The heroine's modern rebirth -- I was reborn back to my childhood

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Be good! Be good! But I don't feel like a child. You see, the children in other families are very noisy. One is more naughty than the other.

Someone was exposed by his cousin in public, and he couldn't hang his face. The voice became louder imperceptibly: "You, how do you talk to this child?"! What's wrong with me? You are such a stupid child! At least I am your sister! Why don't you worry about me being bullied and worry about others? After listening to someone's angry words from embarrassment, my mother could not bear it completely, only to hear her: "Ouch!"! I can not, my belly super brother, ha ha, I can not, I laughed to death! Your son! It's funny and comfortable! Ha-ha. Ouch. Ouch! Laughing and shouting, now someone's face is even more hanging. Hum! I don't have the same experience as you! Then he ran back to his room. Bang! He closed the door and opened it a few seconds later and shouted to the living room, "I will live with the fairy on the mountain tomorrow. I will be a Taoist priest and never come back!" Then he closed the door! She was answered by another burst of laughter, which made someone very angry. The indignant one meditated, "I'll go up the mountain to be a Taoist priest and become a monk. Humph!"! A bunch of bad guys, although my excuse is a little reluctant! But this group of people should not be so shameless! How old am I? Is it easy for me to laugh like this! He rushed into the bathroom and turned on the tap, took a shower and went to bed without paying attention to the group of people. After taking a bath, some quiet lie on the bed to sleep,jacuzzi swim spa, the mother knocks on the door and comes in. As a result, some angry quiet lie down and pretend to sleep, but ignore the mother. Jing's mother touched Xiaojing's head, and Xiaojing felt that her mother was smiling at her. It seemed that my mother knew she was upset, and felt that my mother kissed her on the cheek and went out. After her mother went out, Xiaojing turned over and sat up,endless pool factory, glanced at a pile of money at the head of the bed and reached out to pick it up. Knowing that my mother heard that she was going to the mountain to play with fairies, she was afraid that she had no money, so she left it specially. Xiaojing took the money in her hand and stared blankly at the door where her mother went out. She didn't know why she was so upset, but neither mom nor dad was angry. On the contrary, they seem to be very happy. Today they are very busy with their work, but they still bother them. If other children are noisy while their parents are working, shouldn't parents be very angry? In my previous life, I used to make trouble because my parents were busy with their work. I just hope they can spend more time with me. If I made such a noise in my previous life, I would have been punished long ago. Xiaojing thought for a long time and didn't understand, so she fell down and went back to sleep. It's night. In the room, Xiaojing's mother is lying on her father's chest. And now he was whispering to Xiao Jing's mother with his hands. Brother Chao. Our daughter is still an ordinary child! She usually looks like a little adult. He is always smiling and not noisy. Be good! Be good! But I don't feel like a child. You see, the children in other families are very noisy. One is more naughty than the other. And our family never had to worry. Dad sighed, outdoor endless pool ,best whirlpool tub, "Yes!"! Sometimes I wonder. I really hope that our Xiaojing can also be angry. Or mischievous or something from time to time. Don't act like an adult all the time. Children should be like children. But look at the whole little adult in our family. "Thinking all day long is different from other children.". He was gifted from an early age and learned everything quickly. Sometimes I really regret it. If she hadn't been given a tutor, would she be like an ordinary child? But then I thought my daughter was so smart. Every time I mention it to people outside, I always feel special face. Although our daughter is so good. I still want her to be like other kids. It's often awkward. Or change schools or places like today. Jing's mother laughed and scolded and said, "When people are parents, they are eager for their children to be clever.". I wish my children weren't naughty. But look at the two of us. They are still here wishing their children were mischievous. What two parents who like to abuse themselves! After saying that, he pillowed his father's arm and said, "OK, OK.". I really don't know how lucky I am. Go to sleep! You have a meeting tomorrow. ! Xiaojing will go to find the fairy tomorrow. When the time comes, let the driver Xiao Liu take her and stay there with her. The next day, Xiaojing got up from bed, changed her clothes and prepared to go out for morning exercises. Walking downstairs, I saw Xiao Liu and four other veterans with the names of drivers. Because of their years of military career, they still maintained a good military style. Early in the morning, I got up and prepared to go out for morning exercises. When I saw Xiaojing coming downstairs, I greeted Xiaojing with a smile. Xiao Jing called sweetly, "Uncle Liu is early, Uncle Deng is early, Uncle Wang is early, and Uncle Liu and Uncle Qiu are early.". Are you going out to do morning exercises? I'm going out to do morning exercises, too. As he spoke, he changed his shoes and went out first. In the yard, several people exercised their muscles and bones before they began to go out for a run. Several people began to run one by one as if they had lined up in the army, and Xiaojing ran slowly behind them. After running for almost half an hour, several people thought that Xiaojing would fall behind after a while at most. What I didn't expect was that no matter how long they ran, they improved their speed several times in the middle. But Xiaojing was always ten paces away from them, following them slowly. Looking at Xiaojing, whose face had not changed, several veterans had already looked at Xiaojing with new eyes. Until the end of the run, Xiaojing was still so breathless. On the way home, several people pulled Xiaojing to walk together, only to see Xiaojing running for so long without breathing. And it looked very relaxed and did not feel hard at all. Several people admired the little girl who loved to laugh very much. Volume 1 Infant Chapter 14 Before Traveling After swallowing the last bite of dinner, Xiaojing said to her parents, "Mom and Dad, I'm going to see the fairy tomorrow. I want to play there for a few days and then come back." The whole family looked at Xiaojing in surprise, and her mother asked, "Why did you suddenly go to find a fairy?"? Are you angry with mom and dad because of what happened this afternoon? Xiaojing shook her head and said, "No,hot tub wholesale, it's the fairy calling for help!"! She said that she had no snacks to eat alone in the mountains, and she met a boy who bullied her every day. Call me to complain! So even if there is nothing in the afternoon, I will go. And do I look like such a disobedient child? 。