Ghostlight in the Country (Dark Sky and Dark Country Collection) edited by Turan

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What about the coffin? Who made the coffin? So what now? The fortune-teller's face was also very ugly. He had become dignified since he saw the chain, and now his face was even heavier.

People on the edge of the Yellow River should know this legend. Old Li with a bald tail is a synonym for the Dragon King. Once he comes in sixty years, the Yellow River will flood. Legend has it that in ancient times, in a small rural courtyard, a young daughter-in-law was guarding her old mother who was ill in bed. She especially wanted to drink fish soup. It was raining heavily outside. Where could she buy fish? Besides, even if there is a place to buy, there is no money. Just then, a burst of thunder and lightning, the sky fell a big golden carp, a full five or six catties! Daughter-in-law ecstatically took the fish back to the house, looked at the pitiful appearance of the carp, and could not bear to kill it, so she chopped off the tail of the fish and released it. Strange to say, my mother got better after drinking the fish soup. And this carp is the dragon king who was banished to the world, and it is also said that he was defeated by other dragon fights. Fortunately, the Dragon King was reasonable and did not punish his filial daughter-in-law, but it became a habit, that is, once every 60 years, the Yellow River would flood. Anyang, Henan, also has this saying. Anyang was originally called Hexi, because in the west of the Yellow River,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, boats were used to cross the river. There were many taboos. If someone said something like sinking, the end would be miserable. The lighter one would not be allowed to get on the boat. If he said in the middle of the river, he might be driven off the boat. Another taboo is not to say bald, otherwise the ship will not be safe. The man surnamed Li is very popular, and with him, it must be smooth sailing. As soon as I heard that it had something to do with this, everyone became dignified! No way An old man slowly answered, "The first time is not right,304 Stainless Steel Coil, another one has not heard of using black dogs, and the coffin is used by people!" Everyone has no idea. The day finally dawned. Fortunately, it was a sunny day. The sun hung lazily in the sky. Everyone split up. Some people crowded around the fortune-teller and came to the coffin. Some people went to paste paper-cuts. The fortune-teller took out three sticks of incense and lit them in his own incense burner. With words in his mouth, but by no means in a hurry, Taishang Laojun took out a piece of wood (which seemed to be mulberry, polished) and inserted it into the east side of the coffin. At this time, the fish in the coffin swam more and more frequently. Everyone always felt uneasy. It turned out that the coffin had grown taller by itself. Yes, the coffin body dug out had been wiped clean by the peasants. It was obvious that there were about 20 centimeters more coffins with mud. The fortune-teller pointed to the northwest corner and said, "Dig!"! Dig until you can't dig! At this time, when the river could not be dug, it was inexplicable that the fortune-teller was frightened and confused. At this time, the messenger who posted the black dog ran over: "Sir, the water in the jar is still full (20 centimeters), and the wet marks outside the jar are still four fingers away from the top!" "I know." The fortune-teller agreed lightly and kept staring at the small fish in the coffin. Small fish is small fish, very common grass carp. The body had risen to the height of a man's waist, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,brushed stainless steel sheet, and it was still blurred. One thing you can see clearly is that the little white snake is also inside, and it is moving, always avoiding the small fish that keep rushing over. Fish dare to bully snakes? No wonder mister keeps watching. A wick of incense had been burned out, and suddenly, with a "click", two wooden shovels for digging mud were broken at the same time, and two half wooden shovels were inserted in the mud. The sudden sound frightened people, and this was the time when they could not dig. Both shovels were stuck in the mud, as if something hard had broken them. The fortune-teller dug out with his hands, gradually revealing an iron pier, as big as an ordinary round stool, with some patterns carved on it. The fortune-teller groped around and slowly pulled out a rusty chain. Everyone gathered around excitedly. Is this also connected with the coffin? Several young men came forward to help pull, and as soon as they pulled hard, the coffin shook. Stop The fortune-teller shouted angrily, "Didn't you say you were not allowed to come here?" The young messenger let go of his hand and ran to the river bank. Yes, there is stubble on the chain, maybe because of the long time, one of the buckles has been cracked in half. Do you want to continue to pull? You can pull without breaking the force. Everyone is waiting for the instructions of the fortune-teller. The fortune-teller looked at the stubble carefully and thought about it. At this time, the sky slowly overcast. The folkloric gentleman has been looking at the pattern on the iron pier, suddenly he said: "This should be in the well!" " Yes, this is the ancient well used to hold the spring, how can run here, the old people also look like, so more can not tell. Who would put a coffin in a well if it was chained to a coffin? Even if you want to put it, how can there be such a big well? The fortune-teller said thoughtfully, "You really have gold, you are a master!" In that place, there are few masters of Feng Shui, but I don't know why there was a period of time when this area developed very rapidly, of course, before liberation. There is a particularly famous Dawang Village, where more than 90 earth buildings have been built in succession. Everyone says that the geomantic omen of the ancestral graves of the Wangs is good. One night, a southerner came, and it was said that a golden toad was chiseled out of the base of the stone tablet. That night, the whole village heard the sound of copper coins rolling away on the ground, and the old man said that the dragon had gone. From then on, the hundredth building in Dawang Village was never built again, and it collapsed every time it was built, so we had to give up. So everyone was extremely nervous when they heard that there was a Feng Shui master involved. The fortune-teller said, "It doesn't matter. This is done by the local gentleman in order to keep the dragon vein. I didn't expect it to come out." What about the coffin? Who made the coffin? So what now? The fortune-teller's face was also very ugly. He had become dignified since he saw the chain, and now his face was even heavier. Suddenly, the fortune-teller hit the coffin desperately with his head. He was bleeding all over his face after a few times. The sound spread far and wide. The old man said that when he got home, people in the village asked if he had set off firecrackers (because at that time there were geological explorers who often drilled holes and detonated with detonators), while the people around him heard a very light sound, but it was very clear. Everyone was petrified, and no one thought of holding the gentleman. Possessed? No, but anyone who is possessed will announce himself. Only in the New Year when God is invited, it is possible to appear possession, such as suddenly someone shouted "I am the seven fairies",Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, saw a gentleman in a gesture, gave him an embroidery needle and thread, unexpectedly can embroider a very high level of flowers.