Jinjiang VIP "Heard you want to hit me" author: Xi Zixu (2015.09.25 rebirth)

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Asked Wang Mian. yuan Feihuai said he could do whatever he wanted. "That's settled," said Wang Mian. yuan Feihuai asked Wang Mian who his business partner was today. In fact, Wang Mian acted as a go-between for yuan

Chen Mou oh, although he and the original flying locust said this, but some eyes involuntarily glanced into the room, very ordinary room, and he just moved into this room almost exactly the same, in addition to a change of a set of curtains, there is no change. "Want to come in and have a look?" Asked yuan Feihuai. Chen Mou muttered, "What's there to see.." Nevertheless, he followed yuan Feihuai into the study. There was a smell of new books in the room. Chen Mou sat on a single sofa beside the table, while yuan Feihuai returned to the table and tapped the keyboard. Not quite the same as he thought, Chen Mou was a little distracted, he thought there was some secret about the original flying locust in this room, but the result was so ordinary, inexplicably let him feel a little disappointed. The original flying locust did not care about what Chen Mou thought, he now has more important things to do, and when he finished his own things to come to his senses, only to find that Chen Mou has fallen asleep on that small sofa. The sofa was so small that Chen Mou couldn't even put his feet on it, so he propped up his feet, tilted his head, and fell asleep in a very uncomfortable position. yuan Feihuai turned off the computer, then got up and walked to Chen Mou's side. Chen Mou slept soundly, his eyes closed,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, his chest rising and falling rhythmically, and the quality of his sleep seemed to be completely unaffected by this position. yuan Feihuai knew that Chen Mou was easy to feed, and with a little love from him, he would follow him like a puppy who had tasted meat and fish for the first time, wagging his tail happily, and could not be driven away. Although he sometimes bites people suddenly, it does not erase his advantages as a lover. yuan Feihuai likes Chen Mou, likes the way he frowns in distress,304 Stainless Steel Bar, likes the way he smiles with joy, likes his angry way, likes his crying way. However, this kind of love has become somewhat morbid, the original flying locust can not control, he does not want to control. Stretching out his hand, yuan Feihuai embraced Chen Mou's waist, and then easily held Chen Mou in his arms. Chen Mou snorted with some discomfort, and then did not respond. yuan Feihuai left the study with Chen Mou in his arms and went into the bedroom, then put him on the bed without disturbing Chen Mou. Chen Mou is still sleeping, sleeping peacefully, and does not seem to have any terrible dreams. yuan Feihuai bent down and kissed Chen Mou's thick lips, which tasted as good as ever, as soft and sweet as Chen Mou's favorite jelly. The original flying locust is satisfied, he knows that he needs to do a lot of things, but as long as Chen Mou accompanies him, mirror stainless steel sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, he can go on bravely, cut through the thorns, protect Chen Mou. Just like Chen Mou protected him at the beginning. Chapter 33 which is the plot? Wang Mian is an only child. When his mother gave birth to her, she was already thirty-six years old, and she had completely entered the stage of an older woman. In order to be pregnant with Wang Mian, his mother lay in bed for ten months, had numerous tocolytic injections, and finally gave birth to this single seedling. Because of poor health since childhood, Wang Mian was spoiled. There is nothing he wants but can't get. Even when he came out of the closet at his house, his father was so angry that his face turned blue, and his mother hugged him and cried, and then nothing happened. To be so spoiled is to be trained to be a useless person who can't do anything. But Wang Mian in addition to a little Niang, a little tricky character, in business is still some skill, otherwise there is no chance to come into contact with the original flying locust. Wang Mian liked yuan Feihuai and liked him from the first time he saw yuan Feihuai. In Wang Mian's eyes, the original flying locust tree is the pronoun of perfection. The gay circle was very chaotic, and Wang Mian played well, so he saw many lovers who were on and off. When he knew that yuan Feihuai and Chen Mou had been in love for more than ten years, his interest in yuan Feihuai became stronger instead of being dispelled. He couldn't help thinking, what would happen if yuan Feihuai loved him? If yuan Feihuai was with him, would he find a person who could accompany him all his life? So Wang Mian began to pester yuan Feihuai. There were few things he wanted that he could not get. Today, Wang Mian asked yuan Feihuai to have dinner again. Although yuan Feihuai seemed a little embarrassed, he agreed to come down. Wang Mian said that he wanted to introduce a business partner to the original Feihuai and told him to be present. The original flying locust tree should go down. Wang Mian drove to pick up the original flying locust, he did not mind being seen by others he and the original flying locust two people close relationship, even can say that the more people to see the better, in his eyes, the original fly locust lover Chen Mou, simply do not deserve to be with the original fly locust. So rude, so mean, like a man made of mud. And the original flying pagoda tree he loved was naturally the noble porcelain. The original flying locust came out, he did not sit in the co-pilot but sat in the back of the seat, although Wang Mian some dissatisfaction, but also did not say anything. "Do you want anything to eat today?" Asked Wang Mian. yuan Feihuai said he could do whatever he wanted. "That's settled," said Wang Mian. yuan Feihuai asked Wang Mian who his business partner was today. In fact, Wang Mian acted as a go-between for yuan Feihuai many times and helped him a lot. Wang Mian says: "That is my cousin..." He did not notice that the face of yuan Feihuai, who was sitting in the back, suddenly sank. Wang Mian continues: "Just came back from abroad, listen to my mom they say, it is a fierce role." Just at the red light, he stepped on the brake and looked back. After seeing the gentle smile on the face of the original flying locust tree, he said, "Aren't you doing business abroad recently? You two can get to know each other." "Thank you very much," said yuan Feihuai with a smile. Wang Mian said you are welcome. To the restaurant, into the private room, the original flying locust saw a completely surprised person, but he still showed surprise at the right time, the man looked at him, smiling, he said: "I did not say it,304 stainless steel wire, as long as there is fate, God will always let us meet." "Have you two met?" Asked Wang Mian. yuan Feihuai: "Well, I met him once when I had dinner with Chen Mou." He doesn't seem to have reacted yet. "Do you still need me to introduce you?" Wang Mian asked suspiciously. 。 sxthsteel.com