Ultimate intelligence

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Du Cheng did not think much about it. Instead, he turned around and said to the red-faced Gu Sixin, "Sixin,pallet rack shelving, let's go dancing." "Mmm."

Fortunately, the floor of the bar is made of gold steel plate, which is very smooth. Otherwise, I'm afraid the young man's face will wear out a layer of skin. But the young man was so tough that he held on without saying a word. On one side, the look of the woman in the cheongsam was obviously stupefied, and there was a look of surprise and disbelief in her eyes. And Zhao Yaya, is directly stunned over there. At this time. The two young men in hats had raised their heads, and with the same face, the two young men turned out to be twins. Let him go. The face of the young man on the ground was already a little distorted. The cheongsam woman finally opened her mouth at this moment. Du Cheng did not let go. I just gave the woman a cold look. At the same time, Du Cheng also noticed the woman's eyes, but the kind of eyes that are very strange to others are completely immune to Du Cheng's eyes. Why should you? This was the first thing Du Cheng said to the woman, because just looking at the woman's dress, plus Zhao Yaya's previous name for her, Du Cheng already knew who the woman was. I'm a little tired today. Go to bed early. My daughter's fever has subsided, so I'll resume normal updates tomorrow. I'm really sorry for these two days. Volume 1 The Road to Growth Chapter 366 Visit The city has two of the strongest underground forces, Du Chengdan Gan's Chijing Gang Suan Chuan. After 18, it was also the weakest one, and the remaining two. They are the Heavenly King Gang, which controls the northern part of the capital,heavy duty metal racking, and the Phoenix Society, which controls the western part. No matter the Heavenly King Gang or the Phoenix Society. Strength is far more than Chijing gang, and the existence of Chijing gang, just can't buffer the conflict between the two gangs, otherwise, any one of the Heavenly King Gang and the Phoenix Society can easily solve the Chijing Gang. The strength of both is extremely strong. And the forces behind it are not simple, behind the Heavenly King Gang is the princeling of the capital, and behind the Phoenix Society is the commercial alliance of the capital. For this gang,heavy duty rack manufacturers, Du Cheng also had a special understanding, and from the woman's dress and Zhao Yaya's name, the woman wearing a cheongsam dress, should be the most cold-blooded and ruthless Phoenix sister in the Phoenix rumors, and here is the place where the Phoenix will meet. However, Du Cheng did not expect to meet the Phoenix Society here, but also directly met the boss of the Phoenix Society and Thinking of this, Du Cheng's eyes fell directly on the two twins wearing hats beside Sister Phoenix. These two young people give people the feeling of very insipid, extremely easy to cause others to ignore, but basically ignore these two people have paid a quiet price. Because these two young people are the pillars of the Phoenix Society and the most powerful Phoenix Gemini in the Phoenix Society. It is said that the two twins have the strongest joint attack technology, and they are the strongest in the world under the capital pool. Meeting these people here, for Du Cheng, can only be described as an accident. And that Phoenix elder sister, warehouse storage racks ,teardrop pallet racking, obviously did not think that someone had spoken so in front of her, why did she? This makes Phoenix sister a little funny. It seems that there are not many people who dare to ask her why in the capital. Even when the princelings see her, they have to walk around some roads. So, for Du Cheng's sentence, what do you rely on? Besides being funny, Sister Phoenix has a little more intention to kill. You think you can fight, don't you? Phoenix elder sister in addition to the eyes are still cold above, look and no change, but the voice is very indifferent to go. Du Cheng smiled and said, "You can have a try, but I'm afraid that after today, your Phoenix Club will become a broken-winged Phoenix." The capital is a place of wind and cloud, but. Du Cheng is going to get involved here, and before that, Du Cheng doesn't mind knocking on the mountain first. Phoenix with broken wings. Sister Phoenix smiled. So far, Du Cheng is the first person who dares to say so in front of her. Let's go. It's just, to everyone's surprise. Even to Du Cheng's surprise, the Phoenix sister, after a slight smile, ordered a retreat directly. This makes the Phoenix Gemini who just stood up a little stupefied. Zhao Yaya is a face puzzled to look at Phoenix elder sister, she does not want to do not understand at all, why oneself this very strong dry elder sister, unexpectedly chose to concede at this time. The Phoenix sister did not explain anything and took the lead out of the bar. Knowing the name of the Phoenix Club, knowing her own identity and skill, Phoenix Sister believes that Phoenix Gemini has 90% confidence to keep each other, but here is the capital, the more not simple characters, the more complex the relationship behind them. That's why sister Phoenix left. Here can be said to be at the foot of the son of heaven, here is not just a foothold on the force can, so she needs to know the identity of Du Cheng. Looking at the Phoenix sister turned to leave the graceful figure, Du Cheng's eyes slightly narrowed together, intuition told Du Cheng, this woman is not easy to deal with. It's hard to deal with. The Phoenix Gemini also saw the Phoenix sister leave. Without saying anything, he lowered his head again, and then pulled out the young man at Du Cheng's feet, who was somewhat angry. The expression on the young man's face was very strange, incomprehensible, unwilling and angry. Du Cheng did not embarrass the young man any more, because for Du Cheng, this Phoenix sister is a big head. Intuition told Du Cheng that the Phoenix sister would not give up so easily, and the other party left. It is obvious that they are preparing for a more thorough killing of the two Municipal Councils. However, Du Cheng did not think much about it. Instead, he turned around and said to the red-faced Gu Sixin, "Sixin,pallet rack shelving, let's go dancing." "Mmm." Gu Sixin nodded and walked up to the stage with Du Cheng. Waiting for Du Cheng and Gu Sixin to leave the night fragrant bar, the time is already more than ten o'clock in the evening. Du Cheng sent Gu Sixin directly back to the Sheeran Hotel, while he himself booked a luxury single room under the Sheeran Hotel. kingmoreracking.com