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hen the outer city of the ten Acropolis was newly built, Chu Tianming also took out two mechanical base cities, and then sent people to place the twenty mechanical base cities in a circle outside the ten

With Chu Tianming and Fang Wen's cultivation now, it's no big deal to stay in outer space for a period of time. However, in addition to the darkness of the stars in the universe, there's nothing to see. In one day, they feel bored. The earth is more colorful. It's a pity that the earth is so small! Chu Tianming said with a smile. They were standing on the highest peak of the Himalayas. On Mount Qomolangma, facing the wind and snow, they sat in each other's arms. Why, do you want the earth to be very big? Fang Wen said with a smile. Chu Tianming nodded, "yes!"! The earth is my home, it has become bigger, nature is the best, now the earth is too small, just a blink of an eye around it to fly a circle, it does not feel. Fang Wen also nodded her head deeply. Exactly. Now the earth is too small, so small that it can hardly accommodate all the living beings on it. Apparently Mother Earth is aware of this situation, and in recent months, the changes on Earth have become more dramatic. First of all, its size has been expanded by more than half. Secondly, there are some components of the earth, such as rock and soil. Have become more than ten times harder than before. The final change was the orbit of the earth,outdoor spa manufacturers, which had not been noticed when it was on the earth, but when it came to the moon, Chu Tianming found that it was wrong. The earth's orbit actually began to shift, more and more outward. But it's not scientific! How does the earth deviate from its orbit under the gravity of the sun? Although Chu Tianming thought that even the immortals had appeared, could the world still be explained by science? Is it in line with science that the earth can grow independently? Obviously, today's science can not explain these strange changes, not science can not explain, but the level of science on the earth is not enough. On this point,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, Chu Tianming asked Youlan, and she also told herself that the level of science and technology on the earth can only be regarded as a newborn baby in the universe. Compared with those big countries of science and technology, the technology on the earth is not as extensive as that of a three-year-old child on their planet. This answer once made Chu Tianming very ashamed. But when I think of those big countries which have not developed for tens of billions of years, compared with them, how many years has the technology on the earth developed? The time gap has made the technological intelligence on the earth a laughing stock, but Chu Tianming believes that the present earth is enough to shock those technological powers. What is called multi-faceted development? Look at the earth! This is a living example! "Tianming, you said that the tree of life once told you that the earth would become the center of the universe. Why do I think that's so unreliable?" Fang Wen said doubtfully. I don't know. Chu Tianming looked into the distance, "I didn't know about the planets outside the earth before, and I thought that the earth after the end of the world was enough to develop into the center of the universe, but when I knew how far the planets outside the earth had developed, I wasn't sure if the tree of life would come true." Chu Tianming has seen the strong people on those planets with his own eyes, although for him now, those guys can be easily crushed to death with only one finger, but who can guarantee that those people are the strong people on their planet? And in addition to those planets, outdoor whirlpool tub ,endless swim spa, there are countless other human planets, Chu Tianming is only the ruler of the earth's human beings, human beings on other planets, regardless of him! Even if he wants to take care of it, people won't care about him! The civilization on those planets, which one is not developed for tens of millions of years, although the earth because of this catastrophe, suddenly occurred, suddenly from a godless civilization, into a divine civilization, originally based on science and technology, but now, it is dominated by a variety of cultivation systems, assisted by scientific and technological knowledge, and is still in the hands of Chu Tianming alone. Tianming, have you ever thought that there may be other civilizations coming to the earth in the future, and what should we do then? Fang Wen looked at Chu Tianming with a little worry and said. "Don't worry, I have everything!" Chu Tianming smiled gently at Fang Wen's beautiful hair, for the day in her mouth, Chu Tianming believed that it would not be too long! Rong Shu once said that when the passage of time and space is opened, the strong people from other civilizations will come to the earth one after another, and then the space coordinates of the earth will inevitably be exposed to these people. At that time, it is impossible for the earth to want peace! "This is an opportunity and a test!" Chu Tianming muttered to himself. After three months of travel, Chu Tianming took Fang Wen back to Mingyang Base City again. At this time, ten Acropolis has built a wide range of outer city, the outer city wall is very high, the whole body is made of high-strength metal, this metal does not belong to the product of the earth, is a new type of metal that Youlan uses superb technology to fuse. This metal can withstand powerful destructive attacks, can resist some negative energy attacks, at the same time, it depicts some magic arrays, and has the ability to fight back independently. Chu Tianming just returned to Mingyang base city, the first time to inspect again, for these walls, Chu Tianming is very satisfied. When the outer city of the ten Acropolis was newly built, Chu Tianming also took out two mechanical base cities, and then sent people to place the twenty mechanical base cities in a circle outside the ten Acropolis according to the plan. Chu did not name them, he said in the video announcement. These twenty base cities will be named after twenty human beings who have made great contributions to the human race, and today, I will name the first base city, which will be the first base city named after human beings, and its namer is.. Blue! Blue City was established, which is also the first city named after a person in human history. Perhaps some people will say that Youlan is only intelligent life, she is not human,hot tub spa manufacturers, why should she be named after her? But Chu Tianming will tell him that all the contributions of human beings together are not as great as those of Youlan, and if she does not have this qualification, who has this qualification. monalisa.com