The Promotion of the Maid in the Palace

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There's nothing to do here. Go back quickly. Seeing this, King Duanwang sat down beside the bed. He bent over to help him up and sat down. "Father, look again," he said. "I'm Sanlang." When the emperor heard this, he looked at it carefully for a moment a

Although she did not know what had happened, she was very nervous when she saw the situation tonight. What did he mean just now? Does that mean he might not come back?! She was no longer sleepy, and after putting on her clothes, she braced herself and kept an eye on what was going on outside. It was not until the fourth watch that the fire in the palace darkened. That night, Yun Niang was not sleepy, and when the sky was slightly bright, someone suddenly asked to see her. When the man came to her, her heart was startled. The man in front of him looked tired, and the armor he was wearing was shining with cold light, and there seemed to be blood faintly. She was so nervous that she gasped for breath. She stood up and asked, "How is Wang Ye?" The man folded his fists and said, "Your Highness has nothing to do. He is now serving the emperor in the palace.". Send the young man back to the palace to report that he is safe. Hearing this, she finally breathed a sigh of relief and sat down slowly. After a sleepless night, she was pregnant again, and she was really exhausted. After the man left, Yun Niang lay back on the bed and fell asleep unconsciously with her eyes closed. Slept for a long time, woke up, but saw Duanwang did not know when to come back, is sitting on the edge of the bed looking at her. His face looked so tired that he didn't even change his clothes. It seemed that he had not been back for a long time. Haven't you slept a wink all night? I'll dress you and you can lie down and rest for a while. She sat up and said. He pressed her hand. "No, I'll do it myself. You rest." With these words, he took off his armor and lay down beside her in his middle clothes. He was obviously very tired and soon fell asleep after lying down. She looked at the side of him sleeping, sword eyebrows into the temples, but is slightly wrinkled,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, the look seems to be some pain. ...... It was not until the evening that Duanwang woke up, bathed and dressed, and accompanied her to dinner. He looked at her as she hesitated to speak. He smiled and put a piece of eggplant into her bowl. He said, "My father was frightened last night. He has a relapse. I will go to the palace to serve him later.". You don't have to wait for me. Rest early. She finally couldn't help asking, "What happened last night?"? Prince he. "Last night the prince led his men to force him to abdicate, and when he saw that he had failed, he had already committed suicide." He spoke lightly, but Yun Niang listened like a thunderbolt. It turned out that such a great event had happened last night! No wonder he said something like that when he left. So he took someone into the palace to save him? I do not know why, she remembered the prince's appearance,Magnesium Oxide price, so gentle and refined person, unexpectedly can make the matter which forces the palace to rebel? "When Fu Guogong's mansion was confiscated, he thought it was a sign of the abolition of the prince, so he took the risk in a hurry.". Unfortunately, he did not expect that I had the amulet given by my father in my hand. He seemed to see what she was thinking and explained. Yun Niang could not help sighing. Why don't you give up your cousin? Yun Niang was stupefied when she heard this. Just as she didn't know what to say, she saw him sigh again and said, "Once you become a crown prince, you can only advance, not retreat. If you are abolished, you will rarely have a good end.". Perhaps this is his fate. You don't have to feel sorry for him. Since he did something to force him to abdicate last night, he has already thought about the consequences of failure. Chapter 39. After supper, Duan Wang ordered his men to prepare horses and went to the palace. He entered through the rosefinch gate today. The imperial guards here, as elsewhere, have changed their defenses. In the palace, everything has been restored to its usual appearance. The palace people's faces were calm and orderly, and the blood stains on the stone slabs on the ground had been washed away. Had it not been for several palaces burned by fire and the walls blackened by fire, Magnesium Oxide powder ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, no one could have imagined what a thrilling event had taken place in the palace last night. King Duan looked back as he passed the Hall of the Promise. On the white jade steps in front of the hall, there seemed to be a faint dark red. Although it had been washed by the palace people for half a day, it was still dazzling. Last night, the prince, his elder brother, committed suicide here. Warm blood splashed on the carved railing a few feet away, and then cooled in the bone-chilling wind, along with the corpse. Duan Wang closed his eyes, and when he continued to move forward, there was no emotion in his eyes, and his face returned to its usual indifference. When they arrived at the emperor's bedroom hall, the palace people outside the hall saw Duanwang coming, and they all saluted far away. Last night, the flames soared into the sky, and the rebels cut down anyone they saw. There was a sad sound in the palace. Later, however, they saw King Duan with many men, like divine soldiers falling from heaven. After a fight, the rebels threw away their armor, and even the prince saw that the situation was over and cut his own throat. Has Your Majesty taken the medicine? When the palace people on one side saw King Duan asking about it, they hurriedly replied, "After Your Highness went back today, Your Majesty slept for a while and just woke up now.". The medicine has been decocted, and the maidservant will be presented. He nodded and went into the temple. The burning ambergris in the hall, mixed with the smell of medicine, made people feel a little suffocated. He went to the bright yellow bed curtain and saluted, then heard the emperor's inarticulate order him to get up. Last night, the Imperial Physician said that his father had been stimulated, so that Qi and blood were in disorder, and he was affected by wind evil. The whole hospital is sighing and helpless. Looking at the emperor in front of him, it is difficult to connect him with his father when he was young. At that time, the father emperor was in his prime, handsome and handsome, with a dragon and a phoenix. In his impression, the father emperor has always been dignified, dignified, omnipotent, and sometimes even ruthless. But there's no way he's going to be like this. Since last night, he has been sober and confused for a while, and sometimes he even admits his mistakes. When the emperor saw him standing in a daze, he said vaguely, "Shiro, why aren't you in the fief and in the capital without a letter?"? There's nothing to do here. Go back quickly. Seeing this, King Duanwang sat down beside the bed. He bent over to help him up and sat down. "Father, look again," he said. "I'm Sanlang." When the emperor heard this, he looked at it carefully for a moment and said with a smile, "It's really Sanlang." Then he asked, "How is your mother?"? She's always timid. She must have been frightened last night. At this time, the palace presented the decocted decoction. King Duan took the decoction from the palace man and scooped it up. Father, it's time to take the medicine. After a pause,calcium nitrate sol, he added, "She has nothing to do. Don't worry, Father." 。