Carapace frenzy

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Ye Han immediately became alert: "All units pay attention and prepare to fight!" Satellite map can only see the ground, the enemy went underground, Ye Han can no longer grasp the war situation as before, but this map shows the underground situation in front of

As soon as the programmer finished setting, the monitoring network sent out an alarm again. Several people thought it was an accidental trigger. They opened the monitoring record and planned to load the frequency into the filtering band. The programmer in charge of filtering suddenly found that the sound source came from outside the encirclement! Chapter 1013 Sound Source "There is a situation!" Without thinking about it, the programmer immediately shouted over the radio to remind everyone that this was not a false alarm, but a real alarm. Several programmers determined the location of the sound source as quickly as possible, and just determined that the sound source was located on the left side of the Dead Sea, and a similar sound source was found in the direction of the South Sea on the other side and triggered an alarm. Not an accident, this is definitely not an accident, but another counterattack by the enemy! The alarm bell rang loudly in Ye Han's heart and he shouted at the top of his voice: "All units should pay attention and guard against death." His attitude is unprecedented dignified, aliens are good at digging holes, digging tunnels close to the base area is not surprising, but the last wave is a ground attack, this wave is changed to underground, indicating that the enemy is very clear about the advantages and disadvantages between the enemy and ourselves, the reason for choosing underground excavation is probably to resist shelling! No, not only artillery, but also air strikes from warships, as long as they hide underground, they can avoid human heavy weapons, thus greatly reducing the casualties of the noble army! The plan was not as fast as the change,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, and Ye Han made a quick decision in his heart: "One regiment, two regiments, the troops postponed their departure!" "I understand!" "The Second Regiment understands!" "Monitoring team, keep the latest situation!" "Yes!" Successive orders, Ye Han breathed a sigh of relief, took a glance at the satellite map, the heart suddenly had a kind of indescribable irritability. The enemy is coming too fast! Ye Han has not thought about the current situation,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, but it is precisely because he has thought about it carefully that he is more aware of the hidden worries behind the attack. Think about it carefully, it is not difficult to find that when the monitoring network heard the underground anomaly, the enemy's position was not far from the encirclement. It's true that aliens are good at digging, but if you want to dig under the eyes of the defenders, you can't just dig to the place. That is to say, the enemy's excavation operation has by no means just begun. According to Ye Han's estimation, I am afraid that the excavation has already begun before the end of the last round of attack. If there was no need to dig tunnels, would the attack of the noble army have begun long ago? It is strange that the allied forces of the human and resistance groups have successfully landed and that the noble army is not in a hurry. It is not surprising that they have launched a sustained and continuous attack on the base area. But the premise of all this is that the coalition forces guard against death and do not step out of the base area. The landing coalition forces make the noble army feel like a lump in the throat. If they don't destroy the coalition aliens, they can't sleep. But what is the current situation? As soon as the allied forces landed, the main force of the servant army broke through the encirclement of the noble army and took the initiative to attack; the noble army came up and was completely wiped out by the defensive allied forces; all the underground bunkers inside the base area were completely destroyed; the troops of the base group had already entered Ganymede! To put it bluntly, the allied forces had gained a firm foothold on the surface of Ganymede, but did not show any intention of continuing to develop underground. At this time, the first target of the noble army should be Albert's landing troops. Even if the noble army was not short of men and did not need to draw troops from the vicinity of the base area, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, it should first deal with the main force of the servant army. The noble army has indeed been trying to block the main force of the servant army, but the effect is limited, no matter how to look at it, the most urgent task is to concentrate more superior forces, defeat the main force of the servant army. But the noble army's choice is to attack the base! So what is the intention of the noble army? Cut off the back road of the main force of the servant army? Cut off the support of the base area to the servants? Or do you have other hidden thoughts? Ye Han is a headache, can not find a reason can not accurately judge the intentions of the enemy, now he can only do soldiers to block, water to cover. So after careful consideration, Ye Han again issued a new order: "One regiment, two regiments, I am No.1, I order you to immediately organize people to place nuclear mines outside the encirclement, pay attention to the distance, and carry it out." Although Ye Han's order did not explain the reason, but Xiao yuan and Bian Ge realized that Ye Han was against the enemy of underground excavation, the two men agreed in unison, immediately arranged for people to carry out the order. Soon, more than a dozen squads broke out of the encirclement and laid nuclear mines at a distance of about 1,300 meters from the encirclement, and there was a sufficient safe distance between any two nuclear mines. As long as these mines are detonated, the shock caused by the explosion can not be said to destroy the enemy's underground communication network, at least it can make trouble for the enemy and delay the follow-up troops. Just as the various detachments were busy, Ye Han suddenly received a report from the monitoring team: "No.1, an anomaly was found on the outside of the Dead Sea. The sound source is 20 meters deep and 40 meters away. The depth is rising, and the speed is very fast!" Without waiting for Ye Han to speak, the monitoring team reported again: "Outside the Nanhai, the sound source is 18 meters deep and 75 meters away, and it is digging upward!" "Inside the Shahai, the depth is 14 meters, the distance is 55, parallel excavation.." Ye Han is a little stupefied, how before there is no movement, suddenly there are so many abnormal sound sources? Where did he know that this was actually the result of the monitoring team completing the optimized combination of monitoring programs and improving the efficiency of monitoring. The continuous report of the monitoring team made Ye Han realize that the situation was not right, and quickly called out the plan of the base area, on which the monitoring team had marked the location of all sound sources and the direction of excavation. He immediately noticed that all the sound sources were within 100 meters of the warship, within 20 meters of the depth, and all the sound sources were pointing at the warship! Ye Han immediately became alert: "All units pay attention and prepare to fight!" Satellite map can only see the ground, the enemy went underground, Ye Han can no longer grasp the war situation as before, but this map shows the underground situation in front of Ye Han, giving him a new basis for judging the enemy's situation. At this time, the various teams that went out had completed the task of laying mines, and if the sound source had not been too close to the warship,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, he would have detonated several nuclear mines immediately to give the enemy some color to see. As soon as the order was issued, the monitoring team reported again: "Report, the No.4 sound source in the direction of the Shahai disappeared!" Ye Han suddenly hit a clever: "Where does the sound source disappear?" "The Shahai is thirty meters outside and six to eight meters deep." 。