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What a group of dandy are good at is to go to nightclubs and take the little girl to open a room to study all kinds of skills in Wushan. Not to mention being completely hollowed out by wine and women, the body is almost the same.

What a group of dandy are good at is to go to nightclubs and take the little girl to open a room to study all kinds of skills in Wushan. Not to mention being completely hollowed out by wine and women, the body is almost the same. This also leads to their fighting professionalism is not strong, so the fighting capacity is not very strong, the only advantage of a few people is that there are many people. Lin Yu felt that the world had quieted down in the face of a group of aggressive playboys, which was only caused by his subconscious decision to devote himself completely. The fastest one was the Mohican youth who had been hit in the head by Munich Mengshi beer in the Phoenix Bar. He was also the first to react that the other side was not a good person. Because after taking advantage of the momentum to throw a punch, before the fist touched the opponent's body, a sharp pain came up from the bone of the left leg. The next moment he fell to his knees and cried, wondering if his leg bone had been kicked off. After years of practice, Lin Yu's legs were heavy, and he kicked the other side's head-on bone without any mercy. Anyone who has watched football knows that the vast majority of professional players will use shin pads during the game, because the face bone is very fragile, and the pain of the other side can be imagined at this moment. With a lesson from the past, Zhang Yang and others behind him slowed down a little and rushed to Lin Yu together after they gathered together. Knowing that the other side has learned professional Taekwondo, they only hope to rely on the advantage of many people and great strength to kill the old master. But Lin Yu is not a player who likes to play cards according to the routine. When a group of people rushed over, he did not retreat a little bit, but pushed his foot to the ground and rushed up. He clearly knows that his advantage lies in speed, accuracy and ruthlessness. If he wants not to suffer losses,jacuzzi suppliers, he must give full play to this advantage and break the advantage occupied by the opponent's group attack. So in the next moment, all the people on the huge rostrum could not help but exclaim. Because after the run-up, Lin Yu kicked his feet hard and flew to the ground. A gorgeous ring kicked up and directly knocked down three of them. His last kick was directly on Zhang Yang's head. Zhang Yang, who always felt his position was noble, felt a tingling in his head at this moment, and then a strong sense of pain followed. After he fell to the ground,hot tub manufacturers, he thought he would end up with a concussion even if he didn't die. The heart is very regretful to rush up. In fact, not only he, but also other people were almost the same. Originally, they thought that Lin Yu was more able to fight than ordinary high school students, but they didn't expect him to be so ruthless. Most of these guys have experienced the nightmare of the Phoenix Bar, and now they have been put down several times as soon as they come up. Their hearts are in a mess all of a sudden, and their hearts rise with a lament of sheep into the tiger's mouth. Soon, to be specific, the eight people who rushed up in less than a minute plus Jia Qing, who was already on the stage, were all knocked down, while Lin Yuhan, 5 person hot tub ,Chinese spa manufacturer, the party concerned, did not come out. On weekdays, a group of dandy princes who ran amuck in the whole city of Bincheng were so simply abused that many young people in the audience felt that anything could happen in this world. It's just that they want to know how Lin Yu will end up after he continues to abuse nine men with prominent family backgrounds. This matter is absolutely not small. It is likely to affect Lin Tiancheng's future official career. After all, although Lin Tiancheng seems to have a bright future, compared with Jia Quan, Zhang Kailai and others, it is simply too unequal. Trying to fight is like hitting a stone with an egg. The odds are almost zero. Jiang Lele, who said earlier that Lin Yu's desk sign was secretly changed from Yang Zhilin's side to his side, felt very excited when Lin Yu continued to beat a few dandy. But when she calmed down, she couldn't help worrying about each other. Who was that he called? That's the son of the head of Bincheng. There are also many distinguished officials. Isn't this stirring up a hornet's nest! Jiang Lele, who was thinking about clenching his fists tightly, was suddenly stunned and thought to himself, "I'm not going to tease him. Why am I worried about his comfort?" After this thought, Jiang Lele's face was once again filled with the same smile as before. But if you look carefully, you will find that there is a touch of unnaturalness in the smile. As for Lin Yu's father Lin Tiancheng and mother Wang Chunhua, they pulled their hearts directly into their throats and couldn't think of a way to collect them for a while. The parents who had been beaten looked angrily at Jia Quan, who had just had another drink. His name of protecting the calf was the name of the whole Bincheng. Everyone was waiting for him to give an answer. Although Jia Quan did not look back, as an official for many years, he could naturally judge what had happened behind him from the reactions of others. Originally, he was a man of high self-restraint, but his son was his inverse scale. So after finishing the glass of wine, he stood up holding the table, and when he looked back and saw his son fall to the ground in a mess, his anger came directly to his heart. Squeeze a sentence from between the teeth: "Not like!"! Chapter 121 domineering. It must be said that Jia Quan has been an official for many years and has already developed a temperament of self-respect without anger. After his face suddenly turned pale with anger, the whole audience was silent and no one dared to make any comments. The waiters and waitresses who came to serve the food with the menu were so frightened that they stopped their work and stood there quietly watching the development of the situation. I dare not take a step forward or back. Seemingly satisfied with the performance of the people present, Jia Quan covered his mouth and coughed after the audience was completely quiet, and then looked at Lin Yu standing quietly on the rostrum. Because he didn't wear glasses, he couldn't see the look of each other's eyes, but on the whole, Lin Yu gave him a very strong feeling. A fearless look seems to be very calm and too confident. This feeling made him uncomfortable, and the fire in his heart was not suppressed. I couldn't help saying, "Young man, do you know who you hit?" Jia Quan's words sounded plain, but people in the vicinity could hear that the tone was mixed with a clearly discernible coldness. As soon as the leader got angry, some officials who were not up to grade were so frightened that they dared not breathe. They were afraid that a careless man would lose his temper and affect his future career as an official. Lin Tiancheng did not dare to interrupt. He felt that although he was Lin Yu's father, he was not qualified to be directly opposite to Jia Quan? But when Lin Yu heard Jia Quan's words, he just smiled faintly and said, "I hit all the people who want to hit me." At this moment,jacuzzi manufacturers, Lin Yu has a kind of nature that is not happy with things and not sad with himself. An understatement of the answer, if there is no indifference, let its body show a free and easy to watch the flowers bloom and fall in front of the courtyard. monalisa.com