Several of the Pro Tier Wheels in Rocket League Items

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Several of the Pro Tier Wheels in Rocket League Items

In its announcement post, Psyonix said it had listened to fan feedback and increased the items found in the premium track. Here's more information about how the premium path unlocks work:Items in the Premium Upgrade path are no longer tradeable for Tiers 1 thru 70, but 'Pro Tier' items (i.e. Tier 71 and above) and Free items CAN still be traded. We have also changed Pro Tier behavior so that they will ALWAYS drop as a 'Painted' item, while still carrying a 25% chance to drop as a 'Certified' item. Moreover, we've increased the base experience you earn from matches by 40% so that you can reach Pro Tiers faster and increased the weekly match maximum from 14 to 21.

The fine-tuning doesn't end there, either:We’re introducing a brand new Customization Item attribute to various Pro Tier items. The 'Special Edition' attribute reworks an item into an alternate version of itself that still supports Painted attribute colors. Several of the Pro Tier Wheels in Rocket League Items -- ‘Gripstride HX,’ ‘Rocket Forge II’ and ‘Sprocket’ -- support the Special Edition attribute; any time you unlock one from a Pro Tier, you'll have a 25% chance to receive the Special Edition version. You can see an awesome example of a Special Edition item in the screenshot below.

For this weekend only, Rocket League players have double the chances of earning loot regardless of what platform you’re playing on.Psyonix announced the news of the bonus loot incentive for Rocket League players days ago, but in case you’d forgotten or missed the initial post, the game’s official Twitter account is here to remind you. Tweeting about the Double Drop-Rate bonus that’s now live, the Rocket League account also provided a link to all the details including how long the event will last.