Perfect World (1)

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The burial king has not been born for billions of years, but once he makes a move, all living beings will be destroyed, and no one can defeat him! Other gold burials are also awe-inspiring, dare not talk nonsense, because although heard some rumors,metal racking systems, but after all, has

Shi Hao did not refuse, did not hide, generously handed over the past, asked her to watch. Well, it's so comfortable to rub these veins with my hands. I actually have the feeling of eclosion and want to fly away. Shen Ming half squints his beautiful eyes and touches the rotten wooden box with his delicate jade fingers, which is very intoxicated. Her body flows the divine rosy clouds, has the dense essence to diffuse, appears sacred incomparably. Shi Hao does not know whether she is intentional or serious, is it necessary to act? He felt it was unnecessary. However, why is this kind of posture, really let her have the experience of enlightenment? The other gold buriers were surprised, and Sanzang came over and nodded, thinking that the box was extraordinary. It's strange that I'm fascinated by the lines on the box, but I don't know why, if I feel it carefully, I hate the box. Shen Ming said to himself. This makes Shi Hao's heart jump, is this rotten wooden box related to the ancient burial? This is a thing in the earth, not an ancient artifact in the holy land of burial. Moreover, when Yu Tuo and An Lan were fighting for it, the mysterious burial king was not determined to win the box, but simply attacked the two kings. May I have a look? Sanzang opened his mouth. Some other gold burial men also came up, and the immortal medicine that followed Shen Ming was also approaching, hanging in the void, purple gas transpiring, and paying attention to the wooden box. This made Shi Hao surprised, and he was worried that the medicine would recognize what it was! Because, the immortal medicine has lived for too long, has seen too much, knows too many things, is simply a living ancient history! Moreover, since the immortal medicine beside him knew and cared about it very much, the one opposite would not necessarily ignore the ancient box. He spoke quickly and told his worries to the old medicine on his shoulder. Don't worry, it doesn't know what it is. The old God of the tree of longevity was there, and he didn't care at all. He didn't take those observations to heart at all. Why? Shi Hao asked. Before the dark red grave cracked,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, even I didn't know it was a rotten wooden box. It responded. You don't even know what it is, so you're robbing me!? Shi Hao was furious. The old medicine was so unkind that he cut off his things on the way. I don't know its shape, but I know what's there is important! The tree wanted to say something else, but he shut up and didn't want to say anything more. Sure enough, when the medicine was approaching, there was no indication. Sanzang took the wooden box in his hand, just like Shen Ming's reaction. He was very surprised at the veins. He also had the impulse to realize the truth, and he didn't like the wooden box itself. It's about the undertaker! Shi Hao is convinced. However, he was not quite sure whether it was something for the burial. He could only say that most of the lines on the box were carved by the living beings in the burial world. It's not sealed, is it? Shi Hao guessed that An Lan and Yu Tuo had been pursuing the ethereal creature on a higher level. Was it related to it? If there is something unknown in the seal of the undertaker's handwriting, it may make sense why the two gold undertakers like those veins and hate wood. Maybe it's what's in the wooden box that they hate! "Brother Dao is really great. He has such a treasure." Said Sanzang with a sigh, envious. Shi Hao smiled without a word, because he really did not know what to say, if asked about the secret of the box, he could not tell too much. These creatures did not ask questions, because each undertaker had his own secret. At the same time, they are also a little afraid of Shi Hao, thinking that he must be a descendant of a burial king. Get ready to fish for the burial vessel! At this time, industrial racking systems ,automated warehouse systems, someone opened his mouth, indicating that there was a change in the burial pool. Sure enough, the chaotic air churned, clouds and misty clouds, where bursts of abnormal fluctuations came, sending out strange light. The burial abyss is open, everyone be careful! Some people drink, this kind of thing seems to be very serious, many people take out the burial vessel, began to defend. Boom! The vast black abyss seemed to connect with the end of the world, making a deafening sound, and the rays of the sun rushed up from the bottom of the black abyss. This is very sacred, but also very vast, as if a piece of ancient world has been opened, is a big world that can not be understood! Clearly is the burial place, has the eerie, but also has the dark fog and so on, but how is now so dazzling, this is very unusual. Because, Shi Hao on the road, heard these people say, the black fog here is very terrible, once rushed up, even the burial can not bear. But what we see now is totally different from what we expected. There is a lot of vitality here, and there is a kind of obscure fluctuation, as if someone is talking, and they want to cross the long river of time! At this moment, everyone is frightened. This time is different, unexpectedly saw the wonderful scene, the magnificent ray of light, has also happened occasionally in the past, this is to give birth to the supreme pride of heaven, perhaps my burial world will appear a new burial king! Someone opened his mouth and said so excitedly. When Shi Hao heard this, his heart was filled with stormy waves. Several burial kings were not creatures buried in the earth, but came out from here?! Chapter 1486 see darkness again. What's going on here? Shi Hao was greatly touched and shocked! Because, just now the words of the gold burial really shocked him, which is extraordinary and far-reaching. He had never known the undertakers in the past, but today he is constantly learning their secrets, and his heart is not quiet, and it is difficult to control the strong desire to explore. What are you talking about? How could the burial king be born here? Sanzang shouted at him with a serious expression and sharp eyes, and he was very angry. A smattering of knowledge, do not gibberish, that is the greatest disrespect to the burial king, be careful to behead all members of your clan with one thought in the air! Shen Shen Ming also rebuked. The undertaker immediately turned pale and quickly shut up, not daring to say more. He is a gold burial, from a very powerful and very old family, the members of the clan are all against the sky, known as the immortal clan. However, in front of the supreme burial king, this is simply not enough to see. The burial king has not been born for billions of years, but once he makes a move, all living beings will be destroyed, and no one can defeat him! Other gold burials are also awe-inspiring, dare not talk nonsense, because although heard some rumors,metal racking systems, but after all, has not been confirmed. And Shenming and Sanzang are the real descendants of the burial king. Since they have refuted it, there should be no strange news about the origin of the burial king.