Invite a pet to remember by September Light Song

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"It's easy." Wen'an County Lord burst into a smile, more red lips and white teeth, "I want to marry into Xiao Fu.". You can either let Xiao Rui divorce his wife and remarry,Magnesium Sulphate producer, or let Xiao Zheng engage me. Pei Yu laughed and said

Before getting into Qimen Dun Jia, you have to read and understand the Book of Changes. After you have a thorough understanding of the two, fortune-telling and geomancy are trivial matters for ordinary people. Ordinary people all know these things. It is precisely because of this reason that some families do not allow their children to come into contact with this kind of knowledge. When he was a child, he must have been affected by the matter of calculating the eight characters. What is rare is that he has no hard feelings. Xiao Cuo smiled softly, "Everything has both advantages and disadvantages." Because of the atmosphere created by his relatives intentionally or unintentionally, for some years, he often had a sense of urgency and always wanted to fulfill his wish before the impermanence fell on his head. When he was a child, his wish was to be a person with both civil and military skills. When he was young, his wish was to serve the country and kill the enemy. Before and after he became famous, his desire was to truly understand the Book of Changes and Qimen Dun Jia. The last wish is precisely that there will be no borders and endless fun. As long as he is willing, decades may not be enough. Looking back now, his experience seems complicated, but in fact it is very simple, and his wishes and purposes are nothing more than that. Therefore, from another point of view, he has spent these years in a muddle: he feels that people and things that have nothing to do with him will not be noticed at all, and he will forget them when he turns around. In the past, he always thought that this was a blessing, that his heart was pure, and his days were pure. It was not until these two days that he no longer thought so. Not remembering some people is tantamount to laying the seeds of disaster. He restrained his rambling thoughts and joked,Magnesium Sulphate price, "You don't have to worry about when you're down and out. At the worst, you can set up a fortune-telling stall to see geomancy." Pei Yu couldn't help laughing. The two men talked for a while and got up to wash together. Pei Yu specially went to the courtyard to have a look, only to see that Ruyi's small house was empty, and the two little guys actually got up early and went out to play. Really, at least eat and drink enough before going out. It's harder to see them now than to see Xiao Cuo. She murmured to herself. After breakfast, as usual, Xiao Cuo went to the study of the outer courtyard, and Pei Yu was busy with the affairs of the inner house. Pei Yu wrote a post in person and called Zhou's mother: "Give it to the return office,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, send it to the five army as soon as possible, and give it to Wen'an County." Mother Zhou said yes and left. While waiting for a reply from the head of Wen'an County, someone from Cheng Guogong Mansion sent a post: Cheng Guogong's wife wanted to go to Xiao Mansion in the afternoon and asked Pei Yu if she was free. There is no time for Pei Yu to be free now. He immediately said, "It's all right to come here at any time." If the words are still not congenial, then ask Cheng Guogong's wife to see the second lady, there is nothing to avoid. At noon, there was an echo from the head of Wen'an County: I will come to Xiao Mansion in the afternoon. Xiao Cuo is going out with an escort. Before he left, Yiming sent a message to the inner house: "The Marquis said he would come back as soon as possible. In addition, when his wife saw the head of Wen'an County, she asked the cabbage and water incense to be present.". Lord Wen'an once practiced martial arts. Pei Yu nodded with pleasure, "I know." She did not take a nap today, and the time was used to transcribe Gu's confession. At the end of the day, Ruyi and Jixiang returned to the mansion. I don't know where they went for most of the day. They were dirty all over. But this is a small thing for them, hungry is a big thing, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,caustic calcined magnesite, into the courtyard of the main house, run to Ruyi's nest, drink water first, and then look at the rice bowl humming. Hearing the news, Pei Yu happily went out to see them. Seeing this, he hurried to the small kitchen to bring them steamed spareribs, which was Jixiang's favorite food. Ruyi was not picky about food and ate whatever he cooked. Jixiang looked up at Pei Yu, wagged his tail happily, and then lowered his head to eat. Yiming and Qingfeng came later and told Pei Yu the purpose of their visit: After they were full, they took them to the outer courtyard to take a bath. Ruyi is worry-free. After eating, I followed Qingfeng to the outer courtyard. Auspicious but too lazy to move, eat enough to go into the nest to sleep. Yi Ming forbids, go up to stop it, "this is too dirty to want, where did you turn Ruyi to drill?"? Hurry up Jixiang simply lies in the corridor and acts shamelessly. Yiming, angry and laughing, half dragged and half hugged him to the courtyard, and then he recognized him and followed him out with his head hanging down. Pei Yu looked on, smiling. About a quarter of an hour later, the Lord of Wen'an County came over. Pei Yu took cabbage and water fragrance to meet people. Early in the morning, he ordered to go down, and the main room and the Tingfeng Pavilion were burned with earthworms, and the indoor atmosphere was warm. The head of Wen'an County is about seventeen or eighteen years old. He is tall, exquisite and beautiful, which complements his rose-red dress. She smiled and greeted Pei Yu, giving people a very kind and gentle feeling. Pei Yu was naturally a little surprised. Because of preconceived ideas, she treated Wen'an County Lord as a little madman. After sitting down, Wen'an County Leader looked at the large bouquet of fragrant flowers in the big vase, took a deep breath, and said with a pleasant smile, "It should be very comfortable to live in Jining Hou Mansion." Pei Yu laughed it off, called the cabbage on the tea, and raised his hand to signal the water fragrance. Shuixiang gave Pei Yu's transcribed confession to the head of Wen'an County. Pei Yu said in harmony, "It is for this confession that I post to the county magistrate.". Lord of the county, please have a look. "I can guess." The Lord of Wen'an County read the confession ten lines at a glance and asked, "Does the Marquis of Jining already know?" "Yes." "Good thing." Wen'an County sent its own servant girl, tone frankly tunnel, "since you already know, might as well calculate this account carefully.". Do you want to go to court about Chengguo Gongfu poisoning people's lives? To tell you the truth, I also have the confessions of Gu's mother and daughter, and I have been too lazy to help them go to court. If you don't want Xiao Fu to make a fool of himself, please ask the Marquis of Jining and his wife to do me a favor. Pei Yu smiled, "I can't think of anything I can do to help the county owner." "It's easy." Wen'an County Lord burst into a smile, more red lips and white teeth, "I want to marry into Xiao Fu.". You can either let Xiao Rui divorce his wife and remarry,Magnesium Sulphate producer, or let Xiao Zheng engage me. Pei Yu laughed and said slowly, "There is no final conclusion as to whether it is true or not that Cheng Guogongfu poisoned people's lives.". You come from a high family, and you are the head of the county. It's no problem to marry a royal clan. How can you choose Xiao Fu alone? 。