Charming Heart and Lung-Bright Moon _ Pai Pai Novels

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He did not speak, but expressed his support with his actions. She followed Li Da to bet one hundred taels of silver on seventeen points, which rarely appeared, and the odds were one to fifty. When the dealer opened the door, everyone gasped. Five, five, six. Sure enough,Magnesium Sulphate

"The girl is joking. As a goddess, how can there be only one maid? We can't smash the sign of the Moon Tower like this." Mother Leigh's face was obviously contemptuous. The world is like this, and besides, she really failed to live up to the cultivation of Xi Da. Sui Liuzhang girl's jewelry powder, Tang cicada palm girl's incense burner tea stove, Song Juzhang four seasons clothes, yuan Xuezhang wine fruit food, how few of these four people, besides the girl's clothes do not need to be washed, Merlin do not let people take care of it, this sweeping thing is not someone to do? "Mother Li's meaning is not understood, that is, everyone here is indispensable." Shall I live somewhere else? "What can I do? As a goddess, the price of the house you can choose is like this." Mother Leigh looked very embarrassed. If I'm not a goddess, can I be demoted? Do not pull the desperate struggle. But the girl is training according to the training specifications of the goddess. If she is demoted, the previous training fees will have to be made up, which is not a small amount. "If I can't afford it?" I'll throw caution to the wind. In fact, the girl need not be angry, this temporary setback will always pass, usually if the girl is willing to go to the'Peach and Plum Garden 'to guide the new people,Magnesium Oxide MgO, the cost should actually be enough. Li mother accompanied by a smiling face, it is not easy to find a goddess, although she is not satisfied with the performance, but also can not force her too much. Sitting on the fence with a sad face, it seems that if you want to eat and drink freely, you can only rely on big money, even when you are a goddess,dap diammonium phosphate, you can't solve this problem. And now, burdened by fame, it is not convenient to do anything. Nothing but gold can now be seen in the eyes that do not pull. She knew that the position of the teacher, although it could cover the expenses, but all day long tired people do not pay for their lives, to see how hard it was for Xi Da to train himself. Nowadays, she doesn't care about competing with Longxin at all, and she feels that it's not easy for her to feed herself. Before she could think of how to solve the economic crisis, the gossip newspaper sent to her in the morning gave her a big blow. The headline on the front page is the grand welcome banquet held by Lord Lu for the mysterious woman Feng Di Lu. Because he had previously photographed the classic scene of sending a beautiful woman to the sea of clouds, the wind drop dew was particularly noticeable. But this is not the most sensational, the castellan mansion rarely held a large banquet, especially this flower big young has never been so bothered for a woman, let everyone look forward to, this is not his final work. It's really a good job to think of the benefits of being a gold digger, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, to eat and drink freely and to be idle. Miss, I heard that Miss Longxin and Miss Yingquan have received invitations from the castellan mansion. Song Ju'er's talent for gossip continues to flourish. Without opening her mouth, Lu Pin was so "special" to herself everywhere. She was "looking forward" to his future performance and wished him not to fall into his own hands one day. Do not pull the hard bite of steamed bread. In addition to Chuanyue Tower, the most attractive place in Shengjing this evening is the famous Golden Hook Night of Gambling Workshop. Some people get rich here overnight, while others become beggars here overnight. Usually the half-assed and intelligent person always believes that he can win money from the gambling house, for example. Golden Hook Night is a famous place where the sun never rises, and no ray of light can penetrate, so that people can live under the lights forever and gamble day and night. Standing outside the night of the Golden Hook, I saw its gorgeous lotus shape, golden light, and an indoor fountain with nine dragon beads at the entrance. Walking through the long corridor, I was shocked by his style. There are golden pillars everywhere, which make people think that they can win a lot of money. I ignored my low-key clothes and looked in the mirror at my deliberately diluted facial features. It's good, but it's a pity that I don't want to wear sunglasses these days. It's too old-fashioned to wear a veil, and it takes a lot of hard makeup to get this effect. Although I haven't been to a casino, I don't think it's always right to go to a crowded place. She was not in a hurry to place her bets and wandered between the tables looking for tonight's prey. There are always a few lucky eggs that can return with a full load every day, and I really want to take a free ride. On the table of the size of Sebaobi, she really caught one, almost winning nine out of ten bets. It's not easy to squeeze to the table. "Childe, don't you mind if I bet with you?" The man turned around and was about to scold the man for disturbing his gambling, but when he saw his face, he withdrew his anger. "No, of course not." Do not follow this boy to win a lot, although for the consumption of Chuanyuelou is a drop in the bucket, but better than nothing. After eating the sweetness of gambling, I became more and more addicted to it. I felt that the days of making money so easily were better than the immortals. No wonder so many people stayed out all night and lingered around the gambling table. The second night, the third night does not come as usual, the same way to win a little, but it is not enough to fill the gap. Stopped for two days, once again unwilling to be lonely to come to the golden hook night, this night seems to be particularly lively. As soon as she came in, she found that the lively atmosphere inside was even worse than before. In front of a table of color treasures, there were many people stacked three layers inside and three layers outside. From the gap, the chips on the table could hardly be put down. She was hesitating whether she could squeeze in when she found someone inside waving to her. Girl, do we meet again? The crowd automatically separated a way to pull, this person is the first night she came here to see Li Da. The family does some moderate business, and the only hobby is gambling. No, I did a lot of homework afterwards. She stepped forward and smiled. "What a coincidence." "It's a good hand today. Would you like to try it, girl?" Li Da thought he was elegant and shook the folding fan in his hand. He did not speak, but expressed his support with his actions. She followed Li Da to bet one hundred taels of silver on seventeen points, which rarely appeared, and the odds were one to fifty. When the dealer opened the door, everyone gasped. Five, five, six. Sure enough,Magnesium Sulphate producer, it was seventeen. Holding five thousand taels of chips, he said, "It's a pity that I can only bet one hundred taels at most." The tone is very regretful.