Mercenary world

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The power of the field explosion and the power of the four forbidden spells were released on his spell defense crimes. Fortunately, he released the wind-based defense. The first destructive force pushed the defense circle.

The two brave men had met Green once before, but at that time Green was still a new dragon with clear soup snot. Green put her arms around her chest. So suspended in the nearest place to the dual field, coldly looking at what happened inside, once there is a problem, green son is ready to immediately rescue-of course not all of them! Green son can never be like Amy, Daqingshan, Sha Ruo as soft-hearted, often to the critical time with a good heart. Xiuda's fire department sacred dragon is perched nearby, the great changes that have taken place here have alarmed this high-level sacred dragon, two small departments and four forbidden spell level magic, such destructive power is enough to easily hit the fifth order sacred dragon, plus saw the green dragon so that adults have no taboos to release all the dragon power hanging there, so let Xiuda continue to drive. They only dare to stay hundreds of meters away. Ling Baoer did not eat the immediate loss, has long driven the plant to bring itself back to Amy's side, and the floating star two people hide behind Amy, squinting eyes watching the immediate upheaval. The Grey-robed Archmage had written dozens of magic spells with his fingers dipped in the abundant supply of magic spices before the magicians opened their defenses, and the heat and wind had been forced to turn in other directions before they reached Amy. However, the situation is becoming more and more critical. In the realm, the second forbidden spell magic of the two girls is about to take shape, while the arc of the two magic realms has lost its original color, and the bizarre colors are changing rapidly. This is the field that is about to collapse.. Or even a sign of implosion. Green! Come on, 1,Magnesium Oxide powder, the grey robe of the ghost tooth finally shouted out. There was chaos all around, but Green still heard the sound. He was stunned for a moment. Why was the voice a little familiar? When Green turned his head, he found that the little old man, who had obviously secretly ordered the angel to call himself a hooligan, had kept shaking a hairy, moldy and spoiled fish jerky at himself, as wretched as an old goat, and Green's anger came up! There were two strange cries and more than a dozen somersaults in the air. Prepare to use two middle fingers at the same time to poke the shameless old guy out of an "old steed in the stable, hemorrhoids in a thousand miles". But. Grey-robed Dharma Master watched so-and-so being thrown down from the roof, tree, hillside and cliff from an early age. He was very familiar with the so-called backward flat sand goose style of so-and-so. Before Green's feet touched the ground, Magnesium Oxide price ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, he was heavily branded with a big foot cherry on the back of his buttocks. Then, his small round ears were skillfully twisted two 360 degrees. The small meat egg on the face was also forcibly rotated 270 degrees. Shit. Green immediately knew who had taken her. There are only two people in the world who dare to treat themselves like this, and who have the senior title of Grade 8 fitter, one has gone, the other. Alas. Now the green son just reflects to come over, how to look at that broken dried fish so familiar appearance. Ling Bao'er and the floating star are all yours. If the two of them have any problems, you can prepare fried pork slices with bamboo shoots for a year. The grey-robed wizard reached out and patted Green's pinched little face, threatening nakedly. Green son subconsciously reached out to scratch the small buttocks egg, but he paid the price of blood to understand that the original. The bamboo shoot is the father of the bamboo board. Miss Lin, you don't have to worry about it. Now that the island has been bombed, she will be all right. Grey-robed Dharma Master added with a smile, "Wait a minute. I'll help them clear the table. It's too messy.". We're coming back and we're leaving. With that, the grey-robed magician approached the viewing platform in the middle with a circle of magic spells rotating around him. The viewing platform was right below the magic field of the Great Department. Hot boiling water and red flying stones were falling from the field. The viewing platform was smashed and shaken. Now it was empty. The six magicians were forced to retreat. Amy's target is the two double-striped shells on the table. He doesn't know that the output of the magic well is pitifully small, but he knows that the magic well water is really a good thing. With his character, he naturally doesn't allow the pearl to be cast in the dark. Besides, this time did not let him gamble to his heart's content, the magician guild must contribute something. In this respect, Amy can be the teacher of all the dragons in the world. Only The tiger still has time to nap. No matter how clearly Amy calculated, she could not imagine that just before the two girls completed the magic of the forbidden spell, the two elves of water and fire were torn apart by the power coming from their own control of the field! There was a loud bang. The bodies of the two high elves were blown to ashes in the air! Two big magic fields are out of control at the same time, Dong, Dong, Dong.. The thunder exploded louder and louder above people's heads, and the sweet water lake and the blue lake bottom were also exploding. The water column of tens of meters rises and falls one after another! Of the other four elves in the realm of control, the Wind Elves are the fastest to escape. Directly rushed to the nine night turn instantly disappeared without a trace, the other three series of elves just ready to get into the magic tower to escape a robbery. Result Six towering magic towers were blown into powder from inside to outside with a loud noise. The magic towers were already combined with the realm. When the realm exploded, the magic towers could not survive by luck. The three elves of the earth system, the dark system and the ice system were blown into elves in the air. Poor, Master Ao Guang is most concerned about the battle in the field, and the distance between the station and the field is also the closest, exploding all over the sky. The only great magician before the Great War of the Gods was blown to powder at the same time as the six magic towers! Your Excellency, the Great Magic Teacher, has experienced two water system prayer towers and accumulated a large number of water system elves, which are instantly absorbed by the two water system forbidden spell level magic. At this point, Amy's hand just grabbed two double-striped snails. The power of the field explosion and the power of the four forbidden spells were released on his spell defense crimes. Fortunately, he released the wind-based defense. The first destructive force pushed the defense circle. With this force,calcium ammonium nitrate price, the magic defense circle was ejected tens of meters away, and the subsequent force did not fall directly on the magic defense circle. Otherwise, there is no chance of survival!.