The Dark Side of the Moon in Kunlun Legend

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It's not just you," said Chonghua coldly. Ying has been in contact with the Dragon Ball, and is also the target of Zhu Rong's revenge. In order to prevent Zhu Rong from coming, the second original God I practiced to destroy the Qingniao Clan and unify the Kunlun Sacred Mo

Cang Wu's clothes were soaked with blood. He shook his head. "I can't walk any more. Run away.." There was a look of determination on her pale face: "If you live differently, you will die together.". The world without you means nothing to me. She stopped talking and forced Cang Wu's seriously injured body to move to Taniguchi step by step. Her body was very delicate, and it was difficult for her to help Cang Wu climb up the mountain path. It only took a moment to sweat profusely. The rocks ahead were so steep that she fell down from them several times, and her hands and feet were bloodied by the rubble. Cang Wu shook his head and wiped the sweat from her forehead. "Put me down. No one can go." "No!" She snapped, as if startled by her own voice. "I must take you here," she said for a moment. He gritted his teeth and climbed up the rocks with all his strength. With a light bang, a golden screen of light spread silently in front of her, and as soon as she touched Cangwu's body, she was thrown far away and fell back to the bottom of the valley from the air. Her whole body was like a broken pain, and blood overflowed from the corners of her mouth, wetting her beautiful face. Her hand was still clasped tightly with Cang Wu. A raging fire rose into the sky, and a flickering golden light slowly came out of the fire and gradually gathered into a human form. A familiar voice broke through the hunting wind and sounded in her ear: "I won't let you go." Ying Kui looked up in astonishment. "Chong Hua?" As the splendor gradually dissipated, a figure with huge wings stood tall in front of him. His hair had been scattered, and his long golden hair rose and fell behind him like a sea wave. A deep scar was cut on his left cheek by thunder and lightning, and blood gurgled out. Half of his face was stained, but his whole body was still shining like the sun,Whirlpool bathtub, and he could not be looked at. Who else was it? Chong Hua looked at her coldly: "When I first saw you, I promised to give you eternal youth and beauty, no matter what you do to me, I will do it." "Isn't that what you want?" She stared at his blood-bathed face. She did not know where the courage came from. She hissed, "Yes, I have envied the ageless life of the demigods, but I don't want to be eighteen forever.". I'd rather be with him,China spa factory, growing up, growing old, twenty, thirty, forty! I don't want to look at this eighteen-year-old face in the mirror every day in the valley where the moon is always dancing! With a slight sneer, Chong Hua looked at the sky and said, "I know that human beings are fickle animals.". But I also know how to change you back. His eyes were even colder, but he cast them on Cangwu. "I haven't changed," she said, shaking her head. I never loved you. It's you who think you're right. "Shut up!" "Human beings have never understood what love is," said Chong Hua. Waving sleeves, endless pool swim spa ,whirlpool hot tub, the cold light pierced the sky, and the six-dragon sun-shooting sword was already aimed at Cangwu's heart. Cang Wu coughed up blood and said with a forced smile, "What if you kill me?"? She chose me. You've already lost! Chong Hua looked back and looked coldly at Ying. "Really?" Ying Nian pounced on him and blocked the tip of the sword with her chest. "Yes, always," she hissed. Tears trickled down her pale cheeks. "I would rather choose a man who can live with me than a God who is high above me!" Chong Hua looked at her, eyes white as snow, but can no longer see a trace of temperature. For a long time, he shook his head slowly and said, "Well, you made the wrong choice." Suddenly, with a wave of her hand, she seemed to be pulled up by an invisible rope and threw herself into his arms. Chong Hua held her tightly, and for the first time in all these years, he held her in his arms. There was a sarcastic smile on his lips. Tick tock-blood is like a leak in the quiet night, dripping in the night sky. The cold light of a white moon came out quietly from behind her. Only then did Cang Wu understand something. "No!" He hissed. Chong Hua got up and held Ying's body in his arms. The blood flew in the sky, and the six dragons shot the sun sword, which had completely penetrated her heart. "No!" Cang Wu roared. To Chong Hua, Chong Hua one hand a lead, the cold sword light is already on his neck. Cang Wu's eyes were red, and he was not afraid at all. He used his flesh and blood to bump into the blade of the sword. The breath of the heavy sword came out, and his whole body was restrained, and he could not move any more. Chong Hua looked at him coldly and said, "The prince of the Jinwu clan is fighting like a reckless man who doesn't know magic at all.". Your blood is not worthy to be sprinkled on the sun-shooting sword! Cang Wu didn't listen to what he was saying. He just hissed over and over again, "Did you kill her?"? You killed her? Chong Hua looked down at the bloodless face in her bosom, with a cold tenderness in her eyes: "She will live forever in the shadow of the moon according to my wishes." "You're crazy," said Cang Wu! You've gone completely mad! Chong Hua looked up, and his face was as cold as frost. "You are the one who is crazy.". The fire dragon is the body of the celestial dragon. It is a great sin to slay the dragon. The twelve dragons will also avenge their own body. If Zhu Rong really appeared just now, the first one to kill is you. "So what if you kill me?" Cang Wu laughed. "It's not just you," said Chonghua coldly. Ying has been in contact with the Dragon Ball, and is also the target of Zhu Rong's revenge. In order to prevent Zhu Rong from coming, the second original God I practiced to destroy the Qingniao Clan and unify the Kunlun Sacred Mountain has been completely scattered. It will take at least five hundred years for the Sun-Shooting Sword to restore its spiritual power. As a Jinwu people, don't you feel ashamed? Cang Wu burst out laughing: "What a great sacrifice!"! In order to save us, let your dream of dominating the world come to naught. It's really a shame! Chong Hua said lightly, "I just don't want you to die in such a humble way." "Then what are you waiting for?" Cang Wu said angrily? Pierce my heart with your noble sword and let her blood flow with me. There was a sudden pause in his voice, and a light sound of flesh and blood tearing came from nowhere. He could not help but bow his head, only to find that the sun-shooting sword had already sunk into his chest, and the blood, under his gaze,indoor endless pool, slowly flowed out and flowed down the hilt into Chonghua's hands. Without saying a word, Chong Hua suddenly drew his sword, and his blood blossomed between them like a red flower.