven o'clock in the evening, the three of them returned home and wandered around for a day. In fact, they were very tired. The three of them lay across the sofa without any rules, staring at each other. Ji Fei's cell phone rang suddenly and picked it up. It was Wang Qize. He said he was already downstairs with her. In the evening, the wind was as cool as silk, and Ji Fei put on a small waistcoat and went downstairs. She saw Wang Qize standing quietly with his back to the light under the dim street lamp, waiting for her quietly. She could hardly breathe and walked slowly up to him. He gazed at her for a moment, then suddenly reached out and hugged her tightly. Ji Fei was a little surprised. When he calmed down, he laughed and joked,heavy duty rack manufacturers, "Am I the one who should be sad?" Think about it carefully, maybe he is sad for Li Mingxiu. Ji Fei did not speak, but quietly hugged him back. She did not know whether she was jealous or not. Strictly speaking, she was very uncomfortable, but it was not strong enough to be jealous. She just needs his explanation, or she wants to understand the entanglement between him and Lee Mingxiu from what happened today. They sat down on the bench, and Wang Qize still hugged her. Passed a little while,medium duty racking, he holds her hand: "Let me rest a little while, accompany a name to go shopping too tired." Ji Fei chuckled. "I thought you could go shopping better than me." He buried his head in her neck and did not speak. Ji Fei was a little sad, so he didn't come to explain. He fiddled with her hair. "My name is four years younger than I am. When I was a senior, she was just a freshman.". Little girls prefer to play ambiguous, always at arm's length. She knew I liked her, but she never responded, and when I wanted to give up, she was reluctant to give up. So for several years, now she is a senior, maybe she wants to be stable, and I happen to be one of the people who can make her stable, so she pesters me in turn. So this is the case, it seems that Li Mingxiu is also a typical modern woman, casting a net everywhere, showing mercy everywhere. Of course, asrs warehouse ,pallet rack shelving, Ji Fei is not interested in studying Li Mingxiu's psychology. She is more interested in Wang Qize's attitude. But from Wang Qize this paragraph of words, actually he still likes Li Mingxiu now, otherwise will not connive at an ambiguous woman everywhere. Ji Fei pointed out mercilessly: "You are indulging her." Wang Qize smiled and did not deny: "She is still young and not sensible." He forgot that Ji Fei was only a senior, the same age as Li Mingxiu. Ji Fei felt a sense of melancholy in his heart. He felt that he didn't explain why he missed the appointment and went shopping with Li Mingxiu. He even talked about Li Mingxiu in front of her with infinite tenderness, which made her very bored. She glared at him half-jokingly. "I'm small, too." With a hum, Wang Qize looked her up and down and nodded in agreement: "You are really small." Ji Fei's stuffiness turned into a wry smile in an instant. At this time, he either deliberately changed the topic or felt that there was no need to explain. No matter what kind of psychology, it only showed that he did not attach enough importance to their relationship. After all, they are now boyfriend and girlfriend, and he should care about her mood anyway. She felt the need to have a good talk with him: "It's not fair to me that you're my boyfriend now and you're thinking about another woman.". If you still like Miss Li Mingxiu very much, you can break up with her and go after her. But you can't fall in love with me and still miss her. I'm a little angry about what happened today. Everyone can see that Li Mingxiu is higher than me in your heart, otherwise you wouldn't have pushed my date to go shopping with her. You have known each other for many years, and your feelings must be very deep, and I can understand the friendship between you. But the problem is, I'm your girlfriend. You don't know how sad I was when I saw you with her. He looked at her, felt the meaning of her words, and said with a wry smile, "I'm sorry." Ji Fei nodded, knowing that he had listened to her words in his heart, so he smiled: "I will be sincere to you, and I hope you will be sincere to me in the future, otherwise-" she pointed to his lips with her index finger, "I will be very angry." Smiling, Wang Qize shook her index finger and confessed to her: "I don't deny that you are very attractive to me, but I really can't put down my name in my heart.". But I promise to report to you whatever I do with you in the future. This is the largest measure he can concede, he, like her, eight words of truth mixed with two falsehoods, people can not refute. Ji Fei was satisfied with his assurance. A man of twenty-six years old, his heart will only be more curved than her, his life experience will only be richer than her, he can not hear the meaning of her previous paragraph, and he is willing to follow her meaning to give her assurance, which shows his sincerity. So the two men made up as before. He hugged her and told her little jokes. Under the dim light, her smile is charming and charming, misty and seductive. He looked at her and sighed, "When you graduate, I will go to your home to propose marriage." Ji Fei was startled. She had never mentioned her family to anyone, and even Lu Yang and Cai Ka'er only knew that she came from a remote small county town, and the rest were unknown. At the time of the blind date, she did not tell Director Li about the family conditions. She did not know how Director Li told him. After four years of college, she seldom contacted her family. He said he would go to her home to propose marriage, which made her sigh with emotion for a moment. Seeing her silence, Wang Qize thought about it and stopped asking questions. He changed the subject with a smile: "You have been reluctant to talk about Lv Yang, which makes Ling Pu very mad.". He said you couldn't get in. When Ji Fei heard this,industrial racking systems, he couldn't help smiling. "I don't think he's thin-skinned. Why can't he save face?" He listened, also laugh: "I will tell Ling Pu, let him be more thick-skinned." Chapter 7. kingmoreracking.com