The Holy King

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I saw the food like pigs and dogs. Yang Qi really didn't know what the grunt wanted to eat.

The immortal Fen Shen and Yang Qi laughed at the same time, and they looked at each other and felt that under the world, there was nothing that could stop them. They could break everything together. Yang Qi felt very wonderful. The immortal Fen Shen was just his own, but now it has developed into a single individual. This individual has a lot of help for himself. If it weren't for him, He became the puppet of the two palace masters. Now, it's time to get out. After ten thousand years of cultivation, I have succeeded in cultivating all the nineteen seeds, and there is no more impurity in my body. Gollum's magic skill is perfect, and I have made some achievements. I would like to see what kind of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon people are there when the Zongmen Congress is held to run for the leader of the alliance? With the gathering of super-class sects on Tongshen Ancient Road and the assassins coming to the palace to join in the fun, there is no reason for Ao Tian not to come out. Yang Qi said lightly. Ao day, is always a thorn in his heart, as long as he can capture this person, he felt that life would be complete, in addition, he also wanted to see the owner of the ancient gods mark, although now out of the shackles of the gods mark, but Yang Qi still felt that the gods mark collection is complete, you can learn a complete set of gods like Only then can it be fused with the complete set of true demons, producing the most powerful power, the unity of gods and demons, invincible in the world. Whoosh. He went out of the map of the king of all realms and arrived at the forbidden place of Ruyi Tianzong without a sound. Seeing that Biluo and others were discussing, and that countless people from the clan outside were gathering more and more,teardrop pallet racking, he could not help nodding secretly, knowing that the clan meeting would be held in these two days. The battle of dragons and tigers began slowly. Yang Qi, did you finally come out? What's the matter? Nothing happened, did the person with double uterus of Alsophila spinulosa embarrass you? A lot of things have happened these days, the assassin's palace. As soon as the suzerain saw Yang Qi appear, he stood up in surprise. As soon as he was about to say something, Yang Qi waved his hand: "I know everything. This time I have been promoted to the level of terror. There are many adventures. I will tell you one by one. Our strategy of Ruyi Tianzong is going to change." Chapter 1072 the General Assembly begins. Yang Qi waved his hand and arranged a more dense ban. People could only see a fog outside. They didn't know what it was. He was now skilled in Qigong. The method of life and death disillusionment had reached its peak. A little display was not what anyone could compete with. He and two big palace master deal with the matter, said in detail again, said the dangerous place,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, that suzerain can not help sweating on the head, it can be said to be frightened. When hearing that Yang Qi had successfully captured the seed of the Great Tomb and had been promoted to the level of Horror Will, and that his spiritual scale had reached ninety-one, and that he could completely contend with the master of Horror in the middle, the suzerain burst into tears: "I, Ruyi Tianzong, have finally come to the day of carrying forward. I don't have to look at other people's faces to act. It is even possible to shuttle through the ancient road to God, reach the divine world, and become truly immortal!" In fact, Ruyi Tianzong's group of old antiques, although overbearing, will not live for many years. They are already billions of years old, and if they live for hundreds of millions of years, billions of years, they are likely to reach the limit of longevity and die. The only way is to ascend or go to the divine world. It is very difficult to ascend and cultivate. It is the right way to go to the divine world and ascend with the help of the laws of the divine world. It achieves the realm of the gods and reaches immortality. As long as it does not encounter any disaster, it can survive forever. Although billions of years of time is very long, Automated warehouse systems ,warehouse storage racks, in fact, for these monks, it is very fast, after all, a little seclusion, urge the law of time, outside the past day, in fact, they lost ten thousand years of life, hundreds of times down, it will not live long. Therefore, Ruyi Tianzong, a group of old antiques, generally does not display the Taoism of rapid time, because the loss is actually life. Yang Qi, can you really compete with the people in the middle of the horror class? Memory Peak Lord still couldn't help asking. When the time comes to hold the Zongmen meeting, we will know. "Yang Qi smiled and didn't explain too much." I promise I won't let you down. This time I can turn bad luck into good luck. It's a pity that I don't know what it likes. Otherwise, even if it's hard to find food, I'll find it for it to eat. " Yang Qi stroked the grunt beast, this time the grunt beast did not use bubbles to spray him, just grunt twice, it seems very useful. The grunts really don't eat anything. Not even godhood. Generally, mythical beasts, even the mythical beasts recorded in the most ancient Taoist books, like to eat godhood. Even if swallow heavenly king, rumor in ancient times, is also like to eat godhood, eat the godhood into swallow heavenly relics, to be able to upgrade their own repair to the extreme, unfortunately, this grunt beast, godhood does not like to eat, it seems to lift the low level of food, see godhood is like a big lady with golden branches and jade leaves, princes and grandsons are full all day long. I saw the food like pigs and dogs. Yang Qi really didn't know what the grunt wanted to eat. Fortunately, the grunt is not hungry either. Gollum, Gollum.. The grunt is rolling again, rolling and rolling, very cute, but everyone knows the horror of this beast. Had it not been for this beast, I'm afraid Ruyi Tianzong would really have been exterminated this time. Now it's the fear of thousands of people and the admiration of thousands of people. With this beast in charge, no clan would dare to provoke Ruyi Tianzong. There are more and more people, so I will take this opportunity to improve your strength again. Yang Qi looked at the suzerain, the Lord of Tianzun Peak, and the Lord of Memory Peak, and said lightly, "Everyone should be independent in the future!" Boom! Behind him, several arms of True Qi were derived, and behind each arm of True Qi, there were countless roads, symbols and words, and the essence of experience. The top of everyone's head was tight,radio shuttle racking, and Yang Qi's True Qi arm held it down. Everyone was surprised, especially the Lord of Tianzun Peak, the Lord of Memory Peak and the Suzerain.