Zhong Tian Wen said she wanted to proclaim herself emperor.

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Since Elder Martial Brotherther Fengyue says it's not cold, it's not cold. In fact, how can it not be cold? It's winter, and there's so much snow.

I don't know who opened his mouth and said so, which aroused a warm response from the crowd. Right, right, right. Let Elder Martial Brother Fengyue go. Elder Martial Brotherther Fengyue is a famous handsome man. I'm sure he can be caught easily. Elder Martial Brother Fengyue has always been good at dealing with women, and he must be good at dealing with men as well. The disciple also recommends Elder Martial Brother Fengyue, and this time it is none other than Elder Martial Brother Fengyue. “……” Under one compliment after another, the face of the man known as Brother Fengyue stiffened. Trees are more beautiful than the forest, and the wind will destroy them. Sure enough, a handsome man like him would be persecuted everywhere. Only "Shifu, Shibo.". It's all right for a disciple to deal with a woman, but he has no experience in dealing with a man. Please think twice. In a group of disciples of the same generation, someone pulled the corners of his mouth. Elder Martial Brotherther Fengyue doesn't need to be embarrassed. If you have such a good appearance, as long as you stand there, you can attract people's attention. After hearing such words, the face of the man who was called Fengyue Elder Martial Brother stiffened even more. This said, did not tell everyone face to face, as long as others stand there, people who like men will like him. But then again, it does make sense. Isn't it natural for a handsome man like him to attract wild bees and butterflies? Thousands of miles away, Yun Qingliu did not know that one of his villages was in a precarious environment, nor did he know that his territory was slowly integrating with the so-called rivers and lakes. At this time, she looked at the white paper that suddenly appeared and looked at it with a straight face. Lan Shang: Sometimes the wardrobe is locked, not necessarily to prevent stealing clothes. It is also disgusting if some of the best and exotic flowers get some dirt or poison on the clothes of people who are not used to it. Yun Qingliu: "… …" Is it so weird? She must take care of everyone. When Xiao Mengxi's things were ready, he also put a lock on the cabinet. The next comment is the black tea rose cutie. She suggested abandoning small notes and using badges made of various materials. Not only that, but you can also upgrade! Yun Qingliu raised his thumb. Sure enough,stainless steel welded pipe, the little cuties are awesome. For example, the questions and suggestions raised by these two cuties have benefited her a lot. Noticed what she didn't. The next comment is from the devil's time and space cutie. She argues that indigenous creativity is not very good, and the ability to explore is not very good. If the three traversers leave here, the consequences are unpredictable. Yun Qingliu: "… …" In fact, she really didn't think about it. It seems that she has to think about it carefully. Scratching his head, Yun Qingliu looked at the data. There are no mines, but there are many little cuties who irrigate nutrient solution. Gai Ya x10, Wan Wu Sheng x20, Long Long He Huan Huan x34, Lan Mo x10, Yi Duo Zi Yan x50, Zi Qing Yan Meng x145, Cha Na X3 As for the collection, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, it has broken 6000 now. 6032, it looks much better. Do the math.. He can live to be thirty-one years old. The author has a word to want to say: Good night!, everybody remembers collect a network address or remember a network address, network address m.. Free and fastest update No anti-theft No anti-theft . Report the wrong stamp . Ask for a book. Find a book. . Talking about books with book friends Yeah, I was forced, too. Some things are not want not to do, for example, now the romantic childe, can only change clothes under the command of the master. You can't wear night clothes. If it really goes through like this, it will not be discovered at the first time. Therefore, today's romantic childe is wearing a set of sackcloth, the kind of sackcloth with thinner fibers. To put it more accurately, it is the specialty of Dahua. Only Dahua can decompose ramie into very fine fibers and recast them into different fabrics. Words far, first talk about the romantic childe. Fengyue Childe is the most handsome man within a hundred miles, this is not just talk, but the real fact. Therefore, in terms of women, it is called a flower Bush, leaves do not touch the body. Because of this, many people hate it. This time, it is inevitable to be pushed out as bait. So many people hated him that it was natural to teach him a lesson. To seduce a man or something, the romantic childe is a little concerned. Not only is he not interested in men, but he doesn't know how to do it. Again, he has a way with women, but he has no way with men. But everyone was pushed up, and he had to bite the bullet. So in this big winter, the romantic childe changed into a set of elegant long gown. Not only that, but he also held a folding fan in his hand and fanned it carelessly. Isn't it cold? Someone asked such a question. Mr. Fengyue's face stiffened. "It's not cold," he said slowly. After hearing such words, no one asked again. Since Elder Martial Brotherther Fengyue says it's not cold, it's not cold. In fact, how can it not be cold? It's winter, and there's so much snow. But the romantic childe knows to know, but will not say. I can't lose the force of my whole body in any case. After taking care of everything, Fengyue Childe rode a horse with a small package and came to the gate of the village slowly. Button button button.. "Who?" "This elder brother, I am a traveler passing by. I wonder if I can stay here for one night." "Borrow?" "Yes." "Go ahead. There's a fire. Go there and ask." "All right, thank you, big brother." Fengyue childe turned around and led the horse to the house with a fire. Numerous flames were blazing, bringing warmth to the whole house. Hello, everyone, who is in charge? I'd like to stay overnight. Is it convenient? Hearing the noise coming from the door, everyone looked up. It was a handsome man,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, but his face was red. Not shy, not angry, but frozen by the weather. An instructor laughed and enthusiastically pulled the man in and pushed him to the fire. Look at you. Are you frozen? Bake yourself by the fire quickly. It will be more comfortable. 。 sxthsteel.com