Lemon-Ning Meng, eat.

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Then he called softly, "Ning Meng, eat." The lump on the bed was obviously not awake. He turned his back to the wall and wrapped the quilt more tightly, murmuring, "Mom, I'm not hungry.."

Su Huai's "no need" was directly ignored when he said it, so he had to let it go. Su Huai had never felt that Ning Meng was a little like her mother before, but at this moment he saw that they were the same, so active, so active that no one could refute them. But he doesn't hate it. His mother usually comes back in the early morning, so he usually cooks dinner by himself. It's really rare for a person like this to eat at Ning Meng's house. This should be the second time. Last time.. He stopped thinking at once. Last time there was someone he hated. Su Huai sat in the living room, feeling a little strange, originally wanted to help Aunt Wen cook, but refused on the grounds of guests. He had to sit in the living room. He is not interested in watching anything on the TV. He looked around the house and finally stopped in front of the door covered with pink fluffy carpet. As she looked, she was in a trance until Aunt Wen came out of the kitchen and said to him, "Xiao Huai, so you also like to watch palace dramas?" Su Huai then came to his senses and glanced at the TV, on which was playing an unknown ancient costume palace drama, with poor acting skills, vulgar plots, and exaggerated packaging, which was the type of TV drama he had always hated. But to cover it up, he gave a dry laugh. Ah, it's all right. Wen's mother did not notice his strangeness at all. She smiled and said, "You young children all like to watch these. Mengmeng also likes to watch this. As soon as she finishes her homework, she starts to watch it." Su Huai: ".." It turns out that there is a reason for her low IQ. It's strange to watch some rubbish dramas all day long if you are not a fool. Wen's mother set up the bowls and chopsticks and called him, "The dishes are all cooked. Come and eat." Su Huai nodded politely: "OK, thank you, aunt." "Oh, you child, why are you polite to your aunt?" Mother Wen said gently. Su Huai sat in front of the table, looking at the delicious dishes on the table, then looked at the closed door and said, "Ning Meng.." Wen's mother knew what he was going to say, so she shook her head slightly to show that she didn't have to worry: "I'll take the rice porridge to her later, and you can eat yours." Su Huai did not speak again, holding chopsticks to pick up a green vegetable, but some do not know the taste of food. Wen's mother opened her mouth again and said, "You have been working hard to take care of our family Mengmeng." That's true. For him, Ning Meng is a trouble. Normally, Su Huai would go back with more excessive words than this, but at this time, he just said softly: "No trouble." Wen mother has been watching two people grow up, the heart more or less also know that their daughter likes Su Huai, but also know that Su Huai has been lukewarm. In her eyes, both of them are good children, and she wants them to be happy. It's just a pity that Su Huai can't help it if she doesn't like her daughter. Feelings can never be forced. She pushed the plate a little in the direction of Su Huai: "Mengmeng is a child I know. She is too direct and not the kind of person who is very smart. She may bring you trouble in many cases.." Su Huai listened quietly and answered her gently: "Ning Meng is just naive, she is not stupid, on the contrary, endless swimming pool ,whirlpool hot tub, she is very smart, her grades in school have improved very quickly, and she also." It didn't cause me any trouble. Su Huai did not know why he would say such a thing, nor did he know out of what mood. All he knew was that he meant it. Wen's mother blushed slightly: "Oh.." She didn't expect Su Huai to say that, as if it was different from what she had imagined? Su Huai did not eat much to put down the bowl chopsticks, picked up the bowl of porridge: "Auntie, I go to her, you continue to eat." Wen's mother and Su Huai's mother are completely different in personality. Only at this point, like Su Huai's mother, is the eldest child and the girl's heart is bursting. For the feelings between Ning Meng and Su Huai, it is simply the same as the existence of God. The two fathers are very helpless about this. Wen's mother nodded happily: "Ah.." "Please." As a result, after waiting for someone to go in, he turned around and took out his cell phone and dialed Suhuai's mother. Su Huai took the bowl and tapped on the door twice, then pressed the door handle and pushed the door in. White porridge is just cooked, just buckle the edge of the bowl can feel the heat. Su Huai went in and put it on the side table, which was the first time he had entered Ning Meng's room. Unlike what he had imagined, it was not pink, but pure white walls and clean floors, and everything was neatly placed where it had just been. The only thing in the room that "defiled" the white walls was probably a dozen photos. He is in every picture, but unfortunately, he is in every picture with a straight face, looking very fierce. For the first time, Su Huai felt a little unphotogenic. Looking back at the man on the bed rolled up in a lump, he stretched out his hand into the air and paused, but then took it back. Then he called softly, "Ning Meng, eat." The lump on the bed was obviously not awake. He turned his back to the wall and wrapped the quilt more tightly, murmuring, "Mom, I'm not hungry.." The girl's voice was soft, with a little lingering coda, which sounded both clever and weak. Su Huai stood beside the bed, silent for a long time or said: "I am Su Huai." The name has always been like a sobering agent for Ning Meng, even at this time, she turned around and sat up, so fast that Su Huai was frightened. He looked at Ning Meng wearing a pink velvet pajamas, the quilt was lifted by her, frowned and pushed her down, covered the quilt. As a result, the girl grabbed his hand together and said to him, "Su Huai, I want to hug him." Her eyes were misty, her eyes were slightly wet, her face was red, and her words were soft, but there was a kind of loveliness that people could not resist. Su Huai's ears were a little hot, and he had no idea that the other party would do it. Looking at Ning Meng's appearance, Su Huai knew that her fever had not yet subsided. He wanted to pull out his hand,endless swimming pool, but he was held more tightly by the other side. He had to keep this posture, the tone put a little soft: "Ning Meng, you loosen..." 。 monalisa.com