There is room for a reborn legitimate daughter

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Su Huaining gave her a position as a steward in the back garden, and she was in charge of all the people who worked in the back garden. Mother Lu and Mrs. Qian were both left to her by her grandfather.

Song should be a yes, busy stand out, to introduce themselves, of course, the most important thing is to tell you that she is Su Huaining Niang's side, on this point, no one here can compare with her. Next to her was Mrs. Li. Mrs. Li spoke rudely and frankly. She said bluntly, "My wife is a rough person. She used to follow the princess. She was a rough woman. Fortunately, the princess appreciated her and let the old woman manage the yard for two years. But the old woman knew that I could not read a single word and could not do the job of a woman in charge. Later, I just want to be able to follow the princess and be an honest and dutiful woman. Finished, Mrs. Li also looked at Su Huaining, that meaning, obviously is to let Su Huaining agree to her request. Su Huaining laughed and said, "I will answer you, but my yard is big and the work is heavy. You can't do it alone. I have to buy you a companion." "The old slave thanks the princess." Seeing that Su Huaining agreed, Mrs. Li knelt down excitedly to thank her. Then the Xing Niang family, the Wu family, one by one, took the initiative to stand up and introduce themselves, and when everyone had finished, half an hour passed quietly. Then, Su Huaining appointed Song as the chief steward of the inner courtyard. Song was the one left behind by her mother and was loyal to her. She was relieved that the affairs of the inner courtyard were taken care of by Song. And the front yard chief housekeeper, nature is appointed by Li housekeeper, these years, Ning house inside and outside all things, are Li housekeeper in charge, including to Qin Jiaming family and other families to send food checkout and other things,outdoor whirlpool, he is also a person to come forward. Su Huaining trusted his housekeeper's ability and loyalty very much. Xing Dashan followed Su Muxiu this year, also learned a lot of things, Su Huaining appointed him as the second steward of the front yard, in charge of several shops in her hands, after that, Xing Dashan had to continue to deal with Su Muxiu, because those shops were opened by Su Huaining and Su Mixiu together. In the past, Xing Dashan was with the title of a long-term worker, working with Su Muxiu. Later,jacuzzi bath spa, Xing Dashan was Su Huaining's steward, and his identity was different from before. Wu Tiezhu these years, also in charge of Ning Fu's affairs, but Ning Fu's affairs are simple, and there is no master, he is only in charge of a few servants. Su Huaining thought about it and appointed Wu Tiezhu as the third steward, in charge of the servants in the front yard, while Li was the chief steward, in charge of several stewards in the front yard, and receiving guests and other things, which belonged to him. In addition, the front yard also lacks a bookkeeper, and a person in charge of the warehouse, Su Huaining thought about it, no one around her is suitable to be a bookkeeper, decided to let the money steward to help her think about two tomorrow. She can rest assured that the money is given to the person in charge. The place in the kitchen will be given to Wutong. In the future, you will be the steward of the kitchen. If something happens in the kitchen, I will look for you. You have to take care of it for me. Su Huaining looked at the Chinese parasol tree. Kitchen steward, this is a fat job, endless swim pool ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, who will be happy to get, but the Chinese parasol tree is a face of confusion, pointing to his nose, "Princess, you said the person, is me?" "There's a second man here, Wutong?" Su Huaining looked at her with a half-smile. Wutong smiled, "I'm the only one, just, I." I don't know if I can manage it well. I've never managed it before. "If you can't learn, let Song teach you." Wutong can read, and her temper is simple and honest. She won't fool people on the books, and she won't make an issue in the kitchen. With Wutong in charge of the kitchen, Su Huaining is very relieved, but Wutong's temper is a little simple. Another day in private, she has to let Song teach Wutong more. Chapter 2040 Dai used to be in charge of the warehouse in Duan's house. Today Su Huaining also asked her to manage the warehouse in the inner courtyard. It was easy to manage the warehouse. Dai was too old to do anything else. He could manage the key to the warehouse. She looked at the moon again, "I will give you Mo Wanyuan in the future." Ren Mingyue is the steward of Mo Wanyuan. The bright moon is stupefied, then hurriedly salutes to answer, "is, princess, the maidservant will certainly do well.". ” "Zhang Bin, you are an old guard, in the Su family, you are the guard captain, later in the county palace, you also when the guard captain, but today you a guard, tomorrow I will transfer.." Su Huaining said this and looked at Li's housekeeper. "How many guards are there in Ning's house?" "Report back to the princess, there are thirty-five more." "So few, let's transfer twenty first." Ning Zhai still has fruits and vegetables that need to be guarded by people, and he has to use people to deliver vegetables every morning, so Ning Zhai has to leave a group of people behind. Li butler, you go to Chuang Tzu tomorrow to see if there is a suitable person, first transfer a group of people to come over, this huge county palace, how can we do without guards? Su Huaining saw that the manpower was far from enough, so he was a little sad. Duan Xuting has trained some people, but that is the resources of the Duan family, she is also embarrassed to occupy, can not go to occupy, Junwangfu and Duan family are two mansions, two mansions with people, or some of the better points. Li butler answered yes, and Su Huaining looked at Mrs. Wu, Mrs. Qian, Mother Lu, and others. Mrs. Wu was the daughter-in-law of the Wu steward, and she was also in charge of the affairs in the inner courtyard of the Ning Mansion. Su Huaining gave her a position as a steward in the back garden, and she was in charge of all the people who worked in the back garden. Mother Lu and Mrs. Qian were both left to her by her grandfather. Su Huaining appointed Mother Lu as the steward of the Laundry Bureau and Mrs. Qian as the steward of the Embroidery Pavilion. It's just that there's no one in the Laundry Bureau and the Embroidery Pavilion for the time being, so we have to buy them tomorrow. As for the others, Xing Daya and Xing Erya stayed in the lobby as tea maids. Xing Bo was too old to do any work, so he was responsible for looking at the back door. Wu Ta-lang and Wu Er-lang know how to plant flowers and raise trees, so they are responsible for the flowers and trees in the front yard and guarding the front door. Xiaohe and Mingda knew some bricklaying and carpentry work, while they stayed in the front yard to do long-term work and do some groceries. Everyone has arranged to go down, Lei eight boys, Su Huaining did not arrange, after today, they will restore the identity of the dark guard. Ning Huan seven servant girls,garden jacuzzi tub, is Su Huaining's personal servant girl, later will stay in Mo Wanyuan as a servant, specially serves Su Huaining.